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2013 Pirate Speedway

Pirate Speedway
National Orange Show
Arrowhead Ave
San Bernardino, California 92408

Winter Series 1
January 12, 2013 - Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino
Torch Redlew migtig06@yahoo.com
Photos Below By: Dorcey Wingo

Full race report is below the photos:
Division 1: Gino Manzares
Support "B": Joey St. Louis
Support "A": Paul Sanburn
250cc: Broc Nicol
140cc: Michael Wells
125cc: Dakota Shockley - This was his 1st speedway race and he did REALLY good!! Go Dakota! :)
Pee Wee: Nick Dunn

Facebook Photos from Howie Zechner

2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Track Doctor Benny Mears' birthday cake featured a pirate on the poop deck. It figures that Tom Bryant's 15-year-old-Speedway dog would lean to the left, too. First race of the new year: 1st Division kicks things off.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Michael Wells leads this 200cc heat around turn one. Martin and Crone go at it in turn four. Support rider Davey Shaw (left) makes his move in traffic.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Chris Jones dodges Dave Troutt, who washed out in turn three It was Steve Russells' moment, but fate was a coiled snake in turn two. When everything is going your way, look out, Jose.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Steve ends up with a goose egg and a chain draggin'. In his next heat race, Steve Russell bites it in two while Rocco Scopellite swerves. Sidecar Exhibition: Medberry and companion plow through turn four.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
250cc - Joined at the hip. #1 Broc Nicol flies through turn three. 1st Division: Rocco Scopellite wrings it out.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Pee Wees Nick Dunn and Jake Troutt duke it out. Some great racing between Michael Wells and Courtney Crone. "Rip pin'" Rudy Lauer always puts on a show.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
First Division action: Gino leads the pack. Main Event: Gino checks for traffic coming out of two. Fate smiled on Gino Manzares Saturday - and Gino was GONE!

Pirate Speedway: History made, as Pirate Speedway sets sail with Winter Series 1.

Pirate Speedway Results. San Bernardino, California. January 12, 2013

Those attending the Inaugural Winter Series 1, made history by attending the new venues first official race this past week-end. On the site of the speedway track at the Orange Show, in San Berdoo, California.

Close racing was the rule of the day, as speedway motorcycle riders ventured nearly 100 miles from the coast of California, to plunder the Inland Empire's treasure-trove of booty and the like. Buccaneer's heard of the new track, and wanted to get a start early for the 2013 season.

In Division 1 Steve Russell didn't get the win, but received the Goody's Headache Powder award for his on track shredded gear off his clutch assembly mal-function, while comfortably leading a race...D-1 Final saw #24 Gino Manzares takes the Win, Gino cleaning house with the sweep, having won his three heats, then The Main Event. #126 Rocco Scopellite in two, #114 Troy McConnell in Three, #23 Steve Russell in four, and #174 Paul Sanborn in the fifth spot.

Support classes were at full strength, with a large contingent of riders. After some on track skirmishes, with competitive juices flowing, and when the dust had settled. The places were awarded based on the Official scorers decision. The Support " A" Finals went as follows : #174 Sanborn the Winner, #182 Rip'n Rudy Laurer in two, Laurer having to settle with second after having two heat Wins, the third spot went to #116 Chris Jones, four went to #163 Rowdy Ronnie Davis, and #145 Davey Shaw took home the fifth spot, #37 Joe Donaldson was in sixth. Both Donaldson and Shaw had Heat Wins.

Support " B " Finals : The Win goes to #313 Joey St. Louis, Second spot to #211 Beach-ball Brown, Third spot to #220 Bryant, Fourth spot to #210 Troutt, and fifth spot to #282 Wiggins...

In Event #22, the 250 cc Main saw Champion Rider Broc Nicol continue his dominance with a clean sweep of victories in all four of his races including the Main Event. #1 Broc Nicol, #2 went to Dalton Leedy, who finished second twice during the days proceedings, and #0 Haul'n Hayley Perrault finished third.

The Junior Classes ran all day with competitive racing, including two spectacular crashes by #0 Hayley Perrault, on a cold day she gamely finished the days races.

Event #23 140 cc Main. One of the most hot-ly contested classes all day were these juniors. Final order for them was , taking the Win #214 Michael Wells, In the two spot #18 Big Daddy Sebastian Palmese, Third went to #4 Courtney Crone, fresh off her Monster win at Industry last month, fourth went to #192 Dryden Gayle, fifth spot to #31 S. Martin, and sixth spot to #30 A. Martin.

The 125cc class saw Dakota Shockley riding his first big bike race, due to the limited entrants he was escorted by the 140 class contingent and made for a full track and close racing, congrats to Shockley with the win and showing classic full speedway slides all day.

Event # 24 Pee-Wee Main. This class managed to keep the interest of the fans and the announcer all day, with only three riders, the racing was exciting and close. The Win goes to last years Iron-Man #76 Nick Dunn, saving the best for last, after three second place finishes the Main Event Win, Second place finisher went to #326 Troutt, who after three straight wins settled for second, and taking the third spot was # 5 Shaw, who kept the bike up-right and was competitive throughout the day, and ended with-out any crashes.

Check-out SpeedwayBikes.Com and Pirate speedway Facebook page, and Today's Cycle Coverage, for future Winter Series schedule.... Arrrrh !...The Torch, Scott Read , Out.

January 12, 2013 - Pirate Speedway, San Bernardino, California

Division 1 Final
1. #24 Gino Manzares
2. #126 Rocco Scopellite
3. #114 Troy McConnell

Support Class A
1. #174 Paul Sanburn
2. #182 Rudy Laurer
3. #116 Chris Jones

Support Class B
1. #313 Joey St.Louis
2. #211 Steve Brown
3. #220 Tom Bryant

Junior Speedway Classes
1. #1 Broc Nicol 
2. #222 Dalton Leedy 
3. #0 Hayley Perrault
1. #214 Michael Wells
2. #18 Sebastian Palmese
3. #4 Courtney Crone
1. Dakota Shockley

Pee-Wee Class
1. #76 Nick Dunn
2. #326 Jake Troutt
3. #5 Josie Shaw

Official Scorers results By Scott " The Torch" Read

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