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Champion Speedway

344 East River Drive
Owego, New York 13827

New York State Championship
Champion Speedway, Owego, NY
July 29, 2017

New York State Championship Quick Results from Champion Speedway.

What was a smooth running, good night of racing, unfortunately got goofy with several unfortunate circumstances in the Main Event. After three attempts it concluded with Jeremy Parsons taking the win and Adam Mittl, who went undefeated on the night, but shook off a big crash in the second re-start after being down for quite a while, taking second. Dave Oakden had a solid night and ended up third.

New York State Final
1. Jeremy Parsons
2. Adam Mittl
3. Dave Oakden
Casey Donholt / Keith Hawkins DNS

Last Chance / B Main
1. Keith Hawkins
2. Corey Brookes
3. John Lewis
4. Jerry Harman
5. Spencer Portararo
The last chance was an excellent race between Keith Hawkins and Corey Brookes! Corey is riding very well for just coming back. The "Boogeyman" Johnny Lewis also rode very well and was third!

C Main
1. Spencer Portararo
2. Dan Oakden
3. Ron Walker
4. Roger Robert

Division 2 Final
1. Johnny Scheg
2. Mason Higley
3. Chris Nealy
4. Mark Bradley
5. Dalton Oakden

Youth Final
1. Ethan Ervay
2. Anthony Speer
3. Ivy Phelps

Dirt Bike Final
1. Layton Vargo
2. Nadia Phelps

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