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Bob Bruzek

Rider Number: 9
Hometown: Montrose, Pennsylvania - USA
Place of Birth:
Date of Birth: April 15, 1959
Occupation: Building Contractor
Wife: Lynne
Relatives in Speedway: Son Brandon Bruzek
E-mail: be_guildorff@hotmail.com
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway: 2002 - 2008
Reason to Race Speedway:
Racing Heroes: "My five-year-old son Brandon who is 2002 New York State Pee Wee champ. He is the only 2002 New York State champ who backed it up with a win the very next night!"
Hardest Chargers: Tommy Sephton, Warren Diem.
Classiest Rider: George "Lazor" Beam
I would like to thank my wife Lynne and my two kids for their support. Also JBRacing.
Photo by:

Bike: 884.5

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Champion - Action Park East

2014 - Division 3 New York State Champion - Champion Speedway 07/19/14
2008 - Support A Main - Champion 05/25/08
2005 - Support A Main - Champion 05/28/05, 07/16/05
2003 - Two main event wins at Champion Speedway (Owego, NY)
2002 - Five main event wins so far in 2002, racing a limited schedule. Won first night out on a new bike.
1997 - NY State Vet MX Champion

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