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Dec 6 - Perris Raceway - Winter Team Racing Round 1

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Perris Raceway
Burton Road
Perris, California

AMA Winter Classic
Perris Raceway January 10, 2015
By: Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Results from Perris and are Continued Below...

  Dorcey Wingo Photos  
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
Pee Wee Main Event Ayers beat Horn to the Finish. Cole Ayers on his victory lap.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
150cc action: Jason Edwards from the UK on the outside, Sara Cords on the inside. 150cc action: Cameron Krezman on the outside and Edwards inside in turn two. 150cc Main Event.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
Edwards sets the pace for the 150s. Jason Edwards on his victory lap. 250cc Main Event.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
150cc National Speedway Champ Sebastian Palmese, on a tear. Sebastian celebrates his triumph. Support action: Mike Wiley bogs down on the outside while Mike Dalbey stays on the gas.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
Steve Brown (foreground) in turn two with company. Nathan Siegel (outside) and Mike Dalbey in turn four. Ricky Richards, hard to catch!
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
Richards with the checkered flag. Joe Jones and Johnny Glover practice for Australia. Sidecar Main Event.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
Jones and Glover, practice makes perfect! 1st Division: Slow tapes, fast riders The UK's Edward Kennett inside, Braydan Galvin on the outside.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
Billy Hamill inside, Max Ruml on the outside. DiFrancesco was back and looking good! Kennett leads Aaron Fox out of turn four.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
Braydan Galvin. Rocco Scopellite inside, Dillon Ruml on the outside. Max Ruml on the outside, Russell Green on the inside.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
1st Division Main Event. Former WC Billy Hamill, taking another win! Everyone went home dry, and happy!


The 2015 American Speedway year got off to an explosive start with a memorable night of racing in the 'Hagon Shocks Winter Classic' at Perris Raceway on Saturday January 10th.

A mixture of the best the current USA domestic scene, a Great Britain world cup team member, and a host of the new breed of young stars served up a real show as the traditional American race format of Handicap and Scratch racing was brought out of mothballs for the night. The races featured a sudden death elimination format of heats, semi finals and main events, with riders transferring to the next round or having their night ended on that side of the program

The Handicap half of the program was simply electric. Heat 1 saw Billy Hamill charge from the 50 yard line past 5 opponents for victory, but it was the manner in which young Dillon Ruml stayed on his mentors back wheel throughout that caught attention. Heat two saw Max Ruml come of off the 40 yard line to win, with 15 year old Gage Geist a steady second and Aaron Fox third. The final heat saw GB star Edward Kennett come from the 50 to win. Braydan Galvin was second and Broc Nicol third.

The first semi final saw Billy Hamill once more come from the back with Max Ruml in 2nd. Rocco Scopellite got third ahead of Russell Green to transfer to the Main Event. Semi final 2 saw Fox charge from the 40 for the win, with Kennett following close by. Kurtis Hamill held off Broc Nicol to secure the last spot in the Main.

The Main event was the highlight of the evening. Hamill led Scopellite into turn 1, both riders from the 20 yard line. The fast chasing pack was soon in pursuit and all 6 riders were packed tight together. Both Billy Hamill and Max Ruml were putting pressure either side of Scopellite, who held ground for 2 laps until Ruml found his way by on the outside. Ruml then made the move on Kurtis Hamill and went on to win, but the younger Hamill held his line and nerve to get second place over his famed father.

On the Scratch program Fox and Nicol were 1st and 2nd in heat 1, whilst heat 2 saw the first of perhaps many Ruml 5-1's, Max leading home Dillon who claimed the scalp of track specialist Russell Green. Billy Hamill led home Tyson Talkington In heat 3 with Kennett heading Dalton Leedy in heat 4. Semi 1 saw Kennett and Fox come 1-2 and go to the Main, whilst Billy Hamill beat Max Ruml in the second.

The final saw Billy Hamill make a fantastic gate and never be troubled. Max Ruml came in 2nd place with Fox in third.

The Support Class with 15 entrants threw up some furious racing. All riders had two Scratch Heats with their points settling main event positions. It was ice racer Nathan Siegel who headed home a close chasing Mike Dalbey and Rudy Laurer in the A Main. 250Cc Juniors had 150 National Champion Sebastian Palmese winning all three races. UK's Jason Edwards was the 150 Div 1 winner, also winning all races, a feat Luke Whitcomb repeated in Division 2. Cole Ayers won the Pee Wee Main after Ryder DiFrancesco won both heats.

Joe Jones and Johnny Glover, who are getting ready to represent USA in Australia won the Sidecar Main and a heat, with National Champions Brian Motis and Josh Bennett winning the other heat.

Speedway makes a fast return to Perris on January 24th with round 2 of the Winter league team races, as well as all Junior and Pee Wee Divisions. Gates open 2pm, with races at 5.


Handicap Racing;
Heat 1: B Hamill (50), D Ruml (20), Green (40), Gayle (10), Leedy (20), Novratil (40) fell
Heat 2: M Ruml (40), Geist (10), Fox (40), Scopellite (20), Talkington (30), McDougall (10)
Heat 3: Kennett (50), Galvin (10), Nicol (40), K Hamill (20), DiFrancesco (30), Perrault (10)
Semi 1: B Hamill (50), M Ruml (40), Scopellite (20), Green (40), D Ruml (20), Gayle (10)
Semi 2: Fox (40), Kennett (50), K Hamill (20), Nicol (40), Geist (10), Galvin (10)
Consi: McDougall (10), Leedy (20), Perrault (10), Talkington (30)

5 Max Ruml (40)
140 Kurtis Hamill (20)
104 Billy Hamill (50)
326 Edward Kennett (50)
46 Aaron Fox (40)
126 Rocco Scopellite (20)

Scratch Racing
Heat 1: Kennett, Leedy, McDougall, Gayle, Novratil ns
Heat 2: Fox, Nicol, Galvin, Scopellite (ret)
Heat 3: B Hamill, Talkington, Geist, K Hamill, Perrault
Heat 4: M Ruml, D Ruml, Green, DiFrancesco
Semi 1: Kennett, Fox, D Ruml, Talkington
Semi 2: B Hamill, M Ruml, Nicol, Leedy
Consi 1: K Hamill, Galvin, McDougall, Perrault
Consi 2: Scopellite, Green, Geist, Gayle

104 Billy Hamill
46 Aaron Fox
5 Max Ruml
326 Edward Kennett

122 Nathan Siegel
155 Mike Dalbey
182 Rudy Laurer
101 Mike Wiley
244 Lewis Hughes

345 Ricky Richards
163 Ron Davis
150 Damon Barry
239 Chris Wiggins
118 Rohn Zellner

220 Tom Bryant
227 Wade Whitcomb
215 Greg Willis
211 Steve Brown ret
246 Bentley Barrett (ns)

250cc Junior Main
18 Sebastian Palmese
28 Adam Herkner
214 Michael Wells

150cc Mini Div 1
24 Jason Edwards
14 Sara Cords
16 Jake Isaac
26 Cameron Krezman
28 Slater Lightcap
350 Sam Hagon

Pee Wee Main Event
16 Cole Ayers
25 Travis Horn
3 Levi Leutz
4 Jonathan Albaugh
48 Jose Navarrete
41 Zach Krezman

Sidecar Main
1 Joe Jones / Johnny Glover
2 Bryan Motis / Josh Bennett
1965 Jeff Rowe / John Bach
21 Heather Rowe / Heather Gledhill

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