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Industry Racing
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

Laidlaw's Harley-Davidson Night
Industry Racing
August 14, 2013
From Ryan Evans - Photos by Paul Flanders and Dorcey Wingo

  Below Photos by Paul Flanders  
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Max Ruml, Broc Nicol, Dillon Ruml and Gage Geist during the National Anthem. The Second Division main was won by Danny Baker. Steve "Beach Ball" Brown rolled over the competition in Third Division.  
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Broc Nicol won the 250cc Junior main. Tristan Britt won the 150cc 2nd Division while Sebastian Palmese won the 150cc First Division. Luke Whitcomb won the Pee Wee main.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Dual Anderson and Ethan Smith took the win in the sidecar main. Sam Hagon was the Spotlighted Rider of the night. Doug Nicol chats with Charlie Venegas. Charlie won the First Division main.
  Photos Below by Dorcey Wingo  
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Bruce Flanders interviews 250cc rider Gage Geist. Laidlaw's Harley night. Find the dead rat on this scooter. Pee Wee Main.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Luke Whitcomb narrowly misses a competitor's face-plant. #725 Dustin Staggs (left) being pursued by Whitcomb.  "Lightning" Luke Whitcomb, for the win.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
150cc 2nd Division action: Lightcap (left) and Tristan Britt. Sam Hagon (left) and Tristan Britt. Tristan's Victory Lap.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
150cc 1st Division Main Event - Molloy launches from the 30. 150cc Main Event; Heading for the finish line. Sebastian Palmese, gone with the wind.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
250cc Main Event. Dillon Ruml, coming in 2nd place. #1 Broc Nicol, taking the win.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
3rd Division Main, Pinky, alone at the gate. The Rev (left) and Dave Troutt get close. Steve Brown takes the 3rd Division win.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
2nd Division action: One of two big "loops" from the evening, this one [against the wall] by Ron Davis. 2nd Division Main Event. Danny Baker takes the 2nd Division Main.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
1st Division action: Russell Green (inside) and Buck Blair. 1st Division Consi. Jason Ramirez, taking the Consi.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
"Mad" Max Ruml, made the Main! Aaron Fox, headed for 2nd. #43 Charlie The Edge" Venegas, wins again!
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Laidlaw Harley Main Event. Chris Wiggins goes down hard in turn four... Hard to argue with this winner!

Laidlaw's Harley Davidson Night - Industry Racing, CA, USA - August 14

Charlie "The Edge" Venegas was a model of perfection for the second straight week and took home his fourth main event victory of the season on Laidlaw's Harley Davidson Night at Industry Racing.

Venegas led from gate one while Aaron Fox followed him into turn one. Venegas drifted up wide anticipating an outside attack from Max Ruml. That never materialized but the leader's maneuver left an opening on the inside that Fox tried to exploit. Venegas was able to get back to the inside and protect his lead and Fox settled into second. The former National Champion didn't turn a wheel wrong the rest of the way and was first to the checkered flag. Fox settled for second, Max Ruml was third, and Russell Green finished fourth.

Blair kicked off the heats with a win over former Junior National Champion Jason Ramirez. Max Ruml was awarded the victory in event two. Fox beat Green in the third heat. Venegas ended the first round by beating Tyson Talkington.

Blair defeated Green to start the second round with another victory. Max Ruml beat Talkington for his second straight win. Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell beat Jimmy "Little Animal" Fishback in the next heat. Venegas finished round two by beating Ramirez.

Ramirez opened the final round of heats by beating Fishback. Max Ruml remained undefeated by beating Blair. Fox beat Talkington for his second victory. Venegas matched Max Ruml's perfect score with a win over Green in the final heat.

Ruml swept around the outside in the first corner and raced away with the win in the first semi with Fox getting second to also transfer to the main. Venegas won the second semi with Green finishing second to join him in the main.

Ramirez and Blair had a fantastic inside-outside battle throughout the Scratch Consolation with Ramirez narrowly defeating Blair at the finish line. Talkington finished third and McConnell was fourth.

A tangle in the first corner of the Second Division Main Event left Chris Jones on the ground but the race proceeded. Danny Baker then chased down Kevin Fife and passed him for the lead. Baker never looked back from there and was victorious. Fife finished second, Chris Wiggins was third, and Chris Jones was credited with fourth.

Pam "Pinky" Bennett, who has five grandchildren, led the Third Division Main Event through the first two laps. Steve "Beach Ball" Brown charged by her the third time on the back straight and assumed the lead. Dave Trout also got past Bennett and set his sights on the leader. Troutt closed ground but couldn't catch the leader. Brown finished first, Trout settled for second, Bennett finished third, and Wade Whitcomb was fourth.

Junior National Champion Broc Nicol led all four laps en route to victory in the Junior 250 Main Event. Dillon Ruml was second, Dalton Leedy finished third, Michael Wells was fourth, Hayley Perrault finished fifth, and new Southern California resident Gage Geist was sixth.

Maverick Molloy held off Sebastian Palmese the first four laps of the Mini 150 First Division Main Event before succumbing to the constant pressure and giving up the lead. Palmese led the final lap to take the victory, Molloy was second, and Courtney Crone finished third.

Sam Hagon was the initial leader of the Mini 150 Second Division Main Event. Hagon, a third-generation racer from England, had Tristan Britt putting the heat on him. Britt's persistence paid off on the third lap when he slipped by Hagon for the lead. Britt led the rest of the way and scored the victory. Hagon held on to second, Slater Lightcap was third, Jake Isaac finished fourth, Travis Hamilton was fifth, and Dylan Smith was credited with sixth.

Luke Whitcomb navigated through traffic and went home with the victory in the Pee Wee Main Event. Conner Salazar finished second, Andrew Russell was third, Jake Troutt finished fourth, Jason Palmese Jr. was fifth, Tristan Guerrero finished sixth, and Dustin Staggs was credited with seventh.

Dual Anderson and Ethan Smith led from start to finish en route to victory in the Sidecar Main Event. National Sidecar Champions Joe Jones and Johnny Glover were second, Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett finished third, and Gerard Jackson and Dave German were fourth.


Sidecar Main Event
007 - Dual Anderson/Ethan Smith
1 - Joe Jones/Johnny Glover
2 - Bryan Motis/Josh Bennett
66 - Gerard Jackson/Dave German

Pee Wee Main Event
27 - Luke Whitcomb
5 - Conner Salazar
96 - Andrew Russell
326 - Jake Troutt
795 - Jason Palmese Jr.
16 - Tristan Guerrero
725 - Dustin Staggs (fell)
22 - Carson Calvo (non-starter)

Mini 150cc Second Division Main Event (restarted twice)
11 - Tristan Britt 20
350 - Sam Hagon 0
28 - Slater Lightcap 10
16 - Jake Isaac 10
144 - Travis Hamilton 0
13 - Dylan Smith 0 (non-starter, restart)

Mini 150cc First Division Main Event (restarted)
18 - Sebastian Palmese 40 (penalty line)
34 - Maverick Molloy 30
4 - Courtney Crone 40
7 - Gino Scopellite 0 (non-starter, restart)

Junior 250cc Main Event
1 - Broc Nicol
111 - Dillon Ruml
222 - Dalton Leedy
214 - Michael Wells
0 - Hayley Perrault
10 - Gage Geist

Third Division Main Event
211 - Steve Brown 10
210 - Dave Troutt 30
351 - Pam Bennett 0
227 - Wade Whitcomb 10

Second Division Main Event
162 - Danny Baker
311 - Kevin Fife
239 - Chris Wiggins
116 - Chris Jones (fell)

Scratch Consolation
66 - Jason Ramirez
39 - Buck Blair
48 - Tyson Talkington
6 - Shawn McConnell (retired)

Scratch Main Event
43 - Charlie Venegas
46 - Aaron Fox
308 - Max Ruml
321 - Russell Green

Ryan Evans

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