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Ventura Raceway


10 West Harbor Blvd.
Ventura, CA 93001

Ventura Speedway
June 18, 2016 - Ventura Raceway
By: Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net
Photos: Dorcey Wingo

Results from Ventura Raceway and are Continued Below...

  Dorcey Wingo Photos  
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway
Rip Fife with Eddie Castro Vintage action Malcolm Roe
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway
1st Div. Rick Richards and Mike Faria 1st Div. Luke Becker 1st Div. Rick Richards
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway
Sidecar - Rowe and Motis Sidecar - Medberry and Davis Sidecar Jones and Summers
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway
Sidecar- Medberry, Jeff and Niki Davis Sidecar - Bryan Motis and Cody Brant Sidecar - Osborne, Dillon and Ashley Gibbons
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway  
Sidecar Main Event Sidecar Main Event winners Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett  
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway
Run whatcha brung Michael Wells Vintage - early action
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway
Malcolm Roe 150cc action four wide 150cc action G. Geist and D. Shockley
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway
Crash - Michael Well Crash - Michael Wells 1st Div. Eddie Castro
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway
250cc Main Event 150cc Main Event 150cc Main Event winner Slater Lightcap
Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway Ventura Raceway
Vintage Main Event, first of two starts Vintage Main Event winner Malcom Roe 1st Div. Pro Class Main Event

Ventura Raceway, 18th June 2016.

17 year old Luke Becker scorched to another sensational big track win, his fifth of the year, going undefeated all night to seal a fabulous victory at Ventura Raceway on June 18th.

The event, a combined show with Flat Track, served up as a very entertaining warm up for next weekends AMA National Championship, Round 2. A total of 9 riders raced in the First Division program, each getting three heats before the field was split into A and B Finals.

Heat 1 saw the in form Broc Nicol win from Gage Geist, who kept amazing pace with Nicol, with Dalton Leedy third. Becker won heat 2, leaving the rest of the field behind as he set a blistering pace. Eddie Castro came in second place. Castro led home Rick Richards in heat 3. Heat 4 saw Becker once again run away from the field. Geist scored another impressive second place, showing huge big track improvement. Nicol made a slow start but stormed by Mike Faria to take third.

Heat 5 saw Becker get his third win, from Rick Valdez, with Castro retiring with a puncture. Heat 6 saw Geist secure his first win of the night, leading home Nicol in another close battle. The B Main was won by the impressive Rick Richards from Leedy.

Becker made the start from the inside gate in the A Main with Castro in second, though a brief lock up from the veteran saw him concede to Nicol in second and Geist in third. Becker stormed home to complete the night undefeated, whilst Nicol in 2nd was the old man on the podium at just 18, with Geist, showing continued big track ease, in third.

Several other divisions featured. The Support Class had a hugely impressive 500cc debut from Michael Wells. Local rider Mike Lane took the first two heats, with Wells taking the third. Wells led the main until a final turn tumble gifted Lane the win, but Wells had much to be proud of.

The vintage class featured intense racing from the veterans on classic bikes. Dan Waller won all three heats with his biggest competition coming from Chris Mistretta. The Main however saw Malcolm Roe trap first. Dan Waller tried to edge inside but Roe shut the door more than once to secure a very popular win.

250 Junior class saw Michael Wells match race Skylar Schnakenberg. Skylar was the victor in two of the three heats and the Main Event. The 150 Division proved very entertaining on the infield Costa Mesa sized track. Slater Lightcap won all four races including the Main.

Sidecars boasted 7 entries. Heats were won by Joe Jones / Tom Summers (2), Bryan Motis / Cody Brant (2), Jeff Rowe and Heather Gledhill (1) and Dillon Osborne / Ashley Gibbons (1). Jeff Medberry and Niki Davis won the last chance to be the fifth team to record a win on the night. The expected epic duel between the 1 and 2 teams ended early in the Main, when Summers became detached from the #1 bike, putting Motis and Brant in the driving seat to win.

This was the second of five events for the 2016 season at Ventura. Next week features the biggest race of the year with Round 2 of the AMA National Championship Series on the 1/5 mile oval on Saturday 25th June. Qualifying and Supporting heats start at 530, the main show blasts off at 7pm.


Division 1
Heat Points – Luke Becker 12, Gage Geist 10, Broc Nicol 9, Eddie Castro 8, Rick Richards 7, Dalton Leedy 5, Robbie Sauer 4, Rick Valdez 4, Mike Faria 2.

345 Rick Richards
22 Dalton Leedy
293 Rick Valdez
17 Robbie Sauer

22n Luke Becker
4 Broc Nicol
10 Gage Geist
14 Eddie Castro

141 Mike Lane
202 Chet Kohler
170 Hayley Perrault
8J Skylar Schnakenberg
214 Michael Wells fell
171 Kenny Hansen (non starter)

180 Malcolm Roe
240 Dan Waller
55 Ron Brankov
412 Bradley Rochlitzer
27 Bob Waller
254 Chris Mistretta

8 Skylar Schnakenberg
214 Michael Wells

3 Slater Lightcap
419 Dakota Shockley
5 Rachel Schnakenberg
33 Gavin Geist

44 Jeff Medberry / Niki Davis
33 Adam Duckett / Kimberly Bailey
13 Kevin Holman / Josh Bennett
14 Jeff Rowe / Heather Gledhill (non starter)

2 Bryan Motis / Cody Brant
44 Jeff Medberry / Niki Davis
64 Dillon Osborne / Ashley Gibbons
1 Joe Jones / Tom Summers (retired)

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