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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Janniro & Hicks score Double Main Event Wins
Fast Friday’s Motorcycle Speedway
Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)
Auburn, California - August 26, 2011

Billy Janniro picked up his fifth double main event win of the season, and dominated both the Division I scratch and handicap programs. After a rough outing last week which involved a serious crash the 2010 US National is back in fine form, winning every time he rolled unto the track. Janniro has also notched a total of eight each Division I scratch main and handicap event wins this season.

Janniro faced a tough line-up in the scratch main event Friday night at Auburn's Gold Country Fairgrounds, as the four fastest men of the night lined up for the finale. Out of gate one Janniro had a little edge on Bryan Yarrow in gate two, Charlie Venegas in gate three, and Auburn's Bart Bast in the outside gate four. Venegas got the best gate though and led into turn one on the inside line. Janniro was working the outside lane like only he can, busy trying to get by Venegas. By the second lap, with a gutsy move, Janniro powered around him on the outside as the crowd roared with approval. Venegas and Janniro raced hard for the final two laps, and Janniro pulled away from Venegas for the victory. Venegas was second, Bast third, and Yarrow fourth. In the handicap main event Janniro, riding off the 60 yard line also came out on top with Bast in second, Yarrow in third and Ricky Felicio in fourth.

As the 2010 season at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway starts to wind down and the National Championship scheduled for September 30 looms large, Janniro seems poised and is the man to beat as the best riders in the country will come at him in the championship final in a few weeks. Bast still leads Janniro in Fast Fridays season points though last week with 2096 to Janniro's 1879.

Auburn's Bob Hicks, who is back to speedway racing this year in his first full season in nine years, has really had an impact in Division I. The 46 year old Hicks has been affectionately named the "Consi-King" by track announcer Mike Rooney for his strong performances in the 2010 season consolation races. Hicks has appeared in 17 scratch or handicap consolation races so far this season. He has won ten of those consolation races, included this week and last week when Hicks doubled, winning both the scratch and handicap consolation races. Also, having been in seven scratch or handicap main events this season, a main event win still eludes Hicks this season. "I'd like to win a scratch main event this season, I just need to be a little more aggressive out of my starts", said Hicks. "In the handicap mains I also need to get more aggressive, get closer with the lower yardage guys maybe touch them if I have to," he said. Hicks, as of last week has scored 1377 Division I season points, just three points off Charlie Venegas who has 1380.

Fresh off a Division III main event win last week and a move up to Division II, Chris Casey scored a first place in the Division II main event, followed by Tyler Warren in second and Rachalle Kerr in third. Division III was topped by Kevin Smith, second was Will McCloskey, and in third was Bryce Taddy.

The Youth A main event was won by Jamison Dilkey second was David Mersaroli and Joseph Hernandez was third. Colton Hicks took the checkered flag in the Youth B main event, followed by Luke Becker in second and Justin Mattson in third.

The LivFast Freestyle Motocross team from Reno, made a spectacular appearance at Fast Fridays thrilling the crowd with their unique brand of high flying motorcycle stunt jumping. Next week at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway is the final night for division riders to score season points and the Challenge Elimination Series Championship.

Division 1 Scratch Main Event
1-Billy Janniro, 2-Charlie Venegas, 3-Bart Bast, 4-Bryan Yarrow

Division I Handicap Main Event
1-Billy Janniro, 2-Bart Bast 3-Bryan Yarrow

Division II Main Event
1-Chris Casey, 2-Tyler Warren, 3-Rachalle Kerr

Division III Main Event
1-Kevin Smith, 2-Will McCloskey, 3-Bryce Taddy

Youth A
1-Jamison Dilkey, 2-David Mersaroli, 3-Joseph Hernandez

Youth B
1-Colton Hicks, 2-Luke Becker, 3-Justin Mattson

Photos Michael Kirby

Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro celebrates another scratch main event win Friday night at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway. Janniro won both the Division I scratch and handicap main events for the fifth time of the 2010 season Friday night.
Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn's Bob Hicks won the Division I scratch and handicap consolation races Friday night. Hicks has won both consolations for the second time in two weeks and has been in 17 consolation races, winning ten total for the season.
Fast Fridays Speedway

Billy Janniro was back in fine form at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway after a rough outing last week. With the US National Speedway Championship on the line on September 30 Janniro remains the man to beat.

Fast Fridays Speedway The LivFast Freestyle Motocross team, from Reno Nevada put on a high flying exciting show at Fast Fridays in Auburn. Team member Greg Garrison soars off the jump.
Fast Fridays Speedway Chris Casey won the Division II main event after moving up from Division III last week.
Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn's Bart Bast continues to lead all Division I riders in season points. Bast currently holds 2096 points after last week, with a sizeable lead over second place Billy Janniro who has 1879.
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