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2012 IMS Speedway

Inland Motor Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

Western States Championship
October 5, 2012 - Inland Motorcycle Speedway - San Bernardino
By: Ryan Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

Photos from Howie Zechner Facebook Photo Album

2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Shawn McConnell announces the big news about IMS and Pirate Speedway. This dog is sticking with McConnell, period. The familiar old pit gate logo - but not for long!
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
The Pee Wee Main Event; Cords and Whitcomb start from the 40. Sara Cords was unbeatable Friday night! The 200cc Main Event: Courtney gets the gate.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Courtney Crone stretches her lead, winning the 200cc Main with room to spare. The 250ccMain Event. #1 Broc Nicol dials in his throttle and flies to the win.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Support Division Main Event. #145 Davey Shaw leads #182 Rudy Laurer to the checkered flag. 1st Division, Last Chance: Castro wins it.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
1st Division Action: Shawn McConnell battles Steve Russell in a thriller. Sidecars were half of the action at IMS, eight teams answered the call. Last of the Mohicans - First Heat.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Last of the Mohicans - Fresh Meat. Last of the Mohicans - Final Two. Joe Jones and Johnny Glover celebrate with Mike. Z.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Sidecar Main Event. Beard and Beard pulling away from Jones and Glover for the win. 1st Division Main Event, Restart:
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
#25 Jimmy Fishback III, headed for the checkered flag. #86 Neil Facchini came out swinging and made it to the podium! McConnell, Fishback and Facchini celebrate.

2012 Western States Championship - San Bernardino, CA, USA - October 5

Jimmy "Little Animal" Fishback turned in a perfect night and won the Western States Championship for the second time at Inland Motorcycle Speedway in San Bernardino.

Fishback's perfect score gave him the right to pick his starting position first and he chose gate one. Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell was next and he picked gate two. Former Under 21 National Champion Neil Facchini selected gate three, then John Marquez took gate four, which left "Fast" Eddie Castro with gate five.

Marquez got the best start but Fishback cut behind him for the lead exiting turn two. The order was the same on lap two when Marquez parked in turn four and McConnell touched his back wheel and sent Marquez toward the wall. Thankfully, he was able to dismount before disaster struck. Marquez was able to restart, but would do so from the penalty line.

Fishback was first off the starting line on the restart with McConnell in tow. McConnell, seeking his fifth straight main event victory, searched for a way past Fishback but the leader wasn't fazed by his constant presence. Fishback led the entire distance to collect his second title. McConnell had to settle for second, Facchini finished third, Castro was fourth, and Marquez finished fifth.

Three rounds of heats whittled the field down to eight riders in the semis. Fishback was atop the score chart with an unblemished twelve points with McConnell, Castro, and Steve Russell tied at eleven. McConnell won the first semi with Marquez making a savvy move to get himself into second and the other transfer to the main event. Fishback powered to his fourth straight win in the second semi and Facchini finishing second to join him in the main. Castro won the Last Chance to complete the five-rider main event field.

Davey Shaw led all four laps and held off a very pesky Rudy Laurer to win the Support Main Event. Mike Fuson finished third and Rohn Zellner was fourth.

Newly-crowned Youth National Champion Broc Nicol showed everyone why he won that championship by winning the Youth 250 Main Event. Hayley Perrault finished second and Dalton Leedy was third.

Courtney Crone won both of her heats and completed her perfect evening by winning the Youth 200 Main Event. Michael Wells finished second, Dryden Gayle was third, and Dryden LeoGrande finished fourth.

Nick Dunn led the Pee Wee Main Event before Sara Cords took over in turn three. Cords never looked back from there and went on to the victory. Jonas LeoGrande was second, Dunn finished third, and Luke Whitcomb was credited with fourth.

Dylan Beard and Crystal Beard made the best start and kept the persistent team of Joe Jones and Johnny Glover at bay to win the Sidecar Main Event. Chris Jones and Brandi McElroy finished third and Jeff Medberry and Josh Bennett were fourth.

Joe Jones and Glover didn't go home empty-handed, though. Two semi-finals whittled the Sidecar Last of the Mohicans Last Team Out Challenge Championship down to four teams in the Final. Chris Jones and McElroy were eliminated followed by Dual Anderson and Ethan Smith to leave the final two teams. Joe Jones and Glover made the best start and defeated Medberry and Bennett for the championship.


Sidecar Last of the Mohicans Last Team Out Challenge Championship
1 - Joe Jones/Johnny Glover
44 - Jeff Medberry/Josh Bennett
007 - Dual Anderson/Ethan Smith
2 - Chris Jones/Brandi McElroy

Sidecar Main Event
5150 - Dylan Beard/Crystal Beard
1 - Joe Jones/Johnny Glover
2 - Chris Jones/Brandi McElroy
44 - Jeff Medberry/Josh Bennett

Pee Wee Main Event
14 - Sara Cords
185 - Jonas LeoGrande
76 - Nick Dunn
27 - Luke Whitcomb (fell)

Youth 200cc Main Event
4 - Courtney Crone
214 - Michael Wells
192 - Dryden Gayle
185 - Dryden LeoGrande

Youth 250cc Main Event
1 - Broc Nicol
0 - Hayley Perrault
222 - Dalton Leedy

Support Main Event
145 - Davey Shaw
182 - Rudy Laurer
245 - Mike Fuson
118 - Rohn Zellner (fell, remounted)

Western States Championship Final (restarted)
25 - Jimmy Fishback
6 - Shawn McConnell
86 - Neil Facchini
14 - Eddie Castro
41 - John Marquez (penalty line)

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