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Action Park Speedway
Greene, New York

Action Park - Green, NY USA - July 12, 2008
Eastern Speedway Promotions

A switch back to Saturday nights, some advertising, a huge field of riders and finally some good weather brought out the biggest crowd at Action Park East in the past 4 years!

It was an unreal night with a little of everything, most importantly-some great racing. Many thanks to Tim Murray, Terry Rideout, Corrine Franic, Aaron Hesmer, Joe Hesmer and Duncan Luke who traveled down from Canada.

We had several new riders on the program including an Oakden, that's right ... David Oakden's son, Dan is now going to riding and did a fine job last night in Support B, Dad says he may also make a comeback! New rookie, Dan Harbst, riding a twin cam Jawa, made a huge name for himself in his first appearance at Action Park ... he showed glimpses of huge talent and a reckless style that saw him eat the crashwall on several occasions. In a heat race he hit the front straight wall very hard. After getting up very quickly he jumped onto the top dasher of the crashwall in front of the crowd and did a backflip onto the track in full gear, it was amazing.

For those of you in California, he could be the second coming of Duane "Pinky" Blake, and that is a good thing, THE GUY WAS REALLY ENTERTAINING LAST NIGHT. In he past two weeks alone, NY Speedway has gained 6 new riders, including 1 junior. We had exactly 60 entries last night at APE!!! The ATV racing was also great as were the kids classes. The scratch semis could have been Mains. Congrats to all the Main event winners, especially Shawn Engel, a real nice guy who works hard at Speedway, and to 67 year old Henry Calpin who has been the man to beat in Support B. Good guy, Josh Carr was on top of the world for several laps in the Handicap Main until getting too far wide. We had it all last night, great racing, great crowd, very smooth track, backflips, a support riders bike going through the pit gate and taking out three canopy's, and GREAT ANNOUNCING!!! Ha Ha!

NY Speedway is coming back on the map in a big way! Next up is the Genesee County Fair Championship this Friday with Owego on Sunday. Shawn McConnell and Shaun Harmatiuk will be on the program both races in preparation for the US Open the following weekend, when Speedway legend, Phil Collins, joins them! If you want to get a feel for how good the racing was last night ... take a look at the semis and last chance and see some of the guys who didn't even transfer!

Scratch Semis
Semi 1

1. Warren Diem
2. Mikey Buman
3. Lenny McBride
4. Aaron Hesmer

Semi 2
1. Casey Donholt
2. Tuff McBride
3. Adam Mittl
4. Dave Clark

Last Chance
1. Lenny McBride
2. Adam Mittl
3. Aaron Hesmer
4. Dave Clark

Scratch Main
1. Casey Donholt
2. Warren Diem
3. Tuff McBride
4. Mikey Buman
5. Lenny McBride

Handicap Main
1. Aaron Hesmer
2. Adam Mittl
3. Lenny McBride
4. Mikey Buman
5. Tuff McBride
6. Josh Carr

Support A
1. Shawn Engel
2. Cole Farwell
3. Tim Murray
Dee Holden dns
Jeff Garlinghouse dns

Support B
1. Henry Calpin
2. Brian Bailey
3. Dan Harbst
4. Tracy Dean
5. Dan Oakden dns

Junior Speedway
1. Roger Roberts
2. Spencer Portararo
3. Zach Peters

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