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Pirate Speedway

FaceBook Photos of the Pirate Speedway Track from Howie

Pirate Speedway
Kylee Lucero and the Pirate
Photo by Paul Flanders

Photos Below by Dorcey Wingo


Shawn McConnell

Pirate Speedway

Pirate Speedway

Pirate Speedway
Team Pirates are victorious!

Pirate Speedway
Pirate pit gate sign.

Pirate Speedway

930 S. Arrowhead Ave
San Bernardino, California 92408

Shawn McConnell
Promoter Shawn McConnell

Shawn and I would like to take this moment and thank all the Staff, Riders, Sponsors, Volunteers, Friends, Family, and Fans who have supported us over the years. We have definitely had our ups and downs over the last 6 years, but we really have enjoyed our time at IMS/Pirate Speedway. It has been a huge part of our lives, but a chapter that is ending.

After meeting with the fairgrounds, it has been determined that Pirate Speedway is definitely closing. It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we must announce that Pirate must be 100% gone by December 1st 2014. Unfortunately, we have been unable to generate the much needed support to allow the track to be self-sufficient, let alone handle the necessary rent increases. While the fairgrounds have done their best to work with us over the years, it is no longer feasible for them to do so.

We have approximately 5 weeks left, so we plan to accommodate as many people as we can. Shawn will be conducting one more school; we will be having open practice, and some other activities. We are planning a very full schedule during the time we have left. We will post the schedule ASAP. We will very much miss our track.

Thank you again, Shawn and Robynn McConnell - dogynn@aol.com (October 13, 2014)

Pirate Speedway will be running open practice this Saturday Nov 8th. 10:00-3:00. Everyone welcome.

Speedway, sidecars, minis, Karts, etc. $40.00. $30.00 for those with 2014 Pirate Speedway license.

Shawn McConnell will be offering lessons on Nov 15th. Please let us know asap if you are interested. We will be running our final practice later in the day.

Final blow out-Practice and Pirate Speedway farewell get together continues into the evening.

Everyone welcome

Photo by Dorcey Wingo

2 0 1 4 Pirate Speedway Schedule - Friday Nights

Jan 11 - Team Racing - Steve Evans Event

April 18 - Pirate Speedway 2014 Season Opener
April 25 - Speedway Motorcycle Racing
May 2 - FST Sand and Gravel Night - Sidecar Racing
May 9 - Ken Maely Night - Harley / Minibike Racing
May 16 - Team Racing Night
May 23 - No Racing, Memorial Day Weekend
May 30 - Rider Remembrance Night - Sidecar Racing
June 6 - Benny Mears Night - Sidecar Racing
June 13 - Harley Night - Harley / Sidecar Racing
June 20 - Military Appreciation Night - Sidecar Racing
June 27 - Bobby Schwartz Night - Minibike / Powder Puff Racing
July 11 - Harley Night - Harley / Minibike Racing
July 18 - Fan Appreciation Night - Sidecar Racing
July 25 - Dress like a Pirate Night - Pirate Costume Contest - Sidecar Racing
Aug 1 - Pirate Pairs Racing Night - Speedway Racing
Aug 8 - Sidecar Racing
Aug 15 - Team Swolen Night - Minibike / Powder Puff Racing
Aug 22 - Rained Out
Aug 29 - No Racing, Labor Day Weekend
Sep 5 - Minibike Racing
Sep 12 - Speedway Racing
Sep 19 - Talk like a Pirate Night - Costume Contest
Sep 26 - Minibike / Powder Puff Racing
October 3 - CANCELLED *** Western States Championship *** CANCELLED ***

(Note: Always check with the promoter if a race will be run.)

Call (714) 255-0088 or E-mail dogynn@aol.com for the latest track information.

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Pirate Speedway 2013 Schedule and Results

Pirate Speedway

2014 Season OpenerPaul Flanders Photos
Pirate Speedway Pirate Speedway Pirate Speedway

Billy Hamill (center) won the main, followed by Max Ruml (left) and Broc Nicol (right). It was Broc's first night of regular season racing on a 500cc machine.

Dalton Leedy, with pit help from dad Kevin, won all of his heats and the support class main in his first night of regular season racing with a 500 cc machine.

Winner of the Youth 250 cc main was Dillon Ruml.

Pirate Speedway Pirate Speedway Pirate Speedway

Sebastian Palmese (left) won the Mini Speedway 150 cc class main after some hard fought racing with Sara Cords. Travis Hamilton is on the right.

Jason Ramirez won the Last Chance race to get into the main where he finished fifth. Meanwhile, "Not so little" brother Sammy Ramirez took second in the Youth 250 cc main.

Fast Eddie Castro took fourth place in the main.

Pirate Speedway Pirate Speedway Pirate Speedway

The main event podium finishers: 1. Billy Hamill, 2. Max Ruml and 3. Broc Nicol.

Sara Cords battled hard with Sebastian Palmese in the Mini speedway 150 cc class main only to finish second. Results were awarded when Travis Hamilton fell and brought out the red flag after 3 laps of racing.

Photographer Dorcey Wingo seen here with Robynn McConnell.

Pirate Speedway Pirate Speedway  


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