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(Updated November 7, 2017)

1. Jawa Speedway Motorcycle Model 884-5

Jawa speedway motorcycle model 884-5, strong long stroke engine with BZ carburetor, new Jawa front forks, new center frame section, new renthal handlebars, new seat.

Price: $3,000.00

Cody Racing Model 884-5
Cody Racing Model 884-5

2. Trac Plus Cadet

Trac Plus Cadet with 150 motor with very little use.

Price: $3,000.00

Cody Racing Trac Plus Cadet
Cody Racing Trac Plus Cadet

3. Trac Plus 7/8 bike

Trac plus 7/8 bike with 150 motor, this bike has very little use on it and is ready to go.

Price: $3,000.00

Cody Racing Trac Plus 7/8 bike
Cody Racing Trac Plus 7/8 bike

4. 2006 Jawa ICE Speedway Motorcycle

This 2006 New Jawa ice bike has never been started.

It has been in a museum since 2006 and the owner wants to sell.

Price: $9,500.00 (Replacement cost would be well over $14,500.00.)

Cody Racing Jawa ICE
Cody Racing Jawa ICE

5. 2006 Jawa Long Track Speedway Motorcycle

Model 875-5-00, Brand New Longtrack Motorcycle with 22" rear wheel, quick shift transmission, belt drive with carbon fiber chain guard, 889 engine with late model carburetor.

This bike has been stored for 6 years and never started. Save a lot of money buying this bike.

Price: $6,500.00 (Replacement is $12,775.00)

(Will separate rolling chassis with belt drive, price: $4500.00)

Note: This is a Brand New Bike !

Cody Racing Model 875-5-00
Cody Racing Model 875-5-00
As a side note: The Longtrack and Ice bikes above were the last Jawa's made for 2006.
The signature on the Ice bike is from the managing director Ebzen Erban.
The following year the name changed to JRM and then in 2016 the name went back to JAWA.
They probably should be in a museum.


1. Rotrax JAP Speedway Motorcycle

1952 Rotrax JAP speedway bike, museum quality restoration.

Price: $12,500.00

1952 JAP

2. Weslake Speedway Motorcycle

Weslake with rebuilt motor, delorto carburetor, new guards and seat, ignition box is good, use it as a vintage or make it a runner.

Price: $3,200.00

Cody Racing Weslake Speedway Motorcycle
Cody Racing Weslake Speedway Motorcycle

3. Weslake Speedway Motorcycle

Weslake speedway motorcycle, early 80's bike with fresh MK4 motor and good ignition box with NEB clutch.

Price: $2,800.00

Cody Racing Weslake Speedway Motorcycle
Cody Racing Weslake Speedway Motorcycle

4. 1971 Jawa Speedway Motorcycle

1971 Jawa speedway motorcycle model 890. Complete motorcycle has been fully restored to as new original condition.

Price: $6,000.00

Cody Racing 1971 Jawa Speedway Motorcycle

Cody Racing 1971 Jawa Speedway Motorcycle
Cody Racing 1971 Jawa Speedway Motorcycle


1. 250cc Jawa Engines

2016-250cc Jawa engines, these engines are ready to go with a complete new engine rebuild. We have two engines available which are priced the same.
Price: $2,500.00

Cody Racing Model 888-5   Cody Racing Model 888-5



1. Bike Stands

Bike stands built for uprights and laydown, perfect stands to work from or display bikes and can roll.
Price Per Stand: $125.00

Cody Racing Bike Stands


2. Daytona Speedway Boots

Daytona Speedway Boots with Steel Shoe
Sizes Available are 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 43, 44
Price: $250.00

Cody Racing Boots


3. Stylmartin Speedway Boots

Stylmartin Speedway Boots with Steel Shoe
Sizes Available are 41, 43, 45
Price: $200.00

Cody Racing Boots


4. Jawa Short Bike Cover

Jawa red short bike cover and red fork cover (new)
Price: $100.00 set

Cody Racing Jawa Short Bike Cover


5. JRM Carburetor

New JRM Carburetor
Price: $450.00

Cody Racing Carburetor


6. Cut-Out Switch

New Jawa cut-out switch
Price: $20.00

Cody Racing Cut-Out Switch


7. Engine Plates

Talon engine plates for #1 frame
Price: $50.00

Cody Racing Engine Plates


8. Bike and Fork Covers

Used bike and fork cover sets - sold as set
Red or Blue
Price: $75.00 ea set

Cody Racing Bike and Fork Covers


9. Fiberglass Chainguard

New fiberglass chainguard for 62L chain
Price: $25.00 ea

Cody Racing Bike and Fork Covers


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