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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds
1273 High Street
Auburn, California

Vintage and Legend
Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway, Gold Country Fairgrounds
Janniro and Green Win Main Events
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)

YouTube Video - by Anthony Bernardi

For the third week in a row AMA National Speedway Champion Billy Janniro has proved to be the fastest man of the night at the Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway in Auburn CA. Last Friday night at the Gold Country Fairgrounds, unaffected by the heat wave baking all of Northern California, Janniro pulled off a stunning, crowd standing, and spectacular finish in the scratch main event. Working in the outside dirt against Auburn’s Tommy Hedden, Janniro caught Hedden at the finish line for a tight win. The win brings his total scratch main event victories to five for the season. Hedden was second, Bart Bast third and Bryan Yarrow was fourth.

Riding well this season, Russell Green picked up his first main event win of the season in the handicap main event. Green 25, routinely makes either the scratch or handicap main event or both at Fast Fridays and lives up to his nickname, “The Rocket”. Hedden finished second behind Green and it would be the first of two second place main event finishes for the evening for Hedden. Janniro was third.

Blake Borello continues to prove he has a real place at Fast Fridays. Beginning the season in Division III, Borello has quickly advanced. With his win Friday night, Borello now has now won three Division II mains in a row, and a Division III main event win the week before that on May 26. In the short season so far, Borello has ridden in all three division with a recent ride in Division I. He has won main events in two divisions so far this season. William McCloskey was second and Matt King was third.

Jon Curry won the Division III main event, Jake Estes was second and Casey Cornilsen was third. Cameron Krezman topped the Youth field winning the Youth Speedway Main Event. Anthony Dion was second, Landon Norton third and Enzo Sorani was third.

Results for 6-23-17

Scratch Main Event
1-Billy Janniro, 2-Tommy Hedden, 3-Bart Bast, 4-Bryan Yarrow

Handicap Main Event
1-Russell Green, 2-Tommy Hedden, 3-Billy Janniro

Division II Main Event
1-Blake Borello, 2-William McCloskey, 3-Matt King

Division III Main Event
1-Jon Curry, 2-Jake Estes, 3-Casey Cornilsen

Youth Main Event
1-Cameron Krezman, 2-Anthony Dion, 3-Landon Norton, 4-Enzo Sorani

Pee Wee
1-Nick Hohlbein, 2-Colton Arbogast, 3-Ben Schiavone

Photos By Michael Kirby

Fast Fridays Speedway Russell Green (left) and Bart Bast (right) racing in an early handicap heat race. Green won the main event later in the evening.
Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn’s Tommy Hedden was a close competitor Friday night finishing second in both the handicap and scratch main event.
Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro picked up his fifth scratch main event of the season at Fast Fridays.
Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn’s Cameron Krezman was first in the Youth Speedway Main Event.
Fast Fridays Speedway Russell Green won the handicap main event, his first main event win of the season at Fast Fridays.
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