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Champion Speedway
Owego, New York

Champion - Owego, New York, USA - September 27, 2008
By Jason Bonsignore

Scratch Main
1. Adam Mittl, Endicott
2. Len McBride, Windsor
3. Jason Bonsignore, Rochester
4. Corey Brookes, Apalachin
5. David Clark, Berkshire
Adam Mittl was first to the turn and he and Mittl had a great battle for two laps until Bonsignore parked on super slick inside pole in turn two and Mittl drove by in the far, single, outside dirt line with McBride following him through. Brookes was very impressive again. Dave Clark has also stepped it up.

Handicap Main
1. Corey Brookes, Apalachin
2. Adam Mittl, Endicott
3. David Clark, Berkshire
4. Len McBride, Windsor
5. Russ Cornell, Nichols
6. Shawn Engel. Endicott
Brookes rode awesome and was never really challenged, Mittl was flying on the only dirt line.

Support A (Handicap Format)
1. Corey Brookes, Apalachin
2. Mark Bradley, Pavillion
3. Shawn Engel, Endicott
4. Andy Crawford, Apalachin
Engel was riding great and looked to have it until he spun around and fell in the same super slick spot.

Support B
1. Dwight Basa, Greene
2. Brian Bailey, Newark Valley
Basa is turning into a very promising rider!

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