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2014 East Coast Results

New York State Indoor Ice Racing Championship
First Arena, Elmira, New York

New York State Indoor Ice Racing Championship
January 17 & 18, 2014

January 17 Quick Results

7 - David Meldrum
64 - Gene Bonsignore
38 - Jerry Harman
277 - Keith Hawkins
65 - Jeff Garlinghouse
2 - Adam Mittl

Ryan Evans

January 18 Quick Results

Without my papers right in front of me...

1. Adam Mittl
1. Dave Clark
3. Dave Meldrum
4. Gene Bonsignore
5. Keith Hawkins
6. Jerry Harman


Gene Bonsignore and Adam Mittl tied for 2nd Overall so a two lap runoff was ran at the end of the night. Mittl won the coin toss and chose gate one and won the runoff so he was 2nd. David Meldrum took the Championship with a 1st in night one and 3rd last night...

1. David Meldrum
2. Adam Mittl
3. Gene Bonsignore

Andrew Clark won both nights in the Support Division and took the D-2 Championship followed by Spencer Portararo and Jim Sanchez!

It was a great weekend in Elmira!!

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