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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Janniro wins Fast Fridays Track Championship
Fast Friday’s Motorcycle Speedway
Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)
Auburn, California - September 9, 2011

After a rough couple of weeks at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway, 2010 US National Speedway Champion Billy Janniro is back running smoothing. Janniro has struggled recently at the Gold Country Fairgrounds, but seems to have corrected any late season racing missteps and is in good position to defend his national speedway championship title September 30 at Fast Fridays. Janniro had an impressive outing Friday night winning the Fast Fridays Track Championship in a tense run-off with Charlie Venegas.

The championship format puts 16 of the top points Division I riders matched against each other in heat races scoring championship points, three for a win, two for second, and one for a third place finish. At the end of the evening Janniro and Venegas had each tallied 14 points after five rounds, both off a perfect score by just one point. Janniro had finished second to Auburn's Bart Bast in round one, and Venegas was second to Janniro in their round four heat race. Janniro and Venegas lined up for their run-off, Janniro was in lane four and Venegas in lane two. From the gate Janniro had the jump on Venegas and was inside on turn one and led Venegas for the entire four lap race. Venegas was right on Janniro just a bike length back but was unable to pass as he chased Janniro to the finish line. "The last two weeks the bike just hasn't been working for me, but I think we got it figured out and working tonight," said Janniro. "We're ready for the national, I can use the two weeks off to get over a knee injury and bruising from last week," said Janniro. Venegas was second, and Tommy Hedden was third in the Division I track championship. Hedden was tied in points with Auburn's Bart Bast at 13 but Hedden was awarded the third place finish because he had beaten Bast in their third round heat race.

Hometown riders dominated both the Division II and Division III track championships. Each division put their best eight riders in a similar scoring format as Division I with each rider in a heat race and the top two riders transferring to the main event for the championship. Division II was won by Auburn's Tyler Warren. The sixteen year old Warren has been riding since 2006 and has steadily moved up in divisions. Warren came out on top of Mellor who was second, and Auburn's Mike Achilles who was third. Division III was topped by Auburn's Kevin Chapman who began racing speedway just this season, followed by Bryce Taddy who finished second and Chris Casey who was third.

The exciting sidecars returned to Fast Fridays for their fourth and final appearance this season and their championship round was won by the team of Joe Jones and Brandi McElroy.

In the Youth A program Jamison Dilkey was first, Joseph Hernandez was second, David Mersaroli was third. Youth B program was topped by Luke Becker, Colton Hicks was second and Daniel Casey was third. Nick Dion won the Run What U Brung competition.

On September 30, the 2011 National Speedway Championship will be held at Fast Fridays in a one night racing format this year. The best 18 speedway riders in America will race for the championship. Defending speedway 2010 champion Billy Janniro is the man every rider will be chasing. The one night format this year, over the three round format of recent years makes the championship quest tougher for Janniro, as just one mistake could take him out of the competition. "It makes it a little harder for me, a little easier for the other guys, I have to show up for that one night and make sure it happens," said Janniro. The much anticipated championship night is sure to provide some great racing for speedway fans.

Results for 9-9-11

Division I Track Championship
1-Billy Janniro, 2-Charlie Venegas, 3-Tommy Hedden

Total Scores
Billy Janniro 17 Charlie Venegas 16 Tommy Hedden 13 Bart Bast 13 Bryan Yarrow 11
Alex Marcucci 8 Bob Hicks 7 JT Mabry 6 JJ Martynse 5 Greg Hooten 5 Ricky Felicio 5
Daniel Faria 4 Matt Drury 3 Devin Defreece 3 David Fonts 2

Division II
1-Tyler Warren, 2-Robert Mellor, 3-Michael Achilles, 4-Charlie Haines

Division III
1-Kevin Chapman, 2-Bryce Taddy, 3-Chris Casey, 4-Glenn Scott

Youth A
1-Jamison Dilkey, 2-Joseph Hernandez, 3-David Mersaroli, 4-Louie Mersaroli, 5-Jeremy Faria

Youth B
1-Luke Becker, 2-Colton Hicks, 3-Daniel Casey

Photos Michael Kirby

Fast Fridays Speedway The sidecar team of Joe Jones and Brady McElroy won the Fast Fridays sidecar track championship. The exciting sidecar teams made four appearances at Fast Fridays this season.
Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro won the 2011 Fast Fridays Championship.
Fast Fridays Speedway Charlie Venegas (near) and Billy Janniro were forced into a run-off for 2011 Fast Fridays Track Championship because of a tie during the regular program. Janniro won the run-off and the championship.
Fast Fridays Speedway Fast Fridays 2011 Track Champion Billy Janniro (C) with second place finisher Charlie Venegas (L) and third place finisher Tommy Hedden (R) on the winner's podium after Friday night's competition.
Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn's Tyler Warren came out on top in the Division II Fast Friday's Track Championship.
Fast Fridays Speedway Kevin Chapman (L) comes out of turn one ahead of Bryce Taddy (C) and Glenn Scott (R) in the Division III main event. Chapman won the Division III track championship in his first year of speedway racing.
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