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Pirate Speedway

2014 Pirate Speedway
An extra looooong wheel base on this Harley!
Paul Flanders Photo

2014 Pirate Speedway
The Harleys were back,
in all their glory.
Dorcey Wingo Photo


Pirate Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

2014 Ken Maely Cup/Harley Night
May 9, 2014 - Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino
Report By: Ryan Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo and Paul Flanders

Former World Champion Billy "The Bullet" Hamill swept the program and took home the Ken Maely Cup for the second year in a row to complete another evening of wild action at Pirate Speedway. Continued...

  Paul Flanders Photos  
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Billy Hamill took the main event while Sara Cords won the 150cc main. Chris Jones was awarded the support class main win after Dalton Leedy and his bike flew over the wall in the fifth lap after hitting a downed Ricky Richards. Chris's daughters Brianna (age 8) and Hannah (age 6) both rode in the PeeWee class. Dillon Ruml rumbled through the youth 250 class, winning the main.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Travis Horn was honkin' it on to win the PeeWee first division. Adrian Campos camped out in first place in the PeeWee second division main. Harley Fisher, Ryan Fisher's son, had a proud mom and grandpa, Gene Woods, by riding well in his first night of racing.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Pit announcer Chris Johnson with his lovely lady and her name is G-L-O-R-I-A. Speedway Superfan Cayla Weaver celebrated her 24th birthday with a ride on back of Dave Galvin's Harley on Harley Night. Chris Wiggins won the Harley Night races on his Sporty.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
The lovely Pirate Girls, Kayleigh Burns and Hailee Collins. Referee Steve Lucero took the win in the mini bikes races. Pam Bennett presents his award while Sara Cords photo bombs from below. Chris Wiggins won the Harley Night races on his Sporty.

  Dorcey Wingo Photos  
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Speedway SuperFan Cayla and the Hamills. Paul Flanders, stuffed to the gills with buttery Pirate pit popcorn. The Harleys were back, in all their glory.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Pee Wee 2nd Division Main Event. #42 Adrian Campos #25 Travis Horn, winning the Pee Wee 1st Division Main.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
"Lightning" Luke Whitcomb, taking 2nd in the 150cc Main Event. Sara Cords was too fast for the 150cc boys once again! 250cc action
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
250cc Champ Dillon Ruml, taking another win. Support Division action. It was right about here that the fertilizer struck the ventilator.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
The Harleys raced! Smoke 'em if you got 'em! Chris Wiggins rode the fastest Harley.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
1st Division action 1st Division action Hamill and Burmeister
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Max Ruml and Burmeister 1st Division action 1st Division action
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
1st Division Main Event Buck had it in his pocket for a lap or so.... And then came Billy!

"Battling" Buck Blair launched into the lead of the Scratch Main Event from gate two and led through turns one and two but had Billy Hamill breathing down his rear fender. Blair led through lap one and tried his best to keep the defending National Champion behind him. Blair raced mid-track through turn one while Billy Hamill used the cushion. Blair drifted up to the dirt as he exited turn two in an effort to protect his lead. His efforts definitely blocked Billy Hamill's path, but he made a quick left turn and cut underneath the Colorado native and they were wheel-to-wheel entering turn three. Billy Hamill went deep into the corner and pushed Blair wide enough that it effectively ended any chance he had of contending the rest of the race. Billy Hamill held back last week's winner, Under 21 National Champion "Mad" Max Ruml the final two laps to collect the victory. Former Junior National Champion Austin Novratil finished third, Tyson Burmeister was fourth, and Blair finished fifth.

Max Ruml opened up the evening with a win over former Junior National Champion Jason Ramirez. Steve Russell, making his first appearance of 2014, began his season with a win in event two. Burmeister defeated Broc Nicol in event three. Billy Hamill finished the first round by defeating Novratil.

Novratil started the second round by defeating Russell Green. Blair beat Jason Ramirez in the next event. Max Ruml defeated Broc Nicol for his second victory in a row. Billy Hamill blazed to victory ahead of Burmeister to end round two.

Novratil began the final round of heats by defeating Russell. "Fast" Eddie Castro beat Neil Facchini in event 21. Max Ruml remained undefeated with a win over Burmeister. Billy Hamill matched Max Ruml's perfect score by finishing the heats with a win ahead of Blair.

A five-rider runoff was needed to fill the final three spots in the semis. Nicol used the outside in the first corner to get the lead and he calmly took the victory. The racing behind him was action-packed with Green, Jason Ramirez, and Castro battling over second and third. Green held second with Jason Ramirez pressuring him while Castro was using his preferred outside line to put heat on Jason Ramirez. Green secured second and Jason Ramirez wisely switched to the outside line and it paid off as he protected the final slot in the semis by staying in front of Castro. Russell finished fifth.

Billy Hamill stormed to victory in the first semi with Novratil finishing second to join him in the main event. Burmeister got the better of Max Ruml in the second semi as both riders transferred into the main.

Ramirez had the Last Chance under control and was well on his way to victory when he slowed near the end of the third lap. Blair was the benefactor of Ramirez's misfortune and took the win and final transfer to the main event. Nicol was second, Green finished third, and Ramirez was credited with fourth.

The Support Main Event started with Ricky Richards in the front of the six-rider field and he comfortably led the first two laps. Chris Jones began putting pressure on the leader on the third lap while Dalton Leedy, winner of the first three Support Main Events this year, had worked his way in to third. They remained in those positions through lap four but as they took the white flag Chris Jones tried to go underneath Richards. They entered turn one handlebar-to-handlebar and while Leedy tried to sweep around both of them on the outside. The three-wide formation ended in disaster when there was contact. Leedy's bike lifted and he and his machine were launched through the fence in turn two at a high rate of speed. Despite how tragic the results could have been, Leedy was alert and suffered a relatively minor leg injury. Chris Jones was awarded the victory, Leedy was credited with a second place he will never forget, Chris Wiggins finished third, "Rattlesnake" Steve Bowen was fourth, Kevin Fife finished fifth, and Richards was credited with sixth.

Junior National Champion Dillon Ruml raced to his fourth consecutive Junior 250 Main Event victory. Gage Geist finished second, Courtney Crone was third, Travis Hamilton finished fourth, Kurtis Hamill was fifth after falling while running in second, and Samuel Ramirez was credited with sixth.

Sara Cords swept around the outside of her competition and never looked back en route to her first victory of the season in the Mini 150 Main Event. Luke Whitcomb was second, Dakota Shockley finished third, and Slater Lightcap was fourth.

Travis Horn started 40 yards back but was still victorious in the Pee Wee First Division Main Event. Cameron Titterness was second and Cole Ayers finished third.

Adrian Campos won the Pee Wee Second Division Main Event. Harley Fisher, son of Ryan Fisher, finished second, Adam Csanyi was third, Brianna Jones finished fourth while her sister, Hannah Jones, came in fifth.

The Ken Maely Cup honors the legendary icon of American motorcycle racing who was famous for making the steel shoes for speedway racers and flat track racers for decades. Maely also had a practice track at his ranch in Corona, California on which many of America's greatest speedway racers spun laps to hone their skills.

Pee Wee Second Division Main Event
42 – Adrian Campos
36 – Harley Fisher
99 – Adam Csanyi
116b – Brianna Jones
116h – Hannah Jones

Pee Wee First Division Main Event
25 – Travis Horn
281 – Cameron Titterness
16 – Cole Ayers (fell, remounted)

Mini 150 Main Event
14 – Sara Cords 10
27 – Luke Whitcomb 0
419 – Dakota Shockley 0
28 – Slater Lightcap 10 (engine failure)

Junior 250 Main Event (restarted)
1 – Dillon Ruml
10 – Gage Geist
4 – Courtney Crone (penalty line)
144 – Travis Hamilton
104 – Kurtis Hamill (fell)
22 – Samuel Ramirez (non starter – restart)

Support Main Event (awarded)
116 – Chris Jones 30
222 – Dalton Leedy 50
239 – Chris Wiggins 10
177 – Steve Bowen 30
311 – Kevin Fife 10
345 – Ricky Richards 0 (excluded)

First Division Heat Scoring1 2 3 T
5 – Max Ruml 3 3 3 9
14 – Eddie Castro 1 1 3 5
23 – Steve Russell 3 0 2 5
26 – Tyson Burmeister 3 2 2 7
27 – Austin Novratil 2 3 3 8
37 – Joe Donaldson 0 1 0 1
39 – Buck Blair 1 3 2 6
66 – Jason Ramirez 2 2 1 5
86 – Neil Facchini 0 1 2 3
100 – Broc Nicol 2 2 1 5
104 – Billy Hamill 3 3 3 9
114 – Troy McConnell 1 R N1
126 – Rocco Scopellite 1 1 1 3
145 – Davey Shaw 0 0 0 0
182 – Rudy Laurer 0 0 F 0
222 – Dalton Leedy 0 --0
321 – Russell Green 2 1 2 5

Race Results
1: Ruml, Ramirez, Scopellite, Laurer
2: Russell, Green, Blair, Shaw
3: Burmeister, Nicol, Castro (tape penalty), Donaldson
4: Hamill, Novratil, McConnell, Facchini
11: Novratil, Green, Castro, Laurer
12: Blair, Ramirez, Donaldson, McConnell (retired)
13: Ruml, Nicol, Facchini, Russell
14: Hamill, Burmeister, Scopellite, Shaw
20: Novratil, Russell, Scopellite, Donaldson
21: Castro, Facchini, Ramirez, Shaw
22: Ruml, Burmeister, Green, Leedy
23: Hamill, Blair, Nicol, Laurer (fell)
Semi #1: Hamill, Novratil, Green, Nicol
Semi #2: Burmeister, Ruml, Ramirez, Blair

First Division Last Chance
39 – Buck Blair
100 – Broc Nicol
321 - Russell Green
66 – Jason Ramirez (engine failure)

Ken Maely Cup Main Event
104 – Billy Hamill
5 - Max Ruml
27 – Austin Novratil
26 – Tyson Burmeister
39 - Buck Blair

Past Ken Maely Cup Champions
2010 – Tyson Burmeister
2011 – Josh Larsen
2012 – Charlie Venegas
2013 – Billy Hamill

Ryan Evans

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