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Champion Speedway
Owego, New York

Champion Speedway
Owego, New York, USA
July 30, 2005

By Jason Bonsignore

Omar Lightner Cup Championship

Best crowd of the season, excellent track, great racing.

1. Jeremy Parsons
2. Brian Hollenbeck
3. Chris Strong
4. Lenny McBride
5. Adam Mittl
It looked like Mittl may have had a great chance to win from gate one but touched the tapes and then had to come from the ten. McBride was second for most of the race but made a poor choice of gears and couldn't stay going fast enough to hold ahead of Hollenbeck and Strong who eventually split him.

Last Chance
1. Brian Hollenbeck
2. Casey Donholt
3. Gene Bonsignore
4. Keith Hawkins

Support A Main Event
1. Corey Brookes
2. Stefan Laessig
3. Katalin Davis
4. Andy Crawford

Support B Main Event
1. Dan Oliver
2. Joe Nickel
3. Marcus Cole

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