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Perris - January 8, 2011

Our next race at Perriswill be on January 8th at 12 PM!! We are having the race during the day that way everyone can get to supercross that night.

Gates will open at 9AM Sign Ups will start at 10Am, practice from 10:30-11-30AM and the first race will start at noon.

ALL riders will be paying, this includes D1 riders as their will be a purse for this race.
Riders - $35
Juniors - $20
Spectators - $15

Concessions will be available at the track but you are more than welcome to bring your own coolers but please no glass bottles.

If you have not already signed up please contact either my mom or I.

Thank you,
Brad Pappalardo

2 added bonus purse: $200 and D3 added bonus purse: $100 - plus the regular
(D2/D3) payout purse we have had every event in the past!
D1 riders, we have just a few spots left available!
Saturday, January 8th - gates open @ 9am
Practice from 10:30-11:30...First race at 12noon!
Call, text, Facebook or e-mail if you want to sign up.
Thanks for the support!!

Gumball Rally 2011

Mon Dec 20, 2010

After a one year hiatus, I am pleased to announce that the World Famous Gumball Rally will be back on the Speedway Calendar in 2011.The weekend of March 5th and 6th will be a fun filled Speedway Extravaganza for all! It will be held at IMS (Inland Motorcycle Speedway) in San Bernardino, California.

The weekend will consist of:
•Open practice for all
•1 on 1 training
•Bike rental (500 and junior) available
•Two great events

On Saturday evening we will run a "Big Kids Gumball" with racing for the Adults in all divisions.

I feel the show on Sunday should be kept 100% for the kids, with Juniors, Pee Wee and possibly a Powder Puff class. With the increase of Junior riders, I am sure we will have a full program.

The Gumball Rally will showcase American Junior Speedway and be a platform to raise funds towards the growth and future of American Speedway. There will be heat sponsorships available and hopefully an auction when it's all done.

In typical Rally tradition overnight camping is available.

I am super pumped to be staging the Gumball Rally 2011 and with the Hagon Shocks/Joker Machine/Billy Hamill Speedway Academy success, there couldn't be a better time.

Thanks, Billy Hamill - hagonshocks@yahoo.com


USA Under 21 Speedway, LLC has added more items to our list of merchandise.Due to the high demand, we are now offering the 2011 USA U21 Speedway shirts in black and we are also offering two types of stickers as well.Many supporters expressed their desire to purchase our T-shirts in black and USA U21 Speedway was determined to fulfill the overwhelming demand.Many fans also inquired about stickers after seeing former Under 21 World Finalist Ryan Fisher proudly displaying a prototype on his bike at Perris Raceway.There is a white sticker with the standard USA U21 Speedway logo and a black sticker with the 2011 USA U21 Speedway event logo.

These items have been made available just in time for fans who are seeking to complete their last-minute Christmas shopping.Our supporters can order these new items as well as all the merchandise that has been for sale throughout the month.The black T-shirts will be the same price as the white T-shirts and the stickers are just $2.00 each.

The T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts both have the 2011 USA U21 Speedway logo on the front and the back.The T-shirts are available in white or black and the sweatshirts are available in black. Prices for the T-shirts are $12.50 for youth sizes, $15.00 for adult sizes through XL, with the XXLs priced at $17.00.The hoodies are $30.00 for youth sizes, $35.00 for adult sizes through XL, and $40.00 for XXL.Shipping will be $3.95 within the continental USA.Checks will be accepted, however, supporters of USA U21 Speedway are strongly encouraged to place their orders and pay via PayPal no later than Tuesday, December 21 so their orders can be delivered to them in time for Christmas.The items will be available on the soon-to-be-launched USA U21 website.International customers need to use the contact information to confirm their shipping price.

We’re happy to report that sales have been very brisk via mail order as well as at the December 11 event atPerris Raceway.We would like to thank all the USA U21 Speedway supporters for their purchases as well as their invaluable feedback regarding our merchandise.Many of our supporters wasted no time in putting on their just-purchased USA U21 Speedway Team Gear and wearing it at the event.

USA U21 Speedway owes Carrie Hancock a very big “Thank You” for allowing us to sell our items during her big event.We would also like to thank the crew from speedwaywebcast.com for interviewingRyan Evansand giving him the opportunity to share and explain the purpose USA U21 Speedway to a worldwide audience.
The USA will begin their quest at the Qualifying Round on Sunday, May 1, 2011 in Rivne, Ukraine.The other teams in the meeting will be Finland, Slovenia, and the host nation, Ukraine. The American team will travel to Britain and compete in several matches there before going to the FIM Qualifier meeting.The entire trip would take approximately two to three weeks.

The teams finishing first and second in the Qualifying Round will then compete in the Semi-Final Rounds in Rawicz, Poland or Diedenbergen, Germany on Saturday, May 28.The top teams for the Semi-Finals progress to the Final which will be held in Balakavo, Russia on Saturday, September 3.

USA Under 21 Speedway, LLC was founded by Richard Child, Gary Gomez, and Ryan Evans to further develop young American speedway racers to improve their skills individually and to return the United States to a prominent level in international speedway.

USA Under 21 Speedway greatly appreciates any and all support from our fans on this fund raiser as well as the others that we plan on having in the very near future.Please watch for future information about the website, rider selection, and other information about USA Under 21 Speedway.

In what may be the most obvious e-mail of the day, I am sorry to confirm that the big race at Inland Motorcycle Speedway scheduled for Sunday (December 19) has been cancelled due to rain.

I just spoke with Mad Dog who was at the track, pumping water. All to no avail, as it continues to shower as I poke the keys. The infield is flooded, pits are flooded, too. The good news is, the dirt will dry out before long and we are due to race again at IMS on Sunday, January 16, 2011.

Dorcey Wingo

American Touring Team Schedule 2011 and Fan Travel Package

At the request of some of our US based fans we are putting together a package for fans to come on tour with us in April. The tour would include traveling to all 6-7 matches to watch the touring team, watching races from Elite League and Premier League matches on the off days, as well as excursions to places of interest nearby some of the tracks.

I am working with a UK based company called SnowCo Travel who are helping me put this together. The package would include air travel, accommodations and transportation to the races. Race tickets would be extra but most tracks would discount.

The costs are being finalized but the more people we get, the cheaper it will become - 12-16 fans is the target.

If you have interest in attending a 12-14 day Speedway, speedway and more speedway trip, please e-mail me. It will be pure heaven for any speedway fan!

Our race schedule is pretty much nailed down - 2 of the clubs don't want us to go public yet so the first and last dates do not name the teams we will be racing.

Note the April 12th will be the biggest we have ever done. It is a rematch versus The Heathens and it will be our first ever full meeting at Monmore Green Stadium, Wolverhampton. The riders can expect a packed out stadium with at least 2,000 fans in attendance.

There is also a possible half time show planned for this event that could easily see crowd numbers doubled.

The schedule is;
April 7th
April 9th - Rye House Cobra's
April 10th - Newcastle Versus 'Team Viking' (Scandinavian Dream Team)
April 12th - Dudley Heathens (at Wolverhampton)
April 15th - Lakeside
April 16th - Stoke
April 17th

Expect the first rider announcements very soon. Riders who haven't requested a rider pack should do so soon as we have highest ever rider interest.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Perris Raceway - December 11th, 2010 - Details & Rider Lineup

First and foremost - I just wanted to say thanks again to ALL supporting and helping us out for this up-coming event! I truly appreciate it and look forward to all the faces coming out of the woodwork for this great night. All Division 1 heats have been sponsored!

I wanted to clarify that again, being ALL Division 1 - and a handful of juniors in attendance to ride, (I have left that department up to Mike Molloy to recruit the junior riders) - ALL riders will be paying entry.

Entry fees are as follows:
ALL Division 1 riders pay: $35 (NO LICENSE FEES!)
ALL Junior riders pay: $20 (NO LICENSE FEES!)
ALL Mechanics/adult entries: $15
Spectator fees will get you ALL access to the pits!
Bring your own coolers - NO GLASS/BOTTLES!!!!!

Concessions available.
Free parking.
Free programs.

Gates open at 4 - Sign ups begin at 5 - First race at 7pm!

Championship formatting - $3,000 purse!

Rider lineup:
Billy Janniro
Tommy Hedden
Ricky Wells
Ryan Fisher
Mike Faria
Tyson Burmeister
Buck Blair
Jason Ramirez
Eddie Castro
Steve Russell
John Marquez
Bryce Starks
Michael Raines
Austin Novratil
Gino Manzares
Aaron Fox
R - Doug Nicol
R - Tyson Talkington

The above entries were based on first come - NOT on points earned through the season, not on a choice basis - I left it up to whomever got their phone/text in, orderly. However the order above is just listed, not in any particular order. Greg was my original phone call and from there on, it was left open. I removed even my own (Brad P.) to make room, to try an appease/accommodate as many, so that no one assumed any bias. I wanted to keep it championship format, therefore limits the number of entries.

Having had dinner with Greg last night, he has been eliminated from the lineup. He has a business meeting in Sweden from the 8th-10th. I am truly VERY bummed, but I also know that his business commitments are important. Business before pleasure?

If there are any inquiries regarding the above or if I can help with any details that I may have left out, PLEASE let me know!

On behalf of myself, Freddie, Vince, Donna, my "Brat-Pack" and of course all of the Mike's and outside help - THANK YOU EVERY ONE OF YOU!

Check the SCFTA websitefor scheduling/practice or for other details regarding Flat Track/Speedway events!

Carrie Hancock chancockspeedwaypromotions@gmail.com

USA Under 21 Speedway Letter of Intent

USA Under 21 Speedway, LLC has made the 2011 USA Under 21 Speedway Team Letter of Intent available to all eligible riders.

The letter of intent can be downloaded here: https://www.speedwaybikes.com/news/images/2011U21LetterofIntent.pdf.

Riders who were born between January 1, 1990 and April 30, 1995 are eligible for selection for America’s first team to ever compete in the FIM World Under 21 Team Championship Qualifier.

Riders who want to be a part of history are encouraged to download the Letter of Intent from the above URL and provide the required information.Riders can mail the completed form to USA Under 21 Speedway at the address provided on the form, e-mail it to one of USA Under 21 Speedway’s founders, or hand-deliver it to one of the USA Under 21 founders.The Letters of Intent need to be received or postmarked no later than Tuesday, January 4, 2011 to be considered for selection on the team.

USA Under 21 Speedway founders Richard Child and Ryan Evans will be attending the speedway event at Perris Raceway on Saturday, December 11.They will have blank copies of the Letter of Intent available for eligible riders and will also accept forms that have been filled out.

An announcement about USA Under 21 Speedway’s first fund raising venture will be announced in the coming days.A small hint is that speedway fans should keep this fund raiser in mind when considering how to fill out their holiday shopping lists as well as their own personal wish list.

The USA will begin their quest at the Qualifying Round on Sunday, May 1, 2011 in Rivne, Ukraine.The other teams in the meeting will be Finland, Slovenia, and the host nation, Ukraine. The American team will travel to Britain and compete in several matches there before going to the FIM Qualifier meeting.The entire trip would take approximately two to three weeks.

The teams finishing first and second in the Qualifying Round will then compete in the Semi-Final Rounds in Rawicz, Poland or Diedenbergen, Germany on Saturday, May 28.The top teams for the Semi-Finals progress to the Final which will be held in Balakavo, Russia on Saturday, September 3.

USA Under 21 Speedway, LLC was founded by Richard Child, Gary Gomez, and Ryan Evans to further develop young American speedway racers to improve their skills individually and to return the United States to a prominent level in international speedway.

Ryan Evans

The Growth of American Speedway

Looking back to where Speedway was in SoCal 10 years ago I think we can all agree the sport today is in a much better place. Whilst there is a long way to go to recapture glory days gone by, I think we can be proud of where we are right now.

2000 was deemed the last ever season at Costa Mesa. It was the only track we had. Luckily Brad worked that out and we still have Costa Mesa as our 'Wembley' of the USA. There is no better feeling than walking into Costa Mesa for the first time in a long time and anticipating the best riders at the home of American Speedway. Great atmosphere! Long may it continue.

It seems amazing that time has gone so quick and Industry Speedway has been running for 7 years. It's tough to run a midweek track with the amount of races we currently have but when I can sneak out of work early, I love my nights at the Grand. It's the best stadium we have and it too has its own unique feel. Hats off to Jeff for keeping the show rolling.

Shawn & Jason deserve much credit for salvaging IMS and keeping it running. They have a great track and facility and when they have the Old Skool Handicap nights it's great to be there. Also, being a permanent facility that could in theory be open any day, it certainly offers not only a great Friday night but a huge role in rider development. And the bacon wrapped hot dogs ain't so bad!

Victorville has been under my tenure for 5 years which oddly enough makes me the second longing serving promoter in SoCal. Whilst grass roots in its set up, it has a unique place with its flat out racing on a banked track. We started slowly, got hit by the economy but had a good 2010 with a 50% increase in spectators. It's always pleasurable to see all having a good time.

Ridgecrest is unique in its small town straw bailed circuit set up. We've put on some great shows, the first in 2008 was huge when it seemed Billy Hamill captured the interest of the whole town and put speedway on the map there. Whilst I can't yet comment on the 2011 plans I'm sure we will see some races there.

Perris is a success in its own right - Carrie Hancock spoke to me about taking it over early in Feb and with my own speedway life overloaded,I knew it was a good move especially as Carrie had been my right hand at every race I did. It was done the right way - phase it in as D2 track and then build it up to what is a stunning potential event in just over a week. I can't wait to see the new track on the 11th and get a chance to see Greg, Fisher, Janniro and many more race for just $15. Job well done Carrie!

Aside from the tracks, plenty more is going down. Nothing is perhaps comparable to the Billy Hamill Hagon Joker Academy and above anything else, this is to me the most vital thing happening in American Speedway. Years from now if we do get back on top of the world as a nation, we might remember this as the turning point.

Our riders are going to be very lucky in 2011 with more chances than ever to race in Europe. The USA U21 project is certainly ground breaking and will be exciting for all involved. Gary Gomez had wanted to do this for some years, back to the early days of our Dream Team partnership and he's got a good team with Richard Child and Ryan Evans. The USA Touring / Dream Team continues to go from strength to strength and its popularity in the U.K. has never been higher - the more we tour, the more tracks we visit, the more people we win over. Interest in USA riders by British clubs is at an all time high. With all the opportunities to ride in the UK next year, its going to improve the local shows when these guys all get back and the main season has kicked in.

Our riders In Europe did themselves proud this year - Greg came back from the dead and showed that at 40 he may still have that 2nd World Title in him. Ryan led the Premier League averages, Chris Kerr has a stunning breakthrough before injury cruelly cut the season short. Ricky in the latter half of the year showed his true self with many double figure scores at Stoke, while Kenny took Workington by storm!

Domestically Janniro rules the roost when we got to see him down South, Boogaloo and Faria won a few mains each, Castro rode like a 20 year old, Burmeister was the rising star. Hicks looked good and back to his best, Blair owned Victorville, Fishback dazzled, Gomez broke through, Novratil was stunning for a 15 year old - I could go on and on and I have missed a bunch of riders.

All of this stuff I have written most of you already know, but as we enter the holidays it seemed appropriate to acknowledge 10 years of progress. Speedway here lacks a stable governing body and sometimes we step on each others toes, but seeing how its playing out in the U.K. right now, maybe its best we don't have one! We now have almost weekly racing year round, perhaps too many races but its just a sign of growth, that is all!

To All the promoters, riders, mechanics, sponsors, fans, track staff - thanks for the part you all play (and you all play some) in the progress of the last 10 years. See you all at Perris on the 11th.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

USA Under 21 Speedway Facebook

USA Under 21 Speedway, LLC has established a group page on the Facebook social networking site. The page was created on Friday, November 19 and grew to nearly 200 members in its first weekend of existence.

The group page will be utilized to make announcements regarding USA Under 21 Speedway and to promote support and discussion about the project. Speedway fans from the United States and from around the world are encouraged to join the page to get information and to participate in discussions.

The USA will begin their quest at the Qualifying Round on Sunday, May 1, 2011 in Rivne, Ukraine. The other teams in the meeting will be Finland, Slovenia, and the host nation, Ukraine. The American team will travel to Britain and compete in several matches there before going to the FIM Qualifier meeting. The entire trip would take approximately two to three weeks.

The teams finishing first and second in the Qualifying Round will then compete in the Semi-Final Rounds in Rawicz, Poland or Diedenbergen, Germany on Saturday, May 28. The top teams for the Semi-Finals progress to the Final which will be held in Balakavo, Russia on Saturday, September 3.

USA Under 21 Speedway, LLC was founded by Richard Child, Gary Gomez, and Ryan Evans to further develop young American speedway racers to improve their skills individually and to return the United States to a prominent level in international speedway.

Please watch for future information about the website, rider selection, and other information about USA Under 21 Speedway.

Ryan Evans

USA Under 21 Speedway

USA Under 21 Speedway, LLC is proud to announce that the United States has been selected to participate in the 2011 FIM World Under 21 Team Championship.

The USA will begin their quest at the Qualifying Round on Sunday, May 1, 2011 in Rivne, Ukraine. The other teams in the meeting will be Finland, Slovenia, and the host nation, Ukraine. The American team will travel to Britain and compete in several matches there before going to the FIM Qualifier meeting. The entire trip would take approximately two to three weeks.

The teams finishing first and second in the Qualifying Round will then compete in the Semi-Final Rounds in Rawicz, Poland or Diedenbergen, Germany on Saturday, May 28. The top teams for the Semi-Finals progress to the Final which will be held in Balakavo, Russia on Saturday, September 3.

The men who developed USA Under 21 Speedway are Richard Child, Gary Gomez, and Ryan Evans. Child has been the USA Team Manager on several occasions and has worked with 1993 World Champion Sam Ermolenko and currently with 1997 World Champion Greg Hancock. Gomez created and developed the successful USA Dream Team tours and has guided his son, Tim Gomez, through the ranks of youth speedway and into First Division. Child and Gomez have countless important contacts in Europe and will utilize them to help make this project successful. Evans has worked as pit steward at all of the current tracks in Southern California and has written media articles, press releases, programs, etc. for over ten years. These men have worked tirelessly on speedway and are dedicated to this project.

The goals for the 2011 team to progress through the Qualifying Round and for the young Americans to get experience racing in the highest levels of international competition. The experience will help them in terms of competing domestically in the United States and also help them showcase their talent to European promoters. The long-term goal for USA Under 21 Speedway is to continue to develop Team USA's Speedway World Cup (SWC) team so that it will be a serious challenger to winning the SWC in the future.

Sponsorship will be necessary for the substantial costs involved in this project: airfare, licenses, bike rental/shipping, team suits, team helmets, travel, accommodations, etc. In addition to seeking sponsorship, USA Under 21 Speedway is going to be selling shirts and sweatshirts through its soon-to-be-launched website and will have some unique fund raisers in the near future.

Please watch for future information about the website, rider selection, and other information about USA Under 21 Speedway.

Ryan Evans

Victorville 2011 1st Schedule

Here is the first draft of our 2011 schedule - the dates we have pretty much mirror our 2010 schedule for the most part. When Costa Mesa's picture is clear dates may be modified. We have info'd all other promotions over 2 weeks ago on these dates to ensure that there were no clashes.

The 4th of July race is back and we are steering clear of what is most likely Fair Derby week as last years double booking of that date.

Ridgecrest is an unknown at this point but its possible there will be a big one off Invitational on a Sunday early evening in May to headline their Spring festival. Any more races would likely most likely feature Sidecar's as the headline act on weeks they are not at Costa Mesa.

As a side note, I have drafted up a workable format for a team racing league and sent it out to all other 4 SoCal promotions for their consideration. This format would include each track staging 2 team events per year and the World Cup 4 team format being used. I hope we get 3 other tracks on board for what would be something different and exciting for SoCal Speedway.

Victorville Dates (* is tentative, waiting on Costa Mesa's final dates). All events start at 6pm unless stated

19th March
2nd April
23rd April * tentative
28 May
25 June * tentative
4th July (Monday)
23rd July
30th July
6th August
13th August - Track Championship
3rd September
8th October *tentative
22nd October - Victorville
13th November (3pm day race) - Victorville

IMS Winter Race Dates

East Coast Speedway Promotions <eastcoastspeedway@hotmail.com>
Sent: Mon, November 22, 2010 6:04:48 AM

We are hopeful to start having races once a month from here on in this winter. The races are tentatively planned for the day after the Billy Hamill Speedway Academy's, so racing would be Sunday afternoons at 2pm. It seems that a lot of people have to work on Saturdays and Saturdays work out well for the Junior Academy. In the days of the original IMS John LaDouceur would use Sundays at 2pm for his daytime events so we thought it might be kinda neat to try.

The dates we are looking at so far are Dec 19, Jan 16 and then Feb 13. Should these events go well it is a possibility that we may do two or three weeks in a row after that starting around the end of Feb.

We are concerned about what sort of turnout we will have for Dec 19th with it being so close to x-mas. I have already spoke to a few riders who said they can ride but if people can let me know some feedback soon that would be great. Is there enough support for Dec 19th? Unfortunately, unlike any of the other tracks we have to pay rent all winter so these events are pretty crucial for us. We can't take a chance of a loss so we need to see a pretty positive response from everyone in order to move forward on the winter events.

All divisions would be welcome, including Juniors! Although some Division One riders have chosen to race at other venues for no purse we are not asking that and are willing to put up some purse money for D-1. We need everyone to understand though that until we see what sort of turnout we get for these off-season events the purse for such events can not be as normal. We have some ideas on paying the Main Event and Last Chance qualifying riders and are happy to discuss that with any of the first div riders.

When Shawn and I talk again on this we should be able to put some numbers forward but please let us know as soon as possible who is interested in these events and most importantly if you can ride Dec 19th.

Thanks for your support of IMS!

1st Annual Perris Raceway - Division 1 Riders - Winter - Track Challenge

Saturday, December 11th, 2010
First race at 7pm!
1st Annual Perris Raceway - Division 1 Riders - Winter - Track Challenge

We are taking the top 16 riders, with 2 reserves. Winner will be crowned by accumulative points - NO MAIN event. 4-man heats; highest points overall, takes home the title.

Each heat is up for sponsorship - $100 per heat, all money sponsored goes toward the rider purse/payout.
Heat sponsors already confirmed:
Penhall/Svatos - sponsoring 2 heats!
Rovazzini Electric
Hellbound Speedway
Mohican/Ministry Clothing
Maniac Mike

Any others who would like to get in on the sponsorship, please e-mail me off list chancock9399@gmail.com or call: 951.454.1126
All heat sponsors will receive 1 (one) comp'd entry for the night of Dec. 11th, 1 (one) free T-shirt (we have several to choose as several of our sponsors have offered to give away a shirt) AND your name advertised in the program, under your heat sponsored!

Payout's will be paid based on a per point basis - overall results.

Like all past events held, Rider entry (ALL) will be $35 each. Mechanics are $15. No membership fees.

Spectator pricing is as follows:
Adults - $15 (16 and above)
Juniors - $10 (6-16)
Kids - free (5 & under)

Programs and Parking - FREE!
Concessions available!!
NO BOTTLES!!! Coolers welcome, however subject to inspection and ANY bottles will be removed IMMEDIATELY.

Can't wait for this one too ~

A huge thank you to those already involved and willing to sponsor the event! Truly, speedway wouldn't be where we are without you all.

Finally.... we have some details in stone! After meeting and discussing, phone calls and confirmed plans, we've finally got this one ready to plan. This one has consumed me, but I'm excited to be a part of it and to be able to bring this one-off, winter opportunity to us all. A rare occasion to get to see all top riders go at it, for a night filled with guaranteed excitement and some close racing on the all new Perris oval!

Inked as our first rider, we will get to see Greg ride on the new track!!! For those who did get to see him at our first race on the old track - I wish we could get to see more of him ride when he's home. And we will again December 11th!


Carrie Hancock chancockspeedwaypromotions@gmail.com

Special Event: D-2 D-3 Old School National Format Championship at IMS
Shawn McConnell dogynn@aol.com
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 9:13:40 PM

We plan to have a old school national format championship at IMS on Saturday Nov 13, 2010 for 2nd and 3rd division riders. This will be a day race and open to spectators.

It will consist of 16 or 20 riders ( depending on signup's)each division and each rider will meet each other rider 1 time. Champions determined through points earned from all the races.

Please contact us asap if you are interested.It is very important that you are certain you will be there if you commit. Thanks so much

Office Number# 714 255 0088

Carrie Hancock chancockspeedwaypromotions@gmail.com
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Saturday night - Perris Speedway

What a great night!

I want to thank everyone who helped out Saturday night, and all the riders and spectators as well, I must say our first night of speedway on the new track, was definitely a success. Working with Vince, Freddie and Donna, with the new facility and of course the amazing support from so many genuine friends, as well as the generosity from John and Mike at Ministry clothing - none of what took place Saturday night would have been possible.

I love seeing all the familiar, speedway family faces and the new crowds as well - a new facility with so much potential!

One thing that was brought to my attention on Sunday from a close friend is something I feel necessary to clarify. Talk is talk, however communication is key. SCFTA and Perris Speedway Promotions are primarily Fred, Vince and Donna - I work with them to get dates on the calendar for speedway, to recruit a field of riders and simply put - the opportunity there for the riders and fans as well. I'm not here to step on toes, nor take what's not mine and that being away from the riders - I will always do my best to give back to this sport, that has been a part of MY family for MANY years.

My family and close friends, Brad & Emalee have been supportive through all of this - I couldn't do much without both of their dedication to the sport as well. There are so many other people who stand behind all of this and become a back-bone to lend mental and physical support when it all can become overwhelming!

Steve Graham - fantastic job.
Ryan Evans - absolutely invaluable.
The Fox's - all 3 of them - Tom, stepped up to ref and the other 2 Fox families have been supportive all along!
Alex Medellin - Can't do it without you!
KC Hicks, Mikey Sullivan, the Leedy boys...there are many others that deserve a huge thank you and please understand, I appreciate EVERY ounce of help and support from you ALL!

The riders, the fans, the support - you ALL make speedway what it is - The riders ARE the Show!!!!

Freddie, Donna & Vince - the facility has undergone transformation and we benefit from the hard work they have committed.

I look forward to November 6th, where we do it again - and I only hope that for those who couldn't make it out last weekend, that you put the date on your calendar along with the balance of winter dates we're running, cause I truly am excited for each and every one of you to see the new Perris Raceway!

Thank you again on behalf of myself, Vince and Freddie & Donna!

Carrie Hancock

Carrie Hancock <chancockspeedwaypromotions@gmail.com>
Sent: Mon, September 27, 2010 6:03:48 PM
Subject: October 16th Race at Perris Sign Ups

Sign ups are now open for Perrison October 16th!

Come on out and ride the new track!

Gates open: 4 - 6
Practice: 5:30 - 6:30
First Race: 7

Our first race we will be running D2/D3 races with Juniors and Pee Wees and D1 exhibition races.

Everyone pays a fee of $15 at the gate (kids aged 5-10 are $5 and kids under 5 are free) and with the new layout this will also give spectators access to the pits. Racers will then pay the remainder of the fee at the sign up gate.

D1: Free (exhibition races only, no purse) your name will be at the front gate.

D2/D3/Juniors/Pee Wees: $35 total/$20 at the sign up gates.

We have free parking and concessions will be available and you can bring your own coolers as well.

D2 and D3 will have a purse for the riders in the main and every rider is guaranteed at least 3 rides.

Please e-mail the address OFF LIST to sign up.

- chancockspeedwaypromotions@gmail.com

Thanks guys, we hope to see you there!

Carrie Hancock

Steve Evans <dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net>
Sent: Mon, September 20, 2010 9:24:15 PM
Subject: October Victorville and Ridgecrest Sign Ups Open

Hope to get an early start on the sign ups for all races as I will be gone 3-19 October. Call, e-mail or text to sign up

National Championships for;
Div 2
Div 3
Junior 200cc and Under
Powder Puff
+ Sidecars and D1 Sandbagger Class

Support Class
Junior / Pw / Powder Puff

All Divisions

From: Carrie Hancock <chancockspeedwaypromotions@gmail.com>
Sent: Tue, September 21, 2010 8:55:26 AM
Subject: Fall/Winter Series -Perris Raceway

Of course, looking forward to having everyone out to the new track, we held a private practice/ride day (limited # of riders) last week and there have been 'open practices' held in conjunction with the flat-trackers nearly every other weekend, (for those of you wanting to ride prior to our next race date of October 16th)!

Freddie and Vince are willing and able to setup private practice days for those interested. Anyone interested in coordinating a private ride day, e-mail me and I will get you the details. One week notice is required, so that schedules can be met - however all riders who shown up last week were very happy with the way it all worked out!

Had a meeting last week with Freddie, Vince & Donna and the dates we are planning on are as follows:

Gates open at 4pm, Practice 5:30-6:30 - First Race 7pm

October 16th
D2 - D3 - Juniors/Pee-Wee's - D1- exhibition

November 6th
D2 - D3 - Juniors/Pee-Wee's - D1- exhibition

December 11th
D1 Race/Championship formatting

January 8th
D2 - D3 - Juniors/Pee-Wee's - D1- exhibition

February 19th
D2 - D3 - Juniors/Pee-Wee's - D1- exhibition

Anyone interested in sponsoring any of the above events, to help with rider purse, advertisement, etc - please contact me either here or through Facebook.

Specific details to follow, however all races will be held in the afternoon/evenings as we have done the last two.
Thank you everyone for the feedback/support at the 'new Perris venue' (for those who have come out and or seen the photos posted - thank you Steve Graham!) I'm excited for everyone to come out and enjoy what Freddie and Vince have been working hard for the last few months, for both the riders and fans!

Southern California Flat Track Association
(dates/times have yet to be updated as of today, with the above speedway details - check back here or Facebook for more information)
Thanks again and see you all soon!

Gene, Tom Fox and I (Steve Graham) will be holding our annual Nationals BBQ, which precedes The Costa Mesa Nationals, on September 25th at Tewinkle Park.Everyone is welcome.We will have a lot of food but you are also welcome to bring your own.We should be started around 3 and wrapped up around 6 so that everyone can get across the street for the big show.If you want to enjoy beer, plastic cups are always preferable.

Costa Mesa

Dream Team Reloaded - 8 weeks to go!

Steve Evans <dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net>
Tue, August 10, 2010 10:59:47 PM

In less than 8 weeks the next racing tour to England is scheduled to begin and whilst it hasn't been mentioned too much on the forum, a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes and its now ready for blast off.

Firstly the Dream Team is being re-badged and is now under the banner of AMERICAN TOURING TEAM. The name change is twofold - firstly with Gary stepping down it seems the right time to give things a new look. Secondly, when the Dream Team was formed back in 2004 we were chasing an almost impossible dream but now the dream is becoming reality. Yes, there is more work to be done but following the last two tours we have one rider signed and surpassing expectations with two more receiving interest and ready to move into the British Leagues quite soon. I may use the Dream Team name again at some point but right now I'm happy to rest it. Meantime its a new era and a new name though the foundation is based on the successes of the past and constantly improving things through experience.

I am pleased to announce that we have two team sponsors on board, one in the UK, one in the US. The UK one will hugely assist in raising the teams profile as well as providing much needed logistical help. The sponsor is the PENHALL MUSEUM and the team will be known as the PENHALL MUSEUM AMERICAN TOURING TEAM. It is a great link up and the fact is that 12 months ago when BP stepped up to help our cause and donated his race helmet for auction it really put us into a whole new level. This backing too is valuable but it is more than a sponsorship as Penhall Museum boss Andrew Hale is stepping in to help with logistics on the UK end of things. Also on board and pledging their help is JOKER MACHINE - Geoff Arnold and I spoke at length about this several weeks ago and they are back again to assist the cause.

The good news with this help is that it is estimated about 50% of our transportation budget has already been raised. The last two tours the forum members have stepped in to fund the teams van, minibus and gas costs and whilst we will begin fund-raising shortly (with a different approach to normal), we are already half way there! We still need to fund our minibus and gas for it and possibly race bibs but we have our van covered.

The team is being finalized and once they are known we will know at what level we race at. Ideally we take in 3 Premier Events and 3 National League level events but if the team does not have enough top end power we will stick to NL. If we race at PL level the team will draft in 2 guest riders at the top and we will expand the show to 9 man teams.

The first two events are officially scheduled - we race Plymouth in what is a traditional encounter on Friday 8th October. We take in a first time venue on Thursday 14th October when we will race at Elite League venue Ipswich.

Already signed on to race are Eddie Castro, Tyson Burmeister and John Marquez. It is hoped to add three more riders within the week. If you are interested but haven't thrown your name out there, now is the time to do it.

So, its back on the road again. It was not in my plans until recently to go back again so soon but I literally get a phone call or e-mail from a British promoter every other day and they finally know American Speedway exists and that are coming back.

Note whilst it may well happen there is no Easter 2011 tour planned yet and that will be decided on over the winter. Whilst I'm still very dedicated to speedway I have a number of other projects that are now taking up my time and so I can't promise a tour beyond this one yet.

Stay tuned!

Ridgecrest Race Postponed this Saturday

Steve Evans <dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net>
Tue, August 10, 2010 11:41:44 AM

I regret to inform you that this Saturday's race at Ridgecrest (August 14, 2010) has been postponed. It became apparent last night that we would not have sufficient entries to put on a show of the level we wanted to. All promoters are feeling the pinch at present with the rider base being spread thin and Ridgecrest, being a long distance event is understandably not everyone's first choice.

It is not the end of this venue by any means and there will be more racing this year. Rather than running three small events we will run one big one during their main fall fair on Saturday 23rd October at 7pm. It is most likely that the Sidecar National will headline this race and the Victorville Round will be moved to the following week but I will get confirmation on this.

In 2011 I expect to run Speedway races at Ridgecrest during both fairs and quite possibly run some none speedway events in between.

I would like to thank the Ridgecrest Fairgrounds for their full cooperation and commitment to Speedway racing at the facility.

Next Ridgecrest - Saturday 14th August - Track Championships

From: Steve Evans <dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net>
Sent: Mon, July 26, 2010 3:40:06 PM

The first ever Ridgecrest Track Championship will be held on August 14th at 7:30pm. All divisions are invited!

Note as this track is a bit of hike to say the least I am fully aware that it is not at the top of the food chain for many riders in their race plans. That said, this is a Championship Meeting and is a fun adventure! The rider turn out last week was disappointing to say the least though the team racing format made us able to pull it off. We do need more at this race to support things continuing at the track. The fans are super enthusiastic and its a venue with lots of potential.

It may be the last chance for D1 riders to race there this year as the following race on Sept 3rd will have Sidecars headlining and we may well do the same for the October Fair race.

At the end of the day there will be titles on the line in all Divisions and it is a great chance for all to come and win something meaningful.

From: chancockspeedwaypromotions@gmail.com
Sent: Wed, July 21, 2010 4:09:51 PM
Subject: Next Perris Race on the new track!

October 16th will be our next race at Perris on the new track which is just shy of a 1/4 mile. Same details as our last events, but more info to come. Stay tuned!

Fast Friday's National Championship Speedway Preview - July 23, 2010

Speedway USA 25th Anniversary Track Championship - July 31st, Victorville!

From: Steve Evans <dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net>
Sent: Sun, July 11, 2010 10:55:53 PM

It's a busy few weeks in the High Desert - 7 races at Victorville / Ridgecrest between now and Labor Day.

The biggest of them all will be the Speedway USA 25th Anniversary Victorville Track Championships on 31 July. This will be bigger than ever as we celebrate 25 years of Speedway in the High Desert. In the summer of 1985 the track opened with the first season dominated by a rider I had the pleasure of watching weekly between 1987 and 1997 - Rocket Ronnie Correy! 25 years later it is leading the way in rider development and junior speedway as we work on the next generation of riders.

All divisions will feature in the championships, though numbers will be limited due to our curfew. It is also possible the support heats may start early at 5:30. As usual, the first invitations will go to track regulars.
D1 is limited to 16 riders, D2 and 3 9 each. Sidecars, Juniors, Pee Wees and Powder Puffs will also feature.

To make an event like this what it needs to be, heat sponsorships are available at $50 each. Do what you can to back this, its important the riders get rewarded and the speedway community has helped us a lot in the past.

For this Saturday (17 July) sign ups are going well - D1 has a mix of the best at Victorville over the past few years and lots of the rising young talent. There is plenty of room in D2 / D3. It is also the annual pit stop contest which has become a great half time show! It's also the California Open Junior Championships.

Note that we have moved around a few of the titles of events for the remainder of the season - here are the revisions;

17 July - Pit Stop Challenge
31 July - 25th Anniversary Track Championships
7 August - Best Pairs, Wheelie contest
4 September - Sidecar Nationals
9 October - Clubman Nationals (D2 / D3 National Championships)
30 October - Speedway Billy Memorial

24 July - Team Speedway
14 August - Track Championships
3 September - Sidecar Nationals
23 October - Desert Empire fair Derby

Victorville Sign Ups Open for 17th July

From: Steve Evans <dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net>
Sent: Tue, July 6, 2010 11:19:26 AM
Sign ups are open for our next race on July 17th!

As you have guessed or heard by now, both IMS San Bernardino and Victorville are running on this night. It's not ideal but Jason, Shawn and I have known about this for a while and its really just a case of circumstances.

Victorville had this date on its schedule as of 17th January, when the Oxley's had their schedule (minus fair Derby) published and thus gave myself and others the ability to finalize our schedules. Jason got in touch with me back in March to say he also needed to run on this date also due to the Fair Derby being on Friday the 16th, a date on his tentative schedule. We have all worked together as best as we can to work out another solution but its not been possible to move either date. From my end, I have specific agreements with the Fairgrounds and car track next door. The Fairgrounds want weekly racing and the car and speedway track have worked out not clashing our dates this year by alternating. So once our schedule was published it had to be adhered to - otherwise we could have run this Saturday instead.

On the positive side, both tracks have worked out a way that we all can win from this;

IMS runs it's North Versus South that night, meaning that D1 spots are going to be very scarce up there, as I believe it is 6 man teams. So, the riders not on the South team have the opportunity to race Victorville. It will be a chance for some of the up and coming D1 riders to shine and perhaps firmly put themselves in the shop window for a spot on a future UK racing tour, since the VV field will be a little less deep than usual.

VICTORVILLE will run Sidecars and will also stage the CALIFORNIA OPEN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS. IMS will not run these classes. It's going to be a great night for the kids with their first big title of the year on the line.

Both tracks will run D2 / D3 and PWs. A lot of the support riders don't race both venues - those that do, flip a coin or race the one you like best. Neither promotion will bear a grudge if you race the other track.

If you are a Costa Mesa D2 or D3 rider that doesn't venture out of OC, it would be a good night to ride IMS being a rare Saturday event.

On the positive side, this date clash is really a symptom of the growth of the sport but neither myself or the IMS promoters plan on this happening in 2011. We think that there will be more advance notice in certain scheduling aspects that there was not this year. But it would definitely help both venues on the 17th if you came to Speedway at one or the other place - whether you are a rider or a fan.


From: "RacesAtThePAS@aol.com" <RacesAtThePAS@aol.com>
Sent: Tue, July 6, 2010 9:29:13 AM

Perris Auto Speedway
18700 Lake Perris Drive
Perris, CA92571
(951) 940-0134

For Further Information contact Scott Daloisio (909) 226-7768 or racesatthepas@aol.com

For Immediate Release


(JULY 6, 2010, PERRIS, CA)There is no racing at Perris Auto Speedway this Saturday night, July 10th.Racing will return on Saturday, July 17th, when the ASCS Sprint Cars return for their second appearance of 2010.

The original 2010 PAS schedule had the California State Speedway Long Track Championship slated for this Saturday.That event was canceled in early May.Despite the cancellation, Perris Auto Speedway promoter Don Kazarian hopes to see speedway motorcycles return to the Riverside County clay oval in the near future.“We like Speedway and think it is a good show,” he said.“We plan on seeing it back at The PAS again.Hopefully it will be part of our schedule as soon as 2011.”

You can keep up with all of the latest news from Perris Auto Speedway on Twitter at:https://twitter.com/perrisautospdwy.

For more information call The PAS at: (951) 940-0134.


From: Brad P pappalardo611@yahoo.com

We are sorry to say, but we are canceling the race at Perris Raceway on the 10th. We just found out on Friday that we needed to do so, because the guys running Perris need to stop all projects on the current track so that they can finish the big track. When the big track is done, we will be running races there so stay tuned.
I apologize for those of you who signed up or planned to attend.

IMS Practice
Tue, June 1, 2010
East Coast Speedway Promotions

We will be willing to have practices in season at IMS but there has to be enough interest for it to be cost effective.

Shawn would probably be willing to do an every other Sunday type of schedule if there are enough guys wanting to do it. Of course if a group of riders or anyone wanted to rent the track on a weeknight or more often we would be open to it but please e-mail us back or call Shawn or catch him at the races and let him know of the amount of riders wanting to practice.

Shawn also offers private lessons and training schools by appointment. Shawn's e-mail is dogynn@aol.com

Next Victorville
Sun, May 30, 2010
From: Steve Evans

Next race is at Victorville is June 26th, one of six summer events through Labor Day weekend. It will be a Harley Night but also wanted to let the riders know we will be running a 15 heat British style team event as the main racing attraction. The team race will be for D1 / Upper D2 riders and should be a must for any riders looking at being on future race tours to the UK.

IMS points from 2009
Mon, May 24, 2010
From: East Coast Speedway Promotions

Sorry this has taken so long. Congrats to the winners! Awards will be handed out Friday.

Track Champions...
Division One - Jimmy Fishback, 2nd Shawn McConnell, 3rd Eddie Castro
Division Two - Joey Holt, 2nd Drew Coats, 3rd Rick Valdez
Division Three - DeWayne Stark,

2nd Chris Thomas, 3rd Chris Jones

Open Junior Championship - 17th July
Mon, May 24, 2010
From: Steve Evans <dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net>

Wanted to announce that Saturday 17th July will be the inaugural staging of the California Open Junior Championship at Victorville.

It is clear this season that the junior program is growing and perhaps with the Hagon Shocks Formula it could potentially explode. With this in mind I felt it very important that the juniors, whereever I can, get the increased emphasis that they deserve. They are the future after all and more than anything it will be the number of riders in juniors and the opportunities afforded to them that will determine if we as a nation become a world force again or not.

There are still spots open for the Eliminapolis this Saturday, $500 to win D1.

Perris Auto Speedway
18700 Lake Perris Drive
Perris, CA92571
(951) 940-0134

For Further Information contact Scott Daloisio (909) 226-7768 - racesatthepas@aol.com or Howie Zechner (626) 449-1175

For Immediate Release


(MAY 19, 2010, PERRIS, CA)Perris Auto Speedway promoter Don Kazarian has announced that the California State Speedway Long Track Championship scheduled for July 10th has been canceled.

“Regretfully, we are forced to cancel the Speedway Long Track Championship,” Kazarian said.“Howie Zechner, who put together the Speedway events for Oval Entertainment, has decided not to pursue future events for us.We want to thank Howie for the work he did for us and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

At the present time, nothing has been scheduled to replace the canceled Speedway show.

You can keep up with all of the latest news from Perris Auto Speedway on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/perrisautospdwy.

For more information call The PAS at: (951) 940-0134.

Perris Auto Speedway is located on the Lake Perris Fairgrounds (home of October’s Southern California Fair), approximately one hour east of Los Angeles and one hour North of San Diego. To get to the track, take the 215 freeway, exit on the Ramona Expressway and go three miles east to the fairgrounds.

Perris Auto Speedway is on the Lake Perris Fairgrounds (home of the Southern California Fair), approximately one hour east of Los Angeles and one hour North of San Diego. To get to the track, take the 215 freeway, exit on the Ramona Expressway and go two miles east to the fairgrounds.

racesatthepas@aol.com is the only authorized Internet address to issue official media news released from The Perris Auto Speedway or Oval Entertainment

A Longtrack Story, The PAS 4/17

From: speedwayzar <razamataz91107@yahoo.com>

Anyone who didn't attend Saturday nights Longtrack Spring Classic at the PAS missed a very competitive Speedway race along with one great party.

At noon John Defreeze was putting up the starting gate. Brad Oxley and Lenny were preparing the track. It was all painless. The track would be ready.

The weather was warm, no jackets required even after the sun went down. Everything was picture perfect.

Sign up was cheap and painless. The PAS crew did a good job getting the competitors in and situated. The riders cooperated and all stayed on schedule.

Rider turnout was disappointing. Venegas and Hicks had hurt themselves at Costa Mesa the week before. Bobby Schwartz had a family thing. Others signup's were MIA without so much as a phone call.

Fortunately I had overbooked the event. We had a full field and those who came really wanted to be a part of this Longtrack happening. The mood was festive and all had smiles on their faces with the possible exception of Fink Lady and the Hicks clan. They were busy rewriting the program.

The pre-race ceremonies went off without a hitch. Johnny Griffith sang the national anthem. Bruce Penhall and Ronnie Preston did a parade lap in memory of Kelly Moran as the crowd observed a minute of silence for the fallen National Champion.

Riders are figuring the Longtrack out. They have adapted well to the track size. They like the speed. It made for good racing. No not good, great. Very visual, very fast. Thank you riders for coming out and supporting American Longtrack Speedway racing.

Sidecars competed with four rigs. They to seem to be coming of age with their Longtrack capabilities and with the amount of screaming spectators when the Sidecars are introduced. They seem to be getting their own base of Longtrack fans. Appreciate you maniacs being there.

Worst crash of the night was when 2nd division rider #103 Kyle Hicks ran off the race track in turn 1-2. He crossed over the 1/4 mile track, over the 1/2 mile track, hit a berm, did a flying W and cartwheel to the wall. It looked bad but luckily he was not seriously injured. Kyle did sit out the remainder of the meet.

My impression of the evening is that it was better than ever. The crew knows their jobs and they do them well. Same can be said about the riders. Spectator base is growing. We see a lot of new faces that don't normally go to the other So Cal Speedway venues.

The April 17th Longtrack Spring Classic was a success.

Don't want to bore you but there are some very special people that help make this happen. First off the riders. Thanks to those that participated. Shame on those that signed up and didn't show or call. You do no one any favors with that kind of behavior.

PAS promoter Donnie Kazarian, Scott Daloisio, Tanner and the PAS crew. Thanks for letting us play in your sandbox.

Brad O, Lenny, the Hicks Family, Fink Lady, Tom, Danny, Elaine, Carrie, John, Ed. Small but tight. Perfect.

Margo King, Cycle Rider, Red Line Oil, Bruce Svatos, Bruce Penhall, Bill and Fran, Cody Racing, Warren and Evie Russell, MXRC, Joker Machine and the best bar around, Racers Pub. If you haven't been to the Pub do so. You'll thank me for turning you on to it. Just tell Freddy that Howie sent you over. I thank you all for your sponsorship of this event, for your dedication to the sport and for being my friend. You put your money where your mouth is. Many say they will. Only a few do.

Our next Longtrack event The California State Longtrack Championships will return on July 10, 2010. I'll keep you informed.

Next week April 24th the granddaddy of Speedway venues opens for it's 42nd season. For you youngsters just getting started with the sport "Rad" Brad is holding a school in the morning. The two time National Speedway Champion is a wealth of knowledge on what to do and not to do. For the rest of you Costa Mesa is the best Speedway show in town. 6pm spectator gates open, racing goes off at 7.


Ridgecrest May 8th

From: "Steve Evans" dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net
Date: Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:12 pm ((PDT))

As a reminder the 1st Ridgecrest race of the season will be held Saturday 8th May for the Spring Fair. The event will feature Sidecars and Speedway Midgets. We will also run PW's and Juniors if there are entries and also a Speedway Bike demo
Note: If you are supposed to ride Costa Mesa that night that is where you should be.

You can e-mail to place your entry.

Costa Mesa Spring Classic Results

Victorville Spring Classic Results

YouTube Interview -Costa Mesa Spring Classic Preview

Perris Raceway Speedway

From: "SpeedwayZar" razamataz91107@yahoo.com
Date: Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:56 am ((PDT))

Saturdays Speedway race at Perris Raceway was a excellent show.  Well supported by riders and spectators alike the event was a pleasure to be at.

The weather was perfect.  A little wind but warm enough to not need a jacket.  I hadn't been to a nighttime race at Perris Raceway before and was impressed at how well the track lighting worked.  No dark holes made for fast racing. 

Announcer Steve Graham was another pleasant surprise.  Informative and entertaining his relationship with the sport really shined.

Going though the pits all the riders were having fun.  Everybody was helping and happy.  Dam I hope they have that good a time at my upcoming Longtrack event.

It was great seeing Greg Hancock there.  Reminded me of the way-back-days before it all got series.  On the track he's poetry in motion.  Never-the-less he earned his main event win.  Nicole was fast and Burmeister beat him on a previous heat.  He worked for that win.

Second division was also serious.  Lauder and Black were fast.  Talkington was faster.  It was a hard fought second division main.

Carrie Hancock knowledge of Speedway and how it works were evident everywhere.  I congratulate her for putting together such a quality meeting first time out.

Had a chance to talk with her fellow promoters Freddie, Vince & Donna.  They told me that in a couple of months the track will be expanded to a 1/4 mile.  I personally like the racing it's present length produces but regardless I'm sure a longer track would be well supported.

Curfew did mean that several Junior mains were not able to run but this being the first time out of the box I'm sure every effort will be made to rectify this next time. 

It's all going to happen again on May 15th.  Racing will start at 7pm.  Come on out, it's a fun fast place.

speedwayzar will be posting a YouTube video of the Perris Raceway Speedway track and another on the 1st division Main along with a Greg Hancock interview.  Sign up on my YouTube speedwayzar network and you will receive a e-mail when the videos are posted.

Next Saturday, April 3rd it's the Victorville Spring Classic followed by the Costa Mesa April 10th Spring Classic followed by my April 17th Longtrack Spring Classic at Perris Auto Speedway (The PAS).  Perris Raceway and Perris Auto Speedway are not the same facility.  Although both in Perris California the tracks are about 15 miles apart.  Just in case that's not enough racing the Costa Mesa Season Opener is April 24th.


Billy Janniro to race in 4/17 PAS Long Track

Sat, March 27, 2010 12:31:07 PM
From: speedwayzar <razamataz91107@yahoo.com>

Speedway superstar Billy Janniro has signed up to compete in the upcoming Speedway Longtrack Spring Classic race being held at Perris Auto Speedway on April 17th.

The former National Champion is no stranger to the big 440 meter track having won the Longtrack California State Champion title at this very facility last year.

Janniro who is expecting his first child, a baby girl next week told me he's really looking forward to riding at The PAS again this year. Having campaigned in Europe for several years he likes the speed and he positively has the control. It shows, he's fearless.

For 2010 last years National Champion will again be sponsored by Robert Cirac and his MXRC Racing Team. Fellow RC sponsored riders Jimmy Fishback and Tyson Burmeister have already confirmed for the big April 17 Longtrack event.

The Longtrack Spring Classic, April 17 at The PAS. Gates open at 5pm, practice at 6pm, racing starts at 7. Better hurry if you want to be on the program. Contact howie@razvideo. com. All divisions and sidecars welcome.

American Longtrack Speedway Motorcycle racing. We put the speed in Speedway. Appreciate your support.

Sponsorship welcome on all levels.


Ridgecrest July 4th Cancelled

We were informed that the Fire Department would not permit a race on the 4th July this year at Ridgecrest.The other 5 Ridgecrest dates remain. Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Cody Racing PAS Longtrack sponsor

From: "speedwayzar" razamataz91107@yahoo.com
Date: Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:51 am ((PDT))

North American JAWA Distributor Cody Racing has again stepped up with sponsorship for the upcoming Spring Classic Longtrack race being held at "The PAS." in Perris California on April 17th.

Known as "Wild Bill Cody" in the way back days of Speedway for years he thrilled the Friday night crowds at the famous Costa Mesa "Bullring".In 1970 "Wild Bill" was the first ever rider to win the Fair Derby race.Competition for the Derby back then was fearsome with riders like Rick Woods (1971) and Sunny Nutter (1972) fighting for the prestigious title.In 2009 it was Fast Eddie Castro taking the win.Mike Faria has won the title eight times.

Bill Cody is currently serving his second consecutive term on the USA Speedway Board.Very popular Bill was reelected with more votes than any other Industry candidate on the ballot.He is a huge asset and supporter of the organization.

An avid Speedway motorcycle collector Bill's collection is not only huge but also correct.He knows model and serial numbers to a fault and has little patience for vintage machines that are not restored properly or misrepresented.

Cody Racing in Garden Grove CA. is a regular fixture to most riders.A full service Speedway Motorcycle shop they repair, rebuild and sell.Look them up at https://www.speedwaybikes.com/Cody/cody06.htm.A large assortment of used bikes are always available.From the rookie to the pro Cody can help you.

Thank you Bill and Fran Cody for all your support.You were there for our first California State Longtrack Championship. Our first Longtrack Fair Classic and now our first ever Longtrack Spring Classic.

The Longtrack Spring Classic, April 17 at The PAS.Gates open at 5pm, practice at 6pm, racing starts at 7.Rider signup is currently underway.Contact Howie Zechner.All divisions and sidecars welcome.

American Longtrack Speedway Motorcycle racing.We put the speed in Speedway.Appreciate your support.

Sponsorship is always welcome on all levels.


Perris Auto Speedway is on the Lake Perris Fairgrounds (home of the Southern California Fair), approximately one hour east of Los Angeles and one hour North of San Diego.Take the 215 freeway, exit on the Ramona Expressway and go two miles east to the fairgrounds.

Penhall/Svatos Motorsports PAS Longtrack sponsor

From: "speedwayzar" razamataz91107@yahoo.com
Date: Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:41 am ((PST))

Oval Entertainment is proud to announce that Bruce Penhall and Bruce Svatos are sponsoring the Speedway Longtrack Spring Classic Main event on April 14 at The PAS.

The two time World Champion attended last years California State Longtrack Championships and was impressed with how some of the youngsters rode the big track.There should be more of these races BP told me, this exactly the kind of experience riders need if they want to go overseas.

We want to stay involved said Bruce Svatos.BP and I really enjoyed giving Gino Manzares a hand last year and may do that again for another up and coming rider.Their the ones we can help the most and their the ones that need it the most.No decision has yet been made but we are getting input and will be watching how the riders handle themselves.

Penhall/Svatos Motorsports is a great partnership that has been very active in Speedway sponsorship the last few years.We thank them for their support.This is a very good thing for Speedway.

Perris Auto Speedway is on the Lake Perris Fairgrounds (home of the Southern California Fair), approximately one hour east of Los Angeles and one hour North of San Diego.Take the 215 freeway, exit on the Ramona Expressway and go two miles east to the fairgrounds.

Not yet signed up?Contact Howie Zechner.All divisions and sidecars welcome.

The Longtrack Spring Classic, April 14 at The PAS.Gates open at 5pm, practice at 6pm, racing starts at 7pm.

Thank you for supporting American Longtrack Speedway racing.We put the speed in Speedway.

Sponsorship welcome on all levels.


YouTube Interview - Brad Oxley & the 2010 Costa Mesa schedule.

YouTube Interview - Jason Bonsignore and Shawn McConnell at IMS.

YouTube Interview - The PAS 4/17/10 Longtrack Spring Classic.

2010 Spring Longtrack Classic Speedway

Thu Mar 4, 2010 10:42 pm

The 2010 Spring Longtrack Classic Speedway race will be held at the PAS on April 17, 2010.The event will feature 1st, 2nd and 3rd division Speedway as well as Juniors and Sidecars on a specially prepared 440 meter track.

The Longtrack Spring Classic will pay a $3000. Speedway + a $500. Sidecar purse.Rider signup cost is $30, mechanic cost is $20.No license fee will be charged.I will be doing rider signup's at the Dream Team race in Victorville this Saturday.Any riders not yet signed up for the program may do so then.As with all our Longtrack promotions every rider who competes on April 17 will also receive a free DVD of the event from RAZ Video Productions.

Several of the riders going on the Dream Team tour have already committed to the Longtrack Classic.Thank you Steve Evans for your commitment to have them back in California prior to our April 17th show.It is one more example of the expanding cooperation being shown between the Southern California promotions.

RAZ has posted a 2010 Speedway Spring Longtrack Classic video on the Howie Zechner Facebook page and under my speedwayzar name on YouTube.Check it or our Costa Mesa and IMS videos out when you go there.A Victorville Dream Team video will be produced and posted on YouTube after this Saturdays event.

See you all this Saturday at the Victorville Fairgrounds.Racing starts at 2pm.Don't let the possibly of rain deter you.After all everybody knows it's the soap not the water that can hurt you.

March 4, 2010 - Inland Motorcycle Speedway (IMS) has updated their 2010 Schedule.


Saturday 6th March 2pm, Wheel 2 Wheel Raceway, Victorville.
Charity race meeting to race money for the 2010 Dream Team tour.
All divisions welcome.

Extreme Speedway is adding video from all the tracks and updates as they get them this year!

The 2010 Sidecar Schedule is posted here.

Perris Speedway

I am proud to announce that Freddie and Vince Graves from Perris Raceway have partnered with Carrie Hancock to begin promoting Speedway races at Perris. The races will be primarily for 2nd and 3rd division riders but will also feature 10 man exhibition 1st Division races as well as Juniors and Pee-Wees.

The first scheduled race will be Saturday, February 27. Gates open at 4 P.M. Rider sign ups are from 4-6 and first race starts at 7. Take advantage of having night races at Perris as the track stays in a lot better condition during the evening hours. We plan on running multiple events this year with another race planned on Saturday, March 27th, but our primary focus is this first race.

Website info will be announced in the near future, so for now if you are on Facebook, stay up to date at: Carrie Hancock Speedway Promotions

If you are going to attend the first race please send all entries to chancockspeedwaypromotions@gmail.com. Deadline to get your sign ups in will be Monday February 22. We will take only the first 10 D-1 Riders as they will only be doing exhibitions. There will be payout's for Division 2 and 3 mains and plaques for Juniors and Pee Wees.

Prices are as follows:
D-1 Riders- Free
Rider- $30
Mechanic- $20
Spectator- $10
6 and under- Free
No licenses will be required.
There will be free parking as well as a concession stand.
We are at the very beginning stages of all of this so we will have a lot more information to follow; so please, stay tuned.
Thank you, Carrie, Freddie and Vince

Avi Speedway race live on Justin TV

From: "speedwayzar" razamataz91107@yahoo.com
Date: Thu Feb 4, 2010 11:29 pm ((PST))

Promoter Nate Perkins will air the February 14th Speedway Motorcycle race at the AVI Casino in Arizona live on Justin TV.

It was a tough decision Perkins told me.The racing is great and I really wanted to share it with the world but I was a little concerned about fans staying home and watching the live webcast rather then attending in person.Then there was the added expense issue.In the end I decided a live webcast was what was best for my riders the sport and of course our sponsors.It's the future and that's where we need to be.

Producer Mark Williams a leader in Speedway webcasts and his company XSA plan to provide a full three camera video production with rider interviews, helmet cameras, and slow motion replays of all the action for the webcast.

I'm really excited about it Williams said.The live webcast is big news and could be the standard at all the tracks this year.And Justin TV, wow!They are the leader in Internet sports streaming and have a huge following.This is going to allow American Speedway to be seen by a worldwide audience.

Steve Evans will be the live webcast commentator.He's very talented and his passion for Speedway and knowledge of the riders who compete in it will give the viewers a wonderful insight into this extreme sport where crashes are common and rubbing is racing.You can expect that Evan's will have several special Interviews and surprise quests during the four-hour live webcast.

Another Speedway specialist joining the production team will be Howie Zechner owner of RAZ Video in Pasadena California.Zechner will be providing the on-track interviews and close ups of all the racing action.His special relationship with this sport and the people who run it always makes `good television".I've been working with Mark Williams and XSA for several years now and am proud to expand that relationship in 2010 Zechner stated.We see Speedway in a very similar manner and believe with our combined talents maybe this sport will finally get the kind of exposure it deserves.

The stars of this production are the flamboyant Speedway jockeys who race these lightweight methanol fuel powered 500cc motorcycles with no brakes around a small dirt oval and promoter Nate Perkins has brought in the best.Anyone who hasn't seen them perform hasn't seen racing.It is without a doubt a very wild event.

The Live Webcast starts at 6pm and will feature pre-race interviews followed by rider introductions and then a full program of races.At the events conclusion there will be an added show of Freestyle Riders doing stunts that have to be seen to be believed.

With over twenty-five years of providing racing programming for broadcast, DVD sales and the live webcasting market RAZ Video and Xtreme Speedway Action are proud to bring the action into your living room.The Live Webcast will start at 6pm Pacific Standard Time on Justin TV.If you can't be there be here.

(Follow this link for the Live Webcast and updates on the event) http://www.xtremespeedwayaction.com/2010mojavecrosing.htm

Dream Team Fund-Racer - Sign Ups Open

Date: Saturday 6 March, 1pm

Location: IMS

Details: A regular Speedway meeting but run like a benefit meeting in the UK - once basics are covered (rent, EMTs, insurance, etc) all profits go to the Dream Team Tour Fund. We are counting on monstrous rider, fan and sponsor support! Much like UK benefit races, no purse is on offer with riders racing to support the cause - and we would hope that some of the big names join in!

Spectator Info: Tickets are $10 to spectators.

Heat Sponsor Info: Heats can be sponsored for $50 each. Semis's at $100, D1 Main at $200. Event Sponsorship available upon request.

Auction: Plans are to hold an auction after the last race. If you have something you would like to donate, big or small, please contact us.

It's just three weeks away. Please help spread the word.

Here is a link to Ricky Wells progress with Stoke Speedway in 2010.

The Dream Team Fund-Racer

Saturday March 6, 2010 at IMS a 1pm start will be a very special Speedway race! Gary and I know that there is enormous support and pride for the Dream Team and we really felt acknowledged for the job done last fall. Well, believe it or not, the first race of the 2010 tour is just 9 weeks away, and the team flies in just over 8.

Many people helped us pull off the job last year and the fund-raising in particular really set things up so the riders could just concentrate on being riders. We also know that in today's economy, for every person who did help in this way, there were about four who wanted to but couldn't.

So, we are throwing the doors open to a giant race party on March 6, 2010 - The Dream Team Fund-Racer!

This will be a regular speedway race with a difference - all profits will 100% go towards the Dream Team tour fund for the 2010 trip. All divisions will be encouraged to race, spectators can come watch. There will be an auction and Bar B Q after the final race of the day. Much like a testimonial or benefit meeting in England the riders will not be there for the purse but will be there to support the event - what is saved on purse goes back into the fund.

It is also hoped to have the full 2010 Dream Team in attendance.

Heat sponsorships will be sold, as well as overall event sponsorships and Main Events.

If you want to ride, let me know, Sponsor a heat let me know. Have an item for the auction, ditto.

It should be quite afternoon and is a way for the entire Speedway Community to unite and throw their weight behind the tour! It will also be the first race of the year on the newly relaid IMS circuit.

Put it in your diary, spread the word! This is the 5th anniversary tour and with our historic race on April 7th Vs Dudley Heathens, will be the best yet!

Steve & Gary


Mojave Crossing

Mojave Crossing Event Center

NOTE: Updates can be also found at xtremespeedwayaction.com.Mark Williams will be posting updated information and maybe an interview with Nate.

There should be a billboard on hwy 95 out in Bullhead City with race information.

Victorville / Ridgecrest Schedule Update

Posted by: "Steve Evans" dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net
Date: Sat Jan 9, 2010

The final schedules for Victorville and Ridgecrest are being worked on as we speak and should be ready within a week. As it looks, Victorville will run around 9 dates (all night races), Ridgecrest about 4 with possibly 2 other none Speedway events.

I can give the first two Victorville dates, as these will be prior to Costa Mesa opening - this will be Saturday 20th March and Saturday 3rd April.

This year will be a special year for Victorville as 2010 marks the 25th Anniversary of speedway in the High Desert. There will be a special 25th Anniversary meeting in the Summer portion of the season that will commemorate this.

It is also planned to make the show more fan friendly by having the Support Class Heats (inc Speedway Sprint cars) run their heats at 6pm, with the actual Main show starting at 7. More on this later.

You can more than likely expect a High Desert double-header over 3rd and 4th July (Saturday and Sunday) with possibly a similar event over Labor day weekend if IMS is dark.

The Ridgecrest opener will be Saturday May 8th, though I fully expect Costa Mesa will run that night so it will most likely be a non speedway event or at best have Sidecars as the headliner.


Great News - Nate Perkins is proud to announce that Speedway is back at the Avi Events Center, Laughlin, NV, President's Day Weekend Saturday 13th February! The title of the event is the 'Colorado River Classic' and it should be the best event ever at the venue. All Divisions are being invited and incredibly so over 30 riders have signed up prior to the event even being announced.

Mojave Crossing Event Center - Aztec Road

I am helping Nate with the sign ups whilst he makes the event known locally. We will post room details when we have them but I can say that this event will be something, so whether you are a rider or a fan, mark your calendars!

Call me at (310) 309-9418 or e-mail the usual address! dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Steve Evans

Nate has got us this deal
Phone # is 800-284-2946
When making reservations, tell them the "code" which is GSPEED3 - double bed room for the night is $53.00 (Fri & Sat)
Please make reservation before Jan 22
There is also RV park @ AVI casino and free "dry" camping as well.

PAS Longtrack Spring Classic

Posted by: "speedwayzar"
Date: Tues Jan 5, 2010 11:34 pm

The Speedway Longtrack Spring Classic will be run on April 17, 2010 at Perris Auto Speedway in Perris California.

The Speedway Longtrack California State Championship will return on July 10, 2010.

The Longtrack Fair Classic will round out the 440 meter 2010 series at the PAS.The October date has not yet been announced because we must wait for confirmation from the Fair board.

All Speedway divisions along with Sidecars are welcome.Signup's are now being accepted and may be sent to howie@razvideo.com.

We are looking into running a Longtrack race on the PAS 1/2 mile at the end of the year.If you riders like this idea then let it be known and I'll secure a date, probably sometime in November 2010.

Thank You all for supporting American Longtrack racing.

Perris Auto Speedway is located on the Lake Perris Fairgrounds (home of the Southern California Fair), approximately one hour east of Los Angeles and one hour North of San Diego. To get to the track, take the 215 freeway, exit on the Ramona Expressway and go two miles east to the fairgrounds

Date: Wed Jan 6, 2010

Just wanted to say how jazzed it was to get a e-mail from super mom Suzette Manzares stating that Gino would be back from England in time to participate in the April 17, 2010 Longtrack Spring Classic at the PAS.

It was only last year when at the age of 15 Gino rode his first Longtrack and won the Second Division Main Event at the July 11th California State Championship.This young man is rapidly turning into a Speedway superstar and is a welcome participant.

Steve Evans did confirm that the Dream Team will return in time for the first Longtrack event of the 2010 season.Lets see if the rest can keep up with Gino's youthful energy.


Dream Team New Years Press Release

Posted by: "Steve Evans" dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net
Date: Fri Jan 1, 2010 11:14 am

Gary Gomez and Steve Evans have been working very hard on the 2010 tour, coming up in just 12 weeks. The workload however is about to go into whole new levels as the groundwork gets built on. Here is a summary of what is happening.

1. Team places - deadline for applications is 1st February. The 7 man squad will be announced within 7 days of this deadline. Several rider packs have been sent out and anyone who wants one should e-mail Steve. Note those riders who wish to be considered are very much encouraged to do the Perris race on 31 January, especially is the Perris track is similar in size to Weymouth and Plymouth, two of the regular tour venues. Performance on this day may make the difference between being selected or not.

2. Race dates - 5 to 6 standalone events as well as a 2nd half or two or planned within the 2 week trip. Already confirmed is the mouth watering clash against Dudley Heathens on 7th April. We can expect races at Plymouth and Weymouth on each Friday, with others to be announced.

3. Video Night - this is scheduled in the IMS Bar and function room on Saturday 30th January at 5pm sharp. We will be showing 4 hours of video action from the 2009 tour - each of the four events that were staged. The video's include color commentary as well as rider interviews. Admission to the video night will be $10, with all proceeds going to the 2010 tour. There will be a raffle with a signed British League race bib and a set of programs from the last tour. The first 25 people in attendance will get a copy of the Dream Team Vs Swindon race card from the last tour.

4. Dream Team Fund-raiser Race - Scheduled for Sunday 28th February at IMS or Perris (venue TBC), 2pm start. This will be a full race meeting with all proceeds going toward the tour. Heat sponsorships will be sold and all divisions will feature. We hope for a huge rider turn out as an event like this and the best way some of the sports big names can support the venture would be to ride in this very special event. There will also be a Bar-B-Q and an auction after the event. The full 2010 Dream Team will be on display.

5. Fantasy League. For those fans who follow the Monday lunchtime Elite League races on Justin TV, we would like to present the 'Dream Team Fantasy Speedway League'. This is being done in coordination with www.fantasysportsfactory.co.uk. A full fantasy speedway league will be run for 14 players. It includes a full live on line draft where YOU get to chose the riders who will race for your team. It will certainly make watching Sky matches much more fun. The cost is $50 per person and70% of the proceeds go straight to the Dream Team. It will run from March to October for the full British season.

6. Friends of the Dream Team. Back once more for 2010, this program was the heart of the fund-raising help we got last season and so returns. There will be four levels of membership - Platinum ($600), Gold ($250), Silver ($100) and Bronze ($50). As with last year, each level will have its own level of awards to be announced very soon.

We need to at least match the funds raised for the 2009 tour. The message above is clear - EVERYONE can and should help this great initiative and there are ways anyone can contribute. We also have 5 signed race used British League speedway bibs to auction off - some will be done via ebay, some via the fund-raising events above. If you have an item to donate for the auction on February 28th, please e-mail Steve of list.

2010 is the 5th Anniversary Tour and we expect it to be better than any before. We cannot do it without the help of the community so thanks in advance for your involvement.

All Classes welcome at the Avi
Posted by: "Steve Evans" dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net
Date: Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:20 am

Nate wanted me to let everyone know that for the Feb 13th Avi race that all classes are welcome to ride. Previous events have been invite only but it is quite clear here that there is huge demand from all to ride and we don't want to disappoint and turn anyone away. So, just to clarify, here are the classes we are taking sign ups for;

Divisions 1, 2 and 3
Powder Puff

It's a holiday weekend so it's the perfect chance to have a speedway vacation with all the fun of a casino town.

New Years Classic - 31st January Perris

Posted by: "Steve Evans"dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net
Date: Sun Dec 27, 2009

The 4th annual New Years Classic is being held at Perris Raceway 1pm Sunday, 31st January. All divisions are welcome to race - D1, D2, D3, Jnr, PW, Powder Puff, Sidecar. Any rider who is interested in trying out for the 2010 Dream Team should attend this race, as the final team selection will be made most likely within 7 days of this event.

It is not clear at this stage if the event will be strictly for fun like the previous Perris events or if there will be a small purse for the D1 riders.

There will be no speedway sprint cars at this event. We hope, in light of the fact that IMS is closed for practice at this point to have a good rider turn out.

Note in light of keeping Perris going definitely volunteers are needed for sign ups, pits and flaggers. So, if you can't or don't ride, please help in any way you possibly can.

E-mail or call to sign up. It's just 5 weeks until the 7 week off season is over!

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