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2017 California Results Page

2016 California Results Page




10 West Harbor Blvd.
Ventura, CA 93001

Vintage West Coast Speedway Championship
September 30, 2017 - Ventura Raceway
From Steve Evans

A fun night of racing and some excellent duels especially with the Vintage and Sidecars. Three Speedway classes run as part of the Flat Track and Speedway season finale.


Heat 1: Mistretta, Roe, D Waller, Davis, B Waller
Heat 2: D Waller, Mistretta, Roe, B Waller,
Heat 3: Mistretta, Roe, D Waller, B Waller

West Coast Championship Main
240 Dan Waller
254 Chris Mistretta
180 Malcolm Roe
27 Bob Waller
163 Ron Davis (non starter)

Heat 1: Lane, Davis, Curry
Heat 2: Lane, Davis, Curry ef
Heat 3: Lane, Davis, Curry ef

141 Mike Lane
240 Dan Waller
163 Ron Davis
31n Jon Curry ret

Heat 1: Jones / Summers, Motis / Bach, Kinne / Bernardo, Curry / Curry, Bell / Schultz
Heat 2: Jones / Summers, Curry / Curry, Kinne / Bernardo, Bell / Schultz, Motis / Bach excluded
Heat 3: Jones / Summers, Motis / Bach, Kinne / Bernardo, Curry / Curry.

4 Bryan Motis / Johnny Bach
74 James Kinne / David Bernardo
31 Robert Curry / Laurie Curry
1 Joe Jones / Tom Summers (Engine failure last turn when trying to make the pass for the win.)
70 Larry Bell / Alfie Schultz (non starter)

Next European sized race is the Perris Winter Invitational on December 9th. See you all next season at Ventura!


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