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A Longtrack story

Anyone who didn't attend Saturday nights Longtrack Spring Classic at the PAS missed a very competitive Speedway race along with one great party.

At noon John Defreeze was putting up the starting gate. Brad Oxley and Lenny were preparing the track. It was all painless. The track would be ready.

The weather was warm, no jackets required even after the sun went down. Everything was picture perfect.

Sign up was cheap and painless. The PAS crew did a good job getting the competitors in and situated. The riders cooperated and all stayed on schedule.

We had a full field and those who came really wanted to be a part of this Longtrack happening. The mood was festive and all had smiles on their faces with the possible exception of Fink Lady and the Hicks clan. They were busy rewriting the program.

The pre-race ceremonies went off without a hitch. Johnny Griffith sang the national anthem. Bruce Penhall and Ronnie Preston did a parade lap in memory of Kelly Moran as the crowd observed a minute of silence for the fallen National Champion.

Riders are figuring the Longtrack out. They have adapted well to the track size. They like the speed. It made for good racing. No not good, great. Very visual, very fast. Thank you riders for coming out and supporting American Longtrack Speedway racing.

Sidecars competed with four rigs. They to seem to be coming of age with their Longtrack capabilities and with the amount of screaming spectators when the Sidecars are introduced. They seem to be getting their own base of Longtrack fans. Appreciate you maniacs being there.

Worst crash of the night was when 2nd division rider #103 Kyle Hicks ran off the race track in turn 1-2. He crossed over the 1/4 mile track, over the 1/2 mile track, hit a berm, did a flying W and cartwheel to the wall. It looked bad but luckily he was not seriously injured. Kyle did sit out the remainder of the meet.

My impression of the evening is that it was better than ever. The crew knows their jobs and they do them well. Same can be said about the riders. Spectator base is growing. We see a lot of new faces that don't normally go to the other So Cal Speedway venues.

The April 17th Longtrack Spring Classic was a success.

Our next Longtrack event The California State Longtrack Championships will return on July 10, 2010. I'll keep you informed.


News and Views
AVI is short for wanna have a good time

The weekend would be fun. Go to the river. Stay at a fancy hotel, eat smorgasbord, do a little gambling and see the Colorado River Classic Speedway race on Saturday night.

So where is the Mohave Crossing Event Center? Well you know that area where the Colorado river divides California, Arizona and Nevada? If your there your close, real close.

The weather was beautiful. Gone were the rains that had plagued us for the previous several weeks. California heat was coming back. Shorts were the dress code for many.

Most of the riders and hardcore's stayed at the AVI. It's a hotel located on the California side of the river. New, lot's of flash. Not quite Vegas but close. Other than the Speedway bikes being rolled up and down the corridors a absolutely normal facility any of us would gladly go to on a vacation.

Located directly across the bridge from the AVI in Fort Mohave Arizona is the 12,000 square foot Mohave Crossing Event Center where the race would be run. A well laid out facility it holds 3000 spectators.

The program featured a full 1st, 2nd and 3rd Division Speedway Motorcycle field as well as Juniors, Powder Puff and Pee Wee races. Of course a full contingent of Sidecars was also in attendance. To complement the full Speedway field there were also Freestyle Motocross jumpers.

The voice of Speedway Mr. Bruce Flanders was the announcer. Evans and Fox handled the rider lineup and starting responsibilities. Danny Hull was referee. Williams, Zechner and friends would handle video and webcast. Perfect!

So how do you start the event? Simple, you put a Speedway bike racing on the track, a Sidecar racing in the opposite direction on the track and Jumpers flying across the track top all at the same time. Very interesting.

The track held up well. Racing was superb and there were no injuries. Other then Tyson running someone over and Faria's mechanic getting his hand caught in the sprocket it was all good. Real good.

In the main? Janniro, Hicks, Kerr, Ramirez and Faria says it all. The sidecars, also outstanding and the Jumpers, well they just wouldn't quit.

Nate Perkins you and your family should be complimented for your outstanding organization of this weekends promotion "The Colorado River Classic". Without a doubt your best effort to date. Thanks for holding the event and thanks for having the common sense to get the proper people in place to help you put it all together.

Fun, well I think the saying is more fun than should be legal.


PS: Get that #220 out of second division. He won every race and the main. Tyson Talkington is a first division rider.

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