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East Coast 2008 Results

The East Coast Banquet was a lot of fun this past Sunday. Approximately 50 people attended on short notice and we were quite happy with that. Many thanks to Tuff McBride and McBride's rest and pub for hosting and providing some great food and speedway videos. As I thought about things on my way home afterwards, I reflected on what a great season it was back here and how refreshing it was to look around the room at the banquet and see nothing but great people. There wasn't one person in the room that wasn't positive about the sport and the fun we had this year.

The following were recognized as standouts and were most deserving people of the recognition they got, although we could have easily given an award to each person who showed up as nearly everyone in attendance had made some sort of a significant contribution to our 2008 success...

East Coast Points Champion-Adam Mittl

Champion Speedway Track Champion-Adam Mittl

Action Park Track Champion - Co Winners due to a tie were Lenny McBride and Tuff McBride

East Coast Support A Points Champion-Corey Brookes

Action Park Support A Champion-Corey Brookes

Champion Speedway Support A Champion-Corey Brookes

East Coast Support B Champion-Brian Bailey

Action Park Support B Champion-Brian Bailey

Champion Speedway Support B Champion-Brian Bailey

East Coast Junior Champion-Spencer Portararo

East Coast Mini Quad Champion-Timmy Rogers

2008 KARL HUMPHREY SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD-Co Winners were Keith Hawkins and Henry Hanzo

2008 Hard Luck Award-Co Winners were Jerry Harman and Tracy Dean

2008 Sponsor of the Year Award went to ALL BALLS RACING

Hero Trophy awards were given to ...
Troy Hohn
Bill Hohn
Jen Brink
Deb Diem
Meggan Hobbart
Cindy Brookes
Paul Szmal
Dennis Craven
Tyler Vassil
D and J photos
and would have been presented to the following not in attendance... HOLDENS DISPOSAL/Dale Holden, Karen Davis, Debbie Calpin, Bruce Sill, Liza Gehres, Ron Hills and Kirk Valliquette

Russ Cornell
Tim Mathewson
Andy Crawford
John Vassil
Corey Deubler

Special acknowledgement was also mentioned for the ATV racers who came out in large numbers this year and put on a great show plus for the great commitment many showed for traveling a long distance to be there, such as Paul Szmal, The Maynards, Stefan Laessig, Merle Craven, Mark Bradley and the Hanzos, etc.

Shawn Engel showed a very classy gesture by saying a few very meaningful and thoughtful words about myself and the promotion which I was very appreciative of and I want to say thanks to the McBride's, both Lenny and Tuff and their girlfriends, who presented me with a couple very nice gifts. Also during the year, Jerry Harman/Brain Bailey/Cole Farwell and friends presented me with a custom made plaque mounted to a front end and handlebars in commemoration of our 12th year of promoting the tracks, it meant a lot and I want to publicly say thanks! Corey Brookes, Phil Collins, Shawn McConnell, Shaun Harmatiuk and Adam Mittl also presented me with very nice tokens of appreciation this year and I can't thank them enough.

Special thanks to all of our "out of town" sponsors this year...RC Jones/Andy Schwarm/Jon Stasiefski-Bernie Fried/Carol Sock/Chris Lazor/Ian Blair/Gene the Machine/A&K Har, etc. and our never ending local supporting sponsors who we will try and list again soon.

I am sorry if I forgot to mention anything or anyone!

Thanks again for such an awesome year! Many more than just those mentioned pitched in and the results showed.


Eastern Speedway Promotions easternspeedwayprom@hotmail.com

Champion Speedway will now be racing Saturday, October 4th, 2008

East Coast Support Points to September 26, 2008

Support A
1. Corey Brookes 562
2. Dee Holden 534
3. Jeff Garlinghouse 392
4. Shawn Engel 388
5. Cole Farwell 254
6. Mark Bradley 250
7. Ray Barondick 146
8. Robin Wilt/Dave Clark 58
10. Tim Murray 50
11. Bob Bruzek 42

Support B
1. Brain Bailey 678
2. Henry Calpin 394
3. Dan Harbst 312
4. Dwight Basa 274
5. Henry Hanzo 258
6. Tracy Dean 180
7. Cole Farwell 116
8. Dennis Dotterer 100
9. Robin Wilt 58
10. Shawn Engel 50

Action Park 2008 Final Support Points

Support A
1. Brookes 262
2. Holden 200
3. Engel 166
4. Farwell 104
5. Garlinghouse 96
6. Murray 50

Support B
1. Bailey 270
2. Calpin 174
3. Hanzo 154
4. Basa 108
5. Dean 92
6. Harbst 88
7. Farwell 58
8. Spencer 54

Champion Support/Junior points to September 20, 2008 (Missing Junior points from 8-9-08)

Support A
1. Holden 334
2. Brookes 300
3. Garlinghouse 296
4. Engel 222
5. Farwell 150
6. Barondick 146
7. Wilt and Clark 58
8. Bruzek 42

Support B
1. Bailey 408
2. Harbst 224
3. Calpin 220
4. Basa 166
5. Hanzo 104
6. Dotterer 100
7. Dean 88
8. Wilt and Farwell 58
10. Engel 50

1. Portararo 384
2. Roberts 344
3. Crone 300
4. Peters 46

Saturday September 13, 2008

Well, we finally got defeated tonight at Champion, the races are off.

It rained all night last night and most of today and Russ could not save the track. Sorry for any inconveniences to anybody.

We will be back next Saturday though at Champion and the following Saturday as well and may add another in October.

Eastern Speedway Promotions easternspeedwayprom@hotmail.com

September 20th race is moved from Action Park to Champion !

Overall East Coast Points Standings
18 August 18 2008

1. Lenny McBride 918
2. Mikey Buman 866
3. Tuff McBride 810
4. Adam Mittl 798
5. Casey Donholt 658
6. Corey Brookes 402
7. Gene Bonsignore 356
8. Dave Clark 338
9. Warren Diem 300
10. Keith Hawkins 232
11. Josh Carr 216
12. Jerry Harman 160
13. Brian Hollenbeck 130
14. Shawn McConnell 108
15. Shaun Harmatiuk and Aaron Hesmer 92
17. Craig Estelle 84
18. Dee Holden 60
19. Cam Rafferty 54
20. Jesse Diem 38
21. Russ Cornell and Andy Crawford 30

Action Park Points Championship Standings
August 18, 2008

1. Lenny McBride and Tuff McBride 504
3. Adam Mittl 398
4. Mikey Buman 342
5. Casey Donholt 312
6. Corey Brookes 234
7. Dave Clark 204
8. Warren Diem 162
9. Aaron Hesmer 92
10. Keith Hawkins and Senior Steve 80
12. Josh Carr and Jesse Diem 38
14. Dee Holden 34
15. Andy Crawford 30

Champion Speedway Points Championship Standings
August 18, 2008

1. Mikey Buman 474
2. Lenny McBride 414
3. Casey Donholt 308
4. Adam Mittl 288
5. Tuff McBride 264
6. Corey Brookes 226
7. Keith Hawkins 148
8. Warren Diem 138
9. Brian Hollenbeck 130
10. Dave Clark 118
11. Shawn McConnell 108
12. Gene Bonsignore 102
13. Shaun Harmatiuk 92
14. Craig Estelle 84
15. Jerry Harman 80
16. Josh Carr 76
17. Cam Rafferty 54
18. Cole Farwell 46
19. Russ Cornell 30

Tuesday August 12, 2008

3-time US Open Champion, Shawn McConnell, top Northern California racer, Tommy Hedden, and former US National Champion, Bart Bast, have all confirmed for the King of Speedway/Outlaw National Championships, Labor Day weekend in New York.

Next up ... hopefully Bobby Schwartz. Should be an unreal weekend of racing, lets pack the stands!

Friday the 29th is Batavia; Saturday the 30th is Action Park, Greene; then Sunday the 31st is Champion, Owego, New York.

Eastern Speedway Promotions easternspeedwayprom@hotmail.com

Champion Speedway Points Championship Standings

Tuesday August 5, 2008

Division 1.
1. Mikey Buman 420
2. Lenny McBride 318
3. Casey Donholt 250
4. Adam Mittl 242
5. Tuff McBride 214
6. Corey Brookes and Warren Diem 138
8. Brian Hollenbeck 130
9. Shawn McConnell 108
10. Gene Bonsignore 102
11. Shaun Harmatiuk 92
12. Craig Estelle 84
13. Josh Carr 76
14. Keith Hawkins 68
15. Cam Rafferty 54
16. Dave Clark 46
17. Jerry Harman 38
18. Russ Cornell 30

Support A
1. Corey Brookes 212
2. Dee Holden 146
3. Shawn Engel 108
4. Cole Farwell 104
5. Jeff Garlinghouse 96
6. Tim Murrray 50

Support B
1. Brian Bailey 212
2. Henry Calpin 174
3. Henry Hanzo 100
4. Tracy Dean 92
5. Cole Farwell, Wayne Basa 58
7. Derek Spencer 54
8. Dan Harbst 42

Junior Speedway
1. Spencer Portararo 276
2. Roger Roberts 228
3. Dakota Crone 200
4. Zach Peters 46


After 4 rounds of the NY State Championship this year, final results are:
State Champion-Tie
1. Gene Bonsignore and Adam Mittl at 191 Tie for State Champion
3. Mikey Buman 116
4. Tuff McBride 115
5. Casey Donholt 97
6. Josh Carr 78
7. Jason Bonsignore and Aaron Hesmer 62
9. Lenny McBride 53
10. Dave Oakden 48
11. Jerry Harman 43
12. Dave Clark 40
13. Corey Brookes 38
14. Dee Holden 27
15. Keith Hawkins 7
16. Stefan Laessig 2
17. Russ Cornell 1

Action Park Points Championship Standings

Division 1.
1. Lenny McBride 412
2. Tuff McBride 396
3. Adam Mittl 356
4. Mikey Buman 342
5. Casey Donholt 204
6. Dave Clark 186
7. Corey Brookes 154
8. Aaron Hesmer 92
9. Keith Hawkins 80
10. Warren Diem 54
11. Senior Steve 80
12. Josh Carr 38
13. Dee Holden 34
14. Andy Crawford 30


Action Park Speedway

Action Park has confirmed that they are all Saturday events from now on. August 16th, 30th and September 20.

Champion, Action Park and Batavia Speedway

Action Park has changed this weeks race from Friday July 11 to Saturday July 12. The US Open race will be Saturday July 26 at Action.

At Batavia the Monroe Fair race will now be Friday July 11. The US Open will be Friday July 25 at Batavia.

Champion Speedway has added an event on Sunday, July 20 at 6pm. The US Open race is Sunday July 27 at Champion.

John Cook Speedway School in New York

Monday June 9, 2008

Former USA International Star and two-time world top ten, John Cook, would like to come to NY this July during the US Open to do one of his well-respected schools.

It would be a two day school and would offer riders track time and instruction on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon of the US Open prior to their races on the track they are to race on in the evening. For some of those newer riders who are traveling a distance to get to the tracks this would be a great opportunity to get a ton of riding time in one weekend plus have a chance to put your lessons learned to use during the races with your coach right there in the pits to help you.

Sadly, John is not able to race anymore due to serious back injuries suffered two years ago, but still rides and rides incredibly well. He has been to NY many times and is a real favorite back here and wants to come back and visit everyone and help out. The school is his way of giving back but it needs to be well enough supported to cover his expenses of coming back.

For those of you who are new... Cookie is one of the most well-respected riders ever and his schools are top notch. His was rated in Speedway Star as one of the top 100 riders of all-time at number 68 and was still riding Overseas at World Class level while in his 40's just up until a few years back. One year he made the World Speedway Final and the World Jet ski championships! You can learn a ton from him. We would like to hear from some people to see how much interest there would be.


Jason 585 723-9746

Action Park Update

Wednesday May 28, 2008

The power problem at Action Park turned out to be a problem with NYSEG's equipment, not ours, and they say they have fixed it so we should be good for the next race there which is next Friday. Sorry for the problems.

Hope to see everyone at Champion Speedway this Saturday night for pack the track night - $6.00 admissions to the first 250 fans. (This does not apply to racers.)

Eastern Speedway Promotions easternspeedwayprom@hotmail.com

Thursday May 15, 2008



Over 40 racers signed up for opening night as local track looks to recapture its former magic

The well-known Champion Speedway in Owego is set to open its doors on May 25th with a special Sunday early evening race on the holiday weekend honoring one of its best recognized racers of all-time, "Hurricane" Hank Bassett of Vestal. Bassett, was considered in the 70's and 80's as one of the top Speedway Motorcycle racers in the Country. He once won 12 Main event features in a row at Champion. In recent years he has been stricken with MS. The event has been run in Hank's honor each of the past 10 seasons and is billed as the Hank Bassett Cup. Last season, Champion Speedway and Californian rider, Jon Stasiefski, an old friend of Bassett's, presented Hank with a check for $2,000.00 and a big screen TV. Stasiefski will again be flying in for the event and he and business partner, Bernie Fried, will again help to sponsor the race. Champion Speedway plans to present the first 100 fans through the gate with a limited photo card of Bassett.

Over 40 Speedway riders have already signed up to compete, not including competitors for ATV and dirt bike classes which will run prior to the scheduled 6 pm start time. Included in the 40 rider professional speedway field are some huge names that will be making full-time comebacks this year and will catch the attention of some of the older local fans ... amongst those big names will be 6-time NY State and US Open Champion, Warren Diem of Conklin, and multi-time Champions and brother act, Tuff and Lenny McBride of Windor, NY. Ironically, Lenny McBride, who is returning from a 2 year retirement, has a chance to break Bassett's record of 4 track championships, which is shared by he, Bassett and Tom Sephton of Vestal.

The somewhat legendary, 1/8 mile dirt motorcycle speedway venue opened in 1975 and for nearly ten years attracted crowds of up to 3,000 for its Sunday evening speedway shows. The track became so popular at one time that they had to turn people away! The track reached its high point in 1982 when World Speedway Champion and Hollywood actor, Bruce Penhall, came to town for the US Open Championships and a record crowd of over 5,000 witnessed the races!

The venue went through some ownership problems in the late 80's and early 90's and actually closed down for 4 years until 1997 when Rochester area Professional Hockey Player, Jason Bonsignore, brought the track back from extinction quite successfully. In its heyday, Diem and the McBride brothers were top performers and had a legion of local fans.

Speedway Motorcycles have absolutely no brakes, go from 0 to 60mph in less than 3 seconds and slide totally sideways on the dirt oval. Crowds of 20,000 plus attend races overseas where speedway reigns supreme. The sport remains one of the most affordable forms of family fun in the area with adult tickets at Champion costing only $10.00. Kids 6-12 are only $3.00 and there are many events on Champion's schedule offering discounted promotions. Parking and programs are free!

Bonsignore rebuilt the entire track and built the sport up again for nearly 10 years. Very good sized crowds began to attend the events again, National Championship races were hosted and top level racers were brought in at different times, including 1996 and 97 World Champions, Billy Hamill and Greg Hancock of California. The past two seasons have been stable but the track did not see any growth. That seems due to change this year...

Local racers and fans have lots to be excited about for 2008. The track has commitments from the largest group of competitors it has had since 2004 and has secured a large amount of advertising dollars from the I LOVE NY program and a private sponsor, ALL BALLS RACING from PA, a motorcycle bearing manufacturer. Along with Diem and the McBride's, other notable racers like Tom Burge of Port Crane, Craig Estelle of Windsor and Jeremy Parsons of Johnson City have all signed on for selected events after long layoffs.

The track will continue to host the US Open Championships, one of the premier events in North America, in July, but is looking to host its' own self-sanctioned US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS over labor day weekend which will feature 10 International stars. It is hoped that former World Champion, Hamill, will be one of them. The track has also come up with a more timely and organized program for fans and has restocked its' souvenir store. A TT style course has been added for ATV and dirt bike racers a long with Motocross and BMX tracks. A go-kart amusement ride track is scheduled to be built next month. Live bands and special promotions are being brought back for the first time in several years.

The 2008 season kicks off this Sunday at 6pm but the track will remain a mostly Saturday Night track, it has been Saturdays most years since 97, for this summer after week one. Local favorites like Alex "Hazard" Heath and "Flyin" Brian Hollenbeck of Owego and Russ "Homer" Cornell, Keith "Hawkeye" Hawkins and Tim Mathewson of Nichols will all be riding. The speedway schedule will run mostly bi-weekly. Champion's sister track, Action Park East in Greene, opens a day earlier on May 24th at 7pm. More information can be found by going to www.jbrspeedway.com or by calling 585 723-9746.

"Rocket" Robin Wilt is the latest to sign on for both nights at Greene andChampion Speedway May 24th and 25th. We are nearing 40 Speedway signups already for both nights. The deadline to signup is this Sat so please act quickly. May 24th will be the Southern Tier Spring Classic at Action Park and May 25th will be the Hank Bassett Cup at Champion Speedway.

Eastern Speedway Promotions easternspeedwayprom@hotmail.com

More exciting news for East Coast Speedway...

Paul Szmal will be the new voice of Action Park East and Champion Speedway! Paul announced for us about 5 years ago and did an excellent job but shortly after had to move out of State. Well, he is back in NY now and called me and wants to be back in Speedway!

Paul has previous commitments for most Saturday nights at Fonda Speedway but will be at all of the Friday Night races at Greene and will be handling all of the Sunday dates at Oswego plus one or two Saturday nights. Basically he will announce about 80% of this years events and will be doing the Sunday races at Empire Speedway should that project come together. Paul actually got his announcing start at Empire, right out of college, in 1986 and loves speedway.

It is hoped that last years announcer, Dirt Track Doug Anderson, who did a fine job, will become the official video person at the races working for us and the Race Report TV show which we will be featured on weekly.

Here is some background on Paul.

Started working as an announcer at Empire Speedway 1986. Has worked at various speedways in the Northeast and Midwest for 20 plus years as announcer/PR person/event director. Has announced selected events in the past at Action Park and Champion Speedway

Has been a radio personality since 1988 in the Northeast and Midwest. He was pit reporter for the 'Rush Hour on Dirt' TV series in the late 90's and also worked on the nationally syndicated TV show 'This week in Dirt' Also works for Rock Maple Racing announcing snowcross and quad events. Is the official announcer of Fonda Speedway. Currently is afternoon drive personality on WOUR 96.9 FM in Utica, NY.

Eastern Speedway Promotions easternspeedwayprom@hotmail.com

Division One is already nearly full for opening weekend in the Southern Tier on May 24th at Action Park East and May 25th at Champion Speedway. If we get a few more, we may go to a 20 rider program. Tom Burge, Jeremy Parsons and Craig Estelle have all said they will be riding this year but may not make opening weekend. There are also another 4-5 Support Class racers who are getting money together for bikes. Opening night at Greene will be the Southern Tier Spring Classic and opening night at Champion Speedway is going to be the Hank Bassett Cup Championship.

Already signed up...

#2 Adam Mittl
#4 Warren Diem
#4J Jesse Diem
#5 Mikey Buman
#24 Russ Cornell
#64 Gene Bonsignore
#71 Len McBride
#72 Tuff McBride
#97 Casey Donholt
#110 Jon Stasiefski
#171 Brian Hollenbeck
#196 Alex Heath
#277 Keith Hawkins
#468 Josh Carr

#60 Dave Clark
Ray Barondick
Andy Crawford
#17 Katalin Davis
#24d Dee Holden
#85 Donny Page
Corey Brookes
#8 Bob Bruzek
Stefan Laessig
#80 Mark Bradley
Jeff Garlinghouse
#96 Jim Hass
Ed Peters
Tracy Dean
Vinnie Oliver
Roger Roberts - Junior
Zach Peters - Junior

The response so far this year has been awesome. There is just so much good stuff happening it is hard to talk about it all in an email but here is a quick breakdown of some of the things being done at the tracks, another email will go out soon to talk about promotional items and improvements to the program...

ACTION PARK ... The Trackside Lounge is re-opening and has a brand new roof. Tim Mathewson has been hard at work grooming the track surface and we are trying to get some more clay to help make the corners even nicer. The walls are getting freshly painted, the score tower is getting painted, thanks to Dale Holden, the property is undergoing a huge cleanup this Sunday with all the garbage and debris being removed, the motocross practice track is going to get groomed and will be available for limited use. The rider field is going to be much larger this year and the races, except for a few Sat specials are moving to Friday Nights. A supermoto/TT track is being added for the ATV's and Youth and adult dirt bikes. We are also hopeful to add a BMX track in the next couple weeks so long as the material can be found on site.

BATAVIA ... The walls have all been freshly painted at Batavia and the track is in the process of being made larger for the flat track and ATV guys, the speedway track will remain the same size. A general grounds cleanup has been completed. It appears there will be a very good speedway turnout for the opener. We may do some bleacher improvements there after the season gets going.

CHAMPION SPEEDWAY...The crumpled up bleachers out in the parking lot are being removed. A TT track has already been added. Improvements are being made to the PA system and track lighting. The BMX track will be open in the next week or so and the motocross track is already open. A starting gate has been added to the moto track. The purse for speedway nights has already been increased for 5 of the 8 regular events.

More great news on the East Coast...The well-known, and enjoyed, Trackside Lounge bar at Action Park is set to re-open as the Ramblin Pig at the Trackside Lounge. The Ramblin Pig, a very well-known Southern Style BBQ in Conklin, NY is moving its operation to Action Park as of May 1st. The lease was signed yesterday and everywhere you go in the Binghamton area you hear nothing but great things about the Ramblin Pig.

There is already a lot of excitement in the Town of Greene over this. The plan is to have the Trackside re-opened by opening weekend, May 24th, hopefully. Obviously the new alcohol license will not be done by then but the Action Park concession stand is renewing its beer license and will be selling beer that people can take over to the Lounge to enjoy their food with and the place will keep bars hours the first race night so that everyone can hang out and have a great time. Good news for speedway fans is that the bar will continue to keep a speedway related theme with speedway pictures hanging and race videos being played after conclusion of the Main Events. The Trackside will be going back to being a first class establishment like it was the way back when it first was opened in 2002 and this news will be a huge boost to the races at Action Park.

The tentative plan as of now for this weekend coming up is to have a work day at Champion on Sat followed by a late afternoon practice. Sunday will be a work day at Action Park but there will be no riding Sunday. There was a great response on Sunday at Champion, may have even picked up two more new riders over the weekend and there were three new Quad riders there. Thanks to everyone who paid for their licenses which went very smoothly. Those of you who did not sign up for your licenses can do so this Saturday as well.

Eastern Speedway Promotions easternspeedwayprom@hotmail.com

Wednesday April 16, 2008

I Spoke with 1987 US Open Champion, Tom Burge, yesterday and he indicated that he will be joining the list of Eastern stars making comebacks this year! He also said his daughter may try junior speedway! This is more great news for the NY scene! Burge has been a longtime standout rider and won the 1987 US Open at Action Park and finished second overall in 2005 before retiring. Burge joins Lenny McBride,Warren Diem, Jeremy Parsons and Craig Estelle as top D-1 riders who have announced they are coming back to racing. Jim Hass, Shawn Engel and Joe Greene have said they will be returning from long layoffs in Support racing and Dave Clark has bought a new bike to make a full-time return with. Bob Bruzek has signed up for opening night. The racing is going to be first class in NY this year! Now, will Tommy Sephton comeback??? George Lazor??? Stay tuned!

I have had many people asking me what we plan to do with the US Open this year after news leaked of USA Speedway/AMA now planning to schedule a Round of the AMA National over us. To answer the question for people .regardless of them scheduling over us, which unfortunately will likely mean our plan to bring Billy Hamill out will not be possible for this year, which is understandable, I still plan to keep our intended dates of July 24-27. I think the event is still going to be great and I can't believe the interest it is attracting this year. Even with the schedule conflict I have already had interest from Shawn McConnell, Josh Larsen, Dukie Ermolenko, Eddie Castro, Phil Collins (Wow), Jon Stasiefski, Devin DeFreece, JT Mabry, Rick Valdez and I even had a call the other day from former 2-time US National Champion, "Rad" Brad Oxley, saying he wants to come out retirement for the event! It should be some great racing! As soon as venues are confirmed we will release more info. As of now, Rounds will take place at Action Park East and Champion Speedway for sure.

Eastern Speedway Promotions easternspeedwayprom@hotmail.com

Thursday April 10, 2008

Former East Coast Points Champion, Jeremy "Dark Horse" Parsons, has confirmed he will be making a comeback to Speedway this year at Action Park East for most of Friday dates.

Craig Estelle has also confirmed a comeback to speedway for 2008 and will target most of the Champion Speedway dates and possibly some at Action Park East.

We have also received calls from popular Support Class riders. Shawn "Steamboat" Engel, Joe "Pig Farmer" Greene and Jim Hass, who all said they are working to put programs together that will see them back on track as well.

Sounds like we are going to have a great field of riders this season. Should be quite the show! Jason

I would like to thank the Holden family and Holden's disposal who have kindly offered to be the official garbage sponsor of Action ParkSpeedway for 2008!

Many thanks, this is a huge help for us this season!


Monday March 31, 2008

We would like to thank former Champion Speedway Promoter, Walt Stephens, and the Skylark Diner in Vestal, NY, for their contribution of $250.00 as a Champion Speedway purse increase sponsor for 2008!

If your in Vestal, stop in to the Skylark for some of the best food in the Southern Tier!

Only 4 more sponsors needed to meet our minimum goal for increased purse at Champion for this season.


Friday March 21, 2008

I would like to say a very sincere thank you to Martin Barondick and Family from Lebanon, PA, who are the latest to be added as Champion Speedway purse sponsors for the 2008 season.

Martin's son, Ray,enjoyed a fine first year last season as one of the hottest rookies on the Eastern Speedway scene. The Barondick's are great people and have stepped into the sport in a big way having purchased two bikes, including a brand new JRM, and are very dedicated, making the long trip to Owego and Greene almost every race in 2007.

Ray was well on his way to the D-1ranksbefore a broken shoulder ended his year early.

They are a pleasure to have involved and their latest sponsor gesture is greatly appreciated.

Only 5 more sponsors needed to meet our initial purse increase at Champion Speedway! Things are shaping up for a big year in NY.

Thanks Jason

Friday March 21, 2008

East Coast Speedway Racer, Stefan Laessig, and his ALL BALLS Racing Company, producers of motorcycle bearing kits and components, has signed on as the presenting sponsor of Champion Speedway for 2008 by committing a large amount of support to our advertising budget!

This help is huge and allows us to have a strong advertising campaign with repetition for all 2008 events. This gives us a much larger budget than what we have had to work with for the past three years. Thank you very much to Stefan and ALL BALLS!!!

For more info on ALL BALLS products and services, please go to www.allballsracing.com.

Thanks Jason

Thursday March 20, 2008

I just want to say a very sincere thank you to "Jammin" Jeff Garlinghouse, his wife, Kim, and Jeff's father, as they have signed up as our first $250.00 nightly purse sponsors at Champion Speedway for 2008.

Jeff and Kim will be sponsoring one night and Jeff's father will be sponsoring another night. This is a huge help and we can't thank them enough!

Jeff is entering his second full year in Speedway after doing very well in his rookie season! He is picking it up quickly and has caught the bug hard...he has purchased two really nice laydowns and a brand new NJK suit! He is a true enthusiast and is doing it with class!

We salute you "Jammin" Jeff! On behalf of Champion Speedway and the riders the money will be going to, thank you!!! Now we just need 6 more nightly sponsors to reach our min purse goal at Champion for the season.

Thanks Jason

Tentative Schedule for 2008 Champion Speedway

May 31
June 14
June 29 SUNDAY
July 27 SUNDAY US Open Championship Final
August 9
August 23
August 31 SUNDAY

We have several junior bikes completed and are looking for kids who are interested in riding speedway on the East Coast. The bikes may be available for rent or sale and any parents with interested kids please contact me. We have three kids with bikes already and want to build up the program of juniors for this season.

Jason 585 723-9746

Champion Speedway is seeking nightly sponsors of $250.00 for our 2008 events. The goal is to sell each night of racing to different
businesses or private supporters and put the money directly into each evenings Division One purse. This money is to go straight to the riders. In
return for the $250.00, the sponsor will get... included in all advertising for that event (we will be doing a good sized radio and newspaper schedule for the week leading up to each race)

  • 5 free adult admissions
  • free pit access on your night
  • a sponsor appreciation plaque
  • website listing on our web pages and you will be included in our weekly
    program if we produce one this year

If anyone would be interested in helping or knows of people who would be, we would be very appreciative! This is strictly an effort to increase purse for the riders!

Jason 585 723-9746

Some good news for East Coast Speedway Fans...2 of the best Eastern riders of all-time have both confirmed comebacks for 2008. Multi-time NY State and US Open Champion, Warren "Warrior" Diem, and 4-time Champion Speedway Track Champ and former Canadian National Champion, Lenny McBride, will both be returning to the sideways wars. Diem rode once last year at Champion Speedway taking 5th in the Main at the Hank Bassett Cup. He had been out of action the previous 4 seasons with an injury.

McBride retired in 2000 but returned for half a season in 2005 and won a Scratch Main at Champion Speedway but had to end his year with work commitments. The pair produced some of the best racing seen anywhere in the late 90's when they would go head to head in a rivalry for the top of the throne and they will be a great addition to a very exciting program for this summer. Another multi-time East Champion is also mulling over a return presently and his addition to the talent pool could make things even more interesting. Several more exciting announcements will be coming in the near future.


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