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2013 Industry Racing

Industry Racing
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

Industry Racing
July 17, 2013
From Ryan Evans - Photos by Dorcey Wingo and Paul Flanders

  Photos by Dorcey Wingo  
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
It was Bruce Flanders' Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Night at the Grand. Even the kids were in the spirit. Anissa Venegas enjoys a game of catch on the sidelines. Our young riders showed their support for Team USA, who raced today for a spot in the World Cup Final.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
The Pee Wees were out in strength Wednesday night! Pee Wee Main Event: #96 Andrew Russell pressures #22 Carson Calvo in turn four. 150cc 2nd Division Main Event.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
#11 Tristan Britt and #28 Slater Lightcap in the early action. Tristan Britt wins the 2nd Division, 150cc Main Event. 150cc 1st Division Main Event.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
#18 Sebastian Palmese scores another victory in the 150cc 1st Division class. Winners of the Ugly Shirt competition. Courtney Crone put on a show racing one of two Midgets around the track.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
250cc Main event. Virtually unchallenged, #1 Broc Nicol took home the 1st Place Prize. #222 Dalton Leedy hung on for 2nd Place.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Clockwise racing: Ruh Roe! Turning right can be a very messy affair. 3rd Division Main Event.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
#227 Wade Whitcomb chases down #351 Pam "Pinky" Bennett for the win. 2nd Division Main Event. Carl Gazafy wins the 2nd Division Main Event.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
#43 Venegas and #39 Buck Blair make it interesting. 1st Division Main Event. Venegas, on a Mission!
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Charlie Venegas takes home the trophy for the main event again! Carl Gazafy rode to win in the Second Division main on the same bike that he had loaned to Pam Bennett (who finished second) for the Third Division main just seconds before. Wade Whitcomb lead the Third Division congregation to the finish line for their main.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Sister Hannah and mom Brenda were delighted with Broc Nicol's 250cc Junior victory. Tristan Britt took the win in the 150 cc Second Division, while Sebastian Palmese won the 150cc First Division. Andrew Russell won the Pee Wee main.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Finalists in the Ugly Hawaiian Shirt contest.  Chris Jones, second from the left, won in the riders category, while the guy on the right took top honors for the spectators.  The first 300 attendees through the gate got "lei'd". Pam Bennett took it easy in her first heat, electing to start from the rear. Her bike was not running well, so Carl Gazafy let her use his. She won a heat and got second in the Third Division main.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
All of the Junior riders honored Nick Varner (RIP) by working the autograph table. It had been exactly two years since Nick had passed away from racing injuries. Most fans got into the spirit of the Hawaiian Shirt theme and took advantage of the 1/2 price admission deal for dressing that way. Aaron Fox finished second in the First Division main.

Bruce Flanders Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Night - Industry Racing, CA, USA - July 17

Charlie "The Edge" Venegas vanquished his competition for the second week in a row on Bruce Flanders Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Night at Industry Racing.

Venegas was first off the starting line with "Battling" Buck Blair and Aaron Fox handlebar-to-handlebar behind him as they rounded turn one. Former Under 21 National Champion Austin Novratil cutback underneath them and they were three abreast exiting turn two. Venegas led at the end of lap one while Fox emerged from the war behind him in second place. Fox set his sights on the leader but couldn't close enough ground to pose a serious threat. Venegas was first to the checkered flag, Fox settled for second, Novratil was third, and Blair finished fourth.

Novratil kicked off the heats by blistering the track to a win over Blair. Fox defeated Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell in the second heat. Venegas finished round one by defeating Tim Gomez.

Michael Raines started round two by beating Blair. Venegas beat former Junior National Champion Jason Ramirez in the next heat. The first attempt to run event 12 ended with Gomez lifting and hitting the wall. The bike was bent but fortunately Gomez was able to walk off the track. Novratil powered to a win over Fox in the restart to end the second round.

Fox beat Ramirez to open the final round of heats but Raines fell behind them and suffered a suspected broken collarbone. McConnell scored a win ahead of Novratil in event 19. Blair used the outside to pass and defeat Venegas to end the heats with his first win.

Venegas and Fox finished one-two in the first semi to book their places in the main event. Blair won the second semi with Novratil getting second to join him in the main.

Carl Gazafy made the best start in the Second Division Main Event and led the entire distance to take home the victory. Brad "Ironman" Moreau was second, Kevin "Rip" Fife finished third, and Chris Jones was fourth.

Wade Whitcomb led from start to finish and collected the victory in the Third Division Main Event. Pam "Pinky" Bennett, competing for the first time this season and second time in three decades, finished second, Steve "Beach Ball" Brown was third, Tony DeAlmeida finished fourth, Rick Howard was fifth, and Rick Carlisle finished sixth.

Dalton Leedy led the Junior 250 Main Event into turn one but Junior National Champion Broc Nicol swept around the outside and took the lead on the back straight. Nicol never looked back from there and pulled away for the win. Leedy finished second, Hayley Perrault was third, and Michael Wells finished fourth.

Sebastian Palmese led from start to finish en route to victory in the Mini 150 First Division Main Event. Courtney Crone finished second, Maverick Molloy was third, and Gino Scopellite was credited with fourth.

Tristan Britt put together four smooth laps and scored his first Mini 150 Second Division Main Event victory. Jake Isaac was second, Travis Hamilton finished third, and Slater Lightcap was fourth.

Andrew Russell led the Pee Wee Main Event for two laps before Carson Calvo took over the lead. Calvo's turn at the front ended when he fell in turn four. Russell reassumed the lead and never let it go again. Jason Palmese Jr. finished second, Ryder Tovatt was third, Luke Whitcomb finished fourth, Walker Calvo was fifth, and Nicholas Mejia finished sixth.

Jimmy Fishback wasn't competing but did offer something to four riders to compete for. He challenged four riders to race four laps backwards around the track. Raines led for three laps with Fox right on his back tire. Fox tried to pass him as they took the white flag but things got physical and Raines retained the lead. The two clashed again in the next corner and Fox went down. Raines went on to victory, Gomez took second, Ramirez was third, and Fox was credited with fourth.

Two Ford Focus Midgets took to the track during in an exhibition. One driver was Wally Pankratz while the other was Crone. The young lady showed that she is just as adept at getting around the track with four wheels as she is with two.

The event, which included an "Ugliest Hawaiian Shirt" contest, was conceived last year and honors Industry Racing's track announcer Bruce Flanders who is a motorsports announcing icon. In addition to speedway, Flanders has announced many types of motor sports throughout the world for decades. He has been the official track announcer at the facility since speedway began and has been track announcer at one time or another at nearly every facility that has hosted speedway in Southern California.


Pee Wee Main Event
96 - Andrew Russell
795 - Jason Palmese Jr.
4 - Ryder Tovatt
27 - Luke Whitcomb (fell, remounted)
21 - Walker Calvo
2 - Nicholas Mejia
5 - Conner Salazar
22 - Carson Calvo

Mini 150cc Second Division Main Event
11 - Tristan Britt
16 - Jake Isaac
144 – Travis Hamilton
28 - Slater Lightcap

Mini 150cc First Division Main Event
18 - Sebastian Palmese
4 - Courtney Crone
34 - Maverick Molloy
7 - Gino Scopellite (fell)

Junior 250cc Main Event
1 - Broc Nicol
222 - Dalton Leedy
0 - Hayley Perrault
214 - Michael Wells

Third Division Main Event
227 - Wade Whitcomb 0
351 - Pam Bennett 0
211 - Steve Brown 20
157 - Tony DeAlmeida 10
188 - Rick Howard 0
257 - Rick Carlisle 0

Second Division Main Event
176 - Carl Gazafy
153 - Brad Moreau
311 - Kevin Fife
116 - Chris Jones (engine failure)

Backward Race
7 – Michael Raines
30 – Tim Gomez
66 – Jason Ramirez
46 – Aaron Fox (fell)

First Division Main Event
43 - Charlie Venegas
46 - Aaron Fox
27 - Austin Novratil
39 - Buck Blair

Ryan Evans

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