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Northern California

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Fast Fridays is holding their Annual Crab Feed and Awards Dinner on Saturday January 3 2004 at the Sierra Building at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn.

The doors open at 6.00 p.m. and dinner will be served at 7:30 PM

The event will honor Division Points Champions, the Youth National Champion, the AMA National Champion, the Sportsman of the Year. Each of the top 10 in each division will receive a check from the points fund.
Riders, Sponsors, Employees, Speedway fans, families, friends, everyone is welcome.
Tickets can be purchased from Affordable RV in Newcastle, or ordered directly from Fast Fridays, by mailing payment to
Fast Fridays
PO Box 37
Weimar, CA 95736.

Advance tickets will be picked up at the door.
Advance tickets must be purchased by December 27.
Prices are:
Adults $26.00
Kids 6-12 $10.00
Kids 5 and under free.
There is alternative food for non-crab eaters.

October 2003

USA vs. World 2003

Saturday, November 1, Fast Fridays hosts the third annual USA vs. The World.

Tickets, details of start time and how to get there are available at www.fastfridays.com

Teams are:

US Team
  1. Bobby Hedden
  2. Tommy Hedden
  3. Greg Hancock
  4. Bryan Yarrow
  5. John Cook
  6. Eric Carrillo

The World Team
  1. Bartech Bardecki PL
  2. Dariusz Sledz PL
  3. Armondo Castagna IT
  4. Michael Long NZ
  5. Charlie Gjedde DN
  6. Steve Johnson AUS

Northern California weather continues to be kind to us, although there is a possibility of showers on Friday, but Saturday looks OK.

October 2003

Winter Speedway Facilities Chowchilla

Well its the end of the season, but all is not lost.

We would like to let you know that there is going to be speedway racing all winter in Chowchilla, CA. That
is somewhere down between Modesto and Fresno, a couple of hours south of Sacramento.  Not difficult for
NorCal Speedway riders, not impossible for SoCal either.

The track is a completely covered 1/8th mile track as well as the completely covered pits. With no chance
of rain outs this should be a great opportunity for some guys to get practice over the winter.  The track
has been used by flat track racers but is not traditional flat track clay, its a mix of DG and dirt.

This facility will be available every Saturday, from November 1st until the end of March 2004.

Practice starts at 11am, racing starts at 1pm.
There is a $25 rider entry fee. 
Every rider will get 4 races minimum.

If all goes well there will be Youth Speedway racing, starting Nov. 22. They will probably not be included
every weekend but demand will dictate availability.

Exact format of races, divisions etc. will be customized to fit demand.

Please call Mellor to sign up, ask questions, get directions at (916) 771-4629.

The first meeting will be on November 1st.

With both Costa mesa running and Auburn having USA vs. world there are a lot of guys that will not be able to make it until November 8th.  But we hope for a pretty could turn out
after that.

This must be a good opportunity to get some practice in, before next season.  I would urge everyone to
support it.

Thanks to those who took the trouble to find the place and set up the organization.

September 2003

2003 AMA National Championship Speedway Series Final Round,
Presented By Progressive Insurance
Friday Night September 26, Auburn California

Start Numbers:
1 Chris Manchester
2 Bobby Hedden
3 Billy Janniro
4 Eddie Castro
5 Charlie Venegas
6 Elim. Round Qualifier 1
7 Scott Brant
8 Greg Hancock
9 Eric Carrillo
10 Bobby Schwartz
11 Mike Faria
12 Bart Bast
13 Billy Hamill
14 Tommy Hedden
15 Ryan Fisher
16 Elim. Round Qualifier 2

Elimination Round Riders:
17 Ivan Sevart
18 Chris Kerr
19 Cam Rafferty
20 JJ Martynse
21 Bartek Bardecki
22 Jim Estes
23 Bryan Yarrow
24 Bobby Krips

Current Series Points:
Hamill     21
Fisher     19
Janniro    16
Hancock    14
Brant      12
Faria      11
B Hedden   10
Bast        9
Manchester  8
Venegas     7
T Hedden    6
Castro      5
Schwartz    4
Carrillo    3
Rafferty    2
Yarrow      1

The weather in the Auburn area will be warm and clear with cooler nights.

Dave Joiner
Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway
Auburn California

August 2003

2003 USA Youth National Championship

The USA Youth National Championship will be held at Fast Fridays track in Auburn, California on August 29, 2003 and will be a championship format event, for the 16 Youth Speedway riders in the USA.

There has been competitive youth racing at Auburn throughout the season, to qualify local riders for the championship and to benchmark them against out-of –town visitors.

The 9 local riders selected will be:
  TJ Fowler
  Danny Easley
  Alex Marcucci
  JT Mabry
  Paul Johnson
  Ricky Felicio
  Jay Ricketts
  Mitchell Johnson
  Tom Fehrman

2 Southern California riders were nominated, based on past performances at Auburn:
  Tim Gomez
  Ricky Wells

5 riders were given discretionary spots:
  Krystal Cramer
  Jason Ramirez
  Dale Facchini
  Dario Galvin
  Dylan Stark

Reserve riders will be:
  Ronny Woodsford
  Tori Hubbert

I would like to thank Fast Fridays in enabling us to run a Youth National on their track, particularly on the same night as the Track Championship, which is a high capacity crowd, thereby giving the Youth competitors maximum visibility. Thanks, guys.

Gary Roberts - groberts@iee.org

July 2003



PICKERINGTON, Ohio — Defending champion Billy Hamill headlines a superb 22-rider field which will contest the 2003 AMA National Championship Speedway Series, Presented by Progressive Insurance.

Hamill will be one of five riders in the elite field who will return home from European racing commitments to ride in the 2003 series opener, Friday July 25 at Fast Fridays Speedway. He’ll be seeking his third consecutive AMA national championship.

Also among the “foreign” contingent are past AMA and World Champion Greg Hancock of Balboa Island, California; past AMA Champion Chris Manchester of Reno, Nevada; last year’s AMA national runner-up, Billy Janniro of Vallejo, California; and past AMA Junior National Champion Ryan Fisher of Norco, California. All of those jet-setters are regular competitors in the British Speedway League, and most also race in weekly leagues in Sweden and Poland.

Hancock is Americas sole representative in the 2003 World Speedway Grand Prix Series, and at midseason the former World Champion ranks No. 5 in the world.

Riders upholding the honor of domestic speedway racing on the tight Fast Fridays dirt oval, located at the Gold Country Fairgrounds, include past AMA National Champions Mike Faria of Reno, NV, and Bobby Schwartz of Costa Mesa, CA.

Others expected to challenge for the top spot in AMA speedway racing will be Bobby Hedden of Folsom, California, the hottest rider in Northern California this season; and Southern California aces Scott Brant of Riverside, California, and Eddie Castro of Ojai, California.

There will also be one foreign national in the field, Bartek “Bart Bardecki. Bardecki holds a Polish passport but is eligible for the AMA championships since he races full-time in the United States.

Based on their 2002 results, 12 riders in the 22-rider field earned automatic seeds into the Qualifying Round of the 2003 series opener. With the exception of top contender Josh Larsen of Monrovia, California, who is sidelined by injury, all have accepted their bids

Under supplemental rules governing the championship, three additional riders were seeded directly into the Qualifying Round by AMA Sports: Schwartz, Tommy Hedden of Auburn, California, and Bryan Yarrow of Vacaville, California.

The remaining eight riders in the field were invited by AMA Sports in consultation with its National Championship Advisory Committee. Those eight riders will attempt to advance through an Elimination Round which will open the night of racing on July 25. Just two of the eight will move into the Qualifying Round and join the 14 seeded riders. In that round, the 16 riders will compete in five heat races each, facing all of their opponents once.

Results from the Qualifying Round will determine the lineups for the A, B, C and D Main Events which will comprise the Championship Round. Points earned in the Championship Round will go toward the 2003 AMA National Speedway Championship.

AMA Sports conducted the draw for starting positions in the first round of the AMA National Championship Speedway Series, Presented by Progressive Insurance, on July 16. Start numbers are as follows:



Elimination Round
Number Rider Hometown
17  Bartek Bardecki  Auburn  California
18  Charlie Venegas  San Bernardino    California
19  Randy DiFrancesco     Bakersfield  California
20  Bobby Krips  Riverside  California
21  Jim Estes  Carson City  Nevada
22  Gary Hicks  Riverside  California
23  Eric Carrillo  Vallejo  California
24  Chris Kerr  Auburn  California


Qualifying Round
Number Rider Hometown
1  Chris Manchester     Reno  Nevada
2  Bryan Yarrow Vacaville  California
3  No. 1 Rider from Elimination Round
4  Scott Brant Riverside  California
5  Bobby Hedden Folsom  California
6  Bobby Schwartz Costa Mesa  California
7  Billy Hamill Monrovia  California
8  Cam Rafferty Binghamton  New York
9  Bart Bast Auburn  California
10  Billy Janniro Vallejo  California
11  No. 2 Rider from Elimination Round
12  Eddie Castro Ojal  California
13  Tommy Hedden Auburn  California
14  Ryan Fisher Norco  California
15  Mike Faria Reno  Nevada
16  Greg Hancock Balboa Island     California

For more information and to order tickets, contact Fast Fridays Speedway at (530) 818-7223 or consult www.fastfridays.com on the internet.

June 2003

The North vs. South date has been shifted from July 11 to July 18, so as to avoid conflict with the Costa Mesa Fair Derby.

In addition to the regular 8 men team races there will, for the first time be a Youth Civil war too, with a 6 Youth Team from the North against a 6 youth team from the South. 

I find the increased number of youths extremely encouraging, for the future of the sport in California. 

Gary Roberts

America's Billy Janniro today qualified in the 2004 World Championship semifinal in Italy and goes through to the final qualifying round, to be held in Poole, England on August 18. All he had to do there is finish in the top 6 and he goes through direct into next year's Grand Prix series.
Also going through to the August 18 Poole event will be the top 8 qualifiers from tomorrow's other semifinal, being held in Poland. Competing in this round will be America's Ryan Fisher.

1 P. Karlsson 13+3
2 D. Howe 13+2
3 B. Janniro 12
4 A. Dryml 10
5 P. Protasiewicz 9
6 T. Topinka 9
7 C. Gjedde 8
8 Pijper 8

I say, congratulations Billy Janniro, you did America proud!

I received an update on Ryan Fisher. Apparently he injured his leg and withdrew from the meeting. Lee Richardson broke a collar bone in the same accident. This will be a blow to Coventry's attempt to stay at the top of the British Elite League table. It would appear that Ryan scored 3 points, then retired after heat 14. May be this is an opportunity to focus better on the Individual Junior World Championship in Sweden on September 13.

Gary Roberts - groberts@iee.org

May 2003

U21 Results

Bryan Yarrow and Eric Carrillo failed to qualify in the Poole Under 21 World Championship quarter final.

1. Jablonski, Allen, Malek, Legault
2. Schlein, Romanek, Tressarieu, Lamarque (fx)
3. Harris, Szombierski, Stead, Carillo (fx)
4. Kennett, Collins, Yarrow,Woodward (fx)
5. Stead, Woodward, Tressarieu, Malek
6. Szombierski, Jablonski, Collins, Romanek
7. Kennett, Allen, Carillo, Schlein
8. Harris, Yarrow, Legault, Lamarque
9. Romanek, Carillo, Yarrow, Malek
10.Harris,Jablonski, Hawkins, Kennett (fell) ,Tressarieu (ex tapes)
11. Stead, Allen, Collins, Lamarque (fell rtd)
12. Szombierski, Schlein, Legault, Woodward
13. Harris, Schlein, Collins, Malek
14. Jablonski, Woodwar, Hawkins, Carillo,Lamarque (ex 2mins)
15. Szombierski, Allen,Yarrow, Tressarieu
16. Romanek, Stead, Kennett, Legault
17. Kennett, Szombierski, Malek, Lamarque
18. Stead, Jablonski, Schlein, Yarrow
19. Romanek, Harris, Allen, Woodward
20. Collins, Tressarieu, Legault, Carillo
21. (r/o for 8&9) Schlein, Collins
22. (r/o for 3&4) Jablonski, Stead
Final Scores
Harris 14
Szombierski 13
Jablonski 12+3
Stead 12+2
Romanek 11
Kennett 10
Allen 9
Schlein 8+3
Collins 8+2
Yarrow 5
Woodward 4
Tressarieu 4
Carillo 3
Legault 3
Hawkins 2
Malek 2  

April 2003

Ladies and Gentlemen:

On August 29, 2003 Fast Fridays in Auburn, California will host the United States Youth Speedway National Championship.

I am putting together a bumper 64 page program, similar to the one we did in 2001. Just the same as we did in 2001, it will be given away free to every spectator of the event. In addition, in 2001 I had requests from fans all over the USA plus England, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark and Japan for copies of this program. It has become a true collector's peice!

How will we be able to afford to give it away free? We fill it with advertisements. This pays the printing costs, and if anything is left over it goes to support US Youth Speedway.

What kind of people should advertise? Anyone who offers a product or service that is of interest to Speedway supporters.

How do we select which advertisers to accept? Its done on a first come first serve basis.
How many people will read it? Around 3000 at the event, and dozens who are unable to attend, but request the program.

If you, your company, or any of your friends want to advertise, please contact me for rates.
Gary Roberts - groberts@iee.org

Chairman, Youth Speedway committee

Stockton Track Practice

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Due to the heavy rain in Northern California, the Stockton practice, which was to have taken place tomorrow night, Friday April 25, will now take place the following Friday May 2, starting 6pm.

Any questions, please call Charlie Venegas at 909 883 1414. 

Please plan to support Charlie and his effort to run Speedway in Stockton.

Stockton Track Practice

Following the cancellation of Fast Fridays' pre-season practice session due to unkind weather in Auburn last Sunday, there is some good news for Northern California Speedway riders. They get another opportunity to practice at the Stockton track next Friday night.

My previous note suggested that the track would have a DG surface. Not the case. Organizer Charlie Venegas is still in negotiation with the Stockton Fairgrounds about this. What it boils down to is the Fairgrounds run cars on this track on Saturdays and the car people are not yet convinced that DG is best for them. Its a shame they did not have the opportunity to study the car racing at Victorville during the winter season, where a DG surface provided great racing for cars and Speedway bikes.

Depending on the number of interested riders, Charlie will be able to assess whether Thursday night racing at Stockton is viable. It will also help the Fairgrounds assess how the number of Speedway supporters compares with car supporters. So come out next Friday, April 25, to get your bikes set up in preparation for Fast Fridays opening night on May 9, and support Charlie's efforts to get a second track going there.

Practice starts at 6pm.

In Memory

It is with deep regret that I have to announce the recent death of one of our Speedway Riders, Bill Dixon. Bill passed away earlier this week.

To everyone at Fast Fridays Bill was a very likeable, reserved, friendly gentleman. He was one of the many older Speedway riders who recognized that he would never become a top rider, but enjoyed the company and the thrill of competing.

I have only known Bill since 1997, but I enjoyed a smile and a nod or a pleasant chat with him most Friday evenings at Auburn, throughout the past 5 years. His presence will be sadly missed by all.

On April 26, 2003, at 12:00 there is going to be a gathering at the Dixon's home.

Any of Bill's friends who are interested in attending and need directions, should email me at: groberts@iee.org

Second Stockton Track Practice

Due to the recent interest in speedway in Stockton, AMS has a tentative date for a second practice session in Stockton set for Friday April 25th. The practice will be a evening practice to give us the actual track conditions that we would race on. The track will have DG so that we can get the surface that we are looking for in a speedway track.

More info and exact times will be available later.

Please support Charlie Venegas and his efforts to provide us with another track in Northern California.

From: fastfriday@aol.com
Subject:Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway Sign Ups

Don't forget that this Sunday, April 6th FFMS will host its annual Sign UP and season kick off BBQ.

12 noon at the Speedway.
Please bring your favorite side dish for the pot luck party. If you like we will have the Big Red BBQ ready for your use if you need to cook your meat.

Please enter thru main Fairgrounds gate off High St.
This event is outdoors at the track, in case of rain we will move to the Sutter building next to the speedway on the fairgrounds.

At the sign up we will have:
  *Entry forms
  *AMA memberships
  *Youth and Pee Wee notarized service
  *Opening night (May 9) sign ups
  *Info about upcoming season and practices at FFMS
  *Good times

Dave Joiner
Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway

March 2003

Article and photos from the Stockton Practice now available.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Due to your great support, the Stockton practice next Sunday, March 30, is on.

Sign up will be at 9:00 am followed by a mandatory riders meeting.

Practice should start about 10:00.

Thank you for your continued support to ARROWHEAD MOTOR SPEEDWAY 

For those who are coming from Sacramento, take Interstate 5 South.
Exit at Highway 4 West, but go East along Charter Way.
The fairgrounds in on the right, after about a mile.
There is a sign saying Delta Speedway.

We look forward to seeing a good turn out.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Nor Cal Speedway distribution:

Charlie Venegas is hoping to hold a practice session at Stockton on Sunday March 30, if he can get enough people to commit to show up. Details of location below. If it works well, there is an opportunity to run Speedway there on Thursday nights, giving us the desperately needed second Nor Cal track. Please try to show your support by attending. Please call Charlie or email Gary Gomez to confirm your attendance. Details are below.

Stockton is an ideal location. There will be minimal impact from Fast Fridays crowd, plus the opportunity of developing a crowd base both locally in the Stockton, South Sacramento area, plus Tracy, and the east side of the Bay area. This could be a very significant move forward.  Gary Roberts

Hello racers and fans as you read in a earlier post AMS is on the move again. The date posted earlier was a misprint. The date we are looking at will be 3-30-03.  The Directions are: From I-5 take hwy 99 toward Sacramento.  Go north until you get to Stockton.  Take the Mariposa turn-off, West until it dead ends at Charter Way.  Turn left on Charter Way.  Go approx. 1/2 mile.  The Track is on the left side of the road at the entrance of the San Joaquin Fairgrounds.  If you are interested in attending this practice session contact TMGracing@aol.com or contact Charlie 909-883-4364.  This possible venue would give Nor Cal a second track.    Gary Gomez

Auburn 2003 Schedule Fast Friday's is ready for the new season!!!!

Brian Yarrow gets SECO sponsorship

For the 2003 season, 18 year old Bryan Yarrow, from Vacaville, CA will be a member of the SECO Racing Team. Brian started in 1994, as a Junior Speedway rider, won the Junior National Championship in 2000, before stepping up to a 500 for the 2001 season. He won the Rookie of the Year Award for the 2001 season and the Most Improved Rider Award for the 2002 season. His father, Duane Yarrow, another former Division 1 racer, ably assists Bryan.

The immaculately prepared SECO machines have crept to the forefront of Northern California Speedway over the past 5 years. The SECO Racing Team's first rider was Robert Curry. Next was Billy Janniro, followed by Bart Bast. Special occasion SECO riders have included Mike Faria, Bobby Schwarz and Charlie Venegas. It would almost be easier to list top riders who have NOT ridden a SECO machine.

Don and Ruth Sparks, of Sparks Equipment Company, own the SECO Team. Their company supplies power systems to communication companies. The system consists of standby generators, UPS Systems, and Surge Suppressors. In most cases the generator sizes range from 100kw to 1000kw.

This last year Don became a dealer for Antig frames, NEB and Talon Wheels. In the future he is looking to retire from the power business and will stay involved in Speedway.

His interest in Speedway began in 1998 when he got a call from David Booth to come and help in the pits at Auburn and after a few weeks he and his wife became hooked and decided to get a new Jawa to support Robert Curry, one of the few Division 1 riders at that time still on an upright. That's how the SECO Team got started.

Their plan is to give Bryan Yarrow the support he needs to get to England, just as they did for Billy Janniro.

February 2003

USA gets 3 slots in Under 21 World Championships.

For the past few years the USA has had only two places in the Under 21 World Championships. Thanks to Dave Joiner of Fast Fridays Speedway in Auburn, we now have three. Dave participated, on behalf of the AMA, in FIM meetings at the end of last year, and secured the third slot, for an under 21 rider in the 2003 Under 21 World Championships.

Thanks once again to the California Youth Speedway Program, there is no shortage of great talent to fill these slots. In 2002 Ryan Fisher and Eric Carrillo represented the USA. Eric took 12th place and failed to qualify from his quarter-final, Ryan qualified with a third place, but a British League injury prevented him going forward. This year Eric and Ryan will be back again, along with Vacaville's Bryan Yarrow. Chris Kerr is standing by as reserve.

Ryan competes in the first quarter final at Terenzano in Italy on May 3.

Eric and Bryan in the third quarter final in Poole, England on May 25.

January 2003

Chris Kerr gets Shurtech sponsorship.

Dave Shurtz of Shurtech is providing sponsorship for the 2003 season to a young Northern California rider, Chris Kerr. Chris, a former Youth Speedway rider since the age of eight, moved up to ride a 500 during the 2000 season. Chris had a good season in 2002, but continually struggled to keep his machinery competitive. Now on a brand new Shurtech bike, could the 2003 season be Chris's big breakthrough in US Speedway? He is already seen by many as one of the next generation of Americans to join the procession across to Europe. Shurtech is also providing sponsorship to Northern California rider Billy Hiles and Southern California Youth rider, Tim Gomez.

Dave Shurtz first got involved in Speedway when Doug Sparks of SECO Racing sent him tickets to the 2001 AMA National Championships in Auburn. Dave really enjoyed the show and decided to recruit Doug Sparks to implement Shertech's involvement into Speedway for the 2002 season. So for the 2002 season Shurtech sponsored Youth National Champion, T.J. Fowler. In their second season they have increased their number of riders and expanded the levels of support. Shertech, who is a firm believer in mentoring programs, has also made a commitment to stay involved with the Youth and Peewee programs to assist the future champs of Speedway.  

Chris Kerr and Billy Hiles will be participating in all Fast Fridays events with the option of participating in the Coors Light National Championships in Costa Mesa if either of them qualifies. As for San Bdoo, it depends on the existence of this venue. They would make any trip to be a part of a Charlie Venegas promoted venue. Shertech is happy to announce that they have   picked up a Southern California Youth rider for the 2003 season. Tim Gomes of Hesperia, California is the latest addition to the Shertech Racing Team. Being part of the Youth program is very important to the Shurtech organization.

What does Shurtech do?

Shurtech Mechanical Services is a Northern California based Heating and Air-Conditioning Sales and Service Company. Shurtech offers Environmental Management Services to commercial facilities by means of Preventive Maintenance Programs for their Environmental Comfort Systems as well as unit replacement. Being electronically tied into building management systems allows Shurtech to monitor, diagnose and control Building Management Systems from their office.  Remote communication saves both time and money for Shurtech and their customers making this technology a win- win situation. For the home owner, Shurtech offers residential Preventive Maintenance Programs, unit replacement and new home installation featuring various brands of Heating and Cooling systems from all price ranges to fit anyone's budget. For the Speedway fan, Shurtech offers an additional 10% off all service calls and repairs.  Shertech's customers range from property owners, building management groups, home owners, city government buildings, restaurants, computer rooms, any location requiring comfort and/or environmental control. 
Shurtech has sixteen employees and has an annual revenue of about 2 million dollars.   

I would like to say a big thank you to Shurtech, for their support to Chris, Billy and Tim specifically and to Speedway in general. It is guys like Shurtech who keep Speedway alive in the USA.

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