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2012 California Speedway News - Part 1

December 2011 - May 2012

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Industry Racing Season Opener

Thank you goes out to all the riders who made the season opener such a great event for so many fans! We had a lot of fans new to speedway that really enjoyed the racing. 2000 spectators was just complete visual eye candy! and how about that big screen above the corner! The video was insanely sharp and bright!, and Amazing color programs which we will have every week.

Kids put on a great show, and they will ride every week at Industry.

Join us next week for the first race of "The Last of The Mohicans" match race series, and also handicap racing is coming back!

If you missed the sign up sheet, call or e-mail Ryan Evans @ sideways31@aol.com, or let me know ASAP Kelly@IndustryRacing.com

You can also call the track office at (626) 330-0324 sign ups will close Sunday by 2pm.

Thanks again for all the support, we have a lot of great plans for Industry.

Thank You!

Kelly speedwaykelly@yahoo.com (May 31, 2012)

Sin City Speedway

Sin City Speedway in Las Vegas had its 2012 opening race Saturday night with a couple of big improvements. First off the best improvement was that Gene Woods is now running the facility. Last year Sin City had a different promoter and there were some issues with some riders not getting paid but that was then and like I said "that was different promoter." Last nights purse was $3000.00 and everyone was paid after the races. Having known Gene for almost 40 years at and away from the races you can be assured what happened with the last promoter will never happen with Gene!

Last season the track surface never really hardened up and usually had some small ruts or holes that made it difficult for most riders. Saturday night was a complete opposite and they finally had a hard packed track that actually got a blue groove at the end. Although that isn't usually what the better riders like the surface to be its the first step to making sure all the holes are gone. Having a hard packed track like last night really evens things out because its easier for everyone to go fast on. Like Tyson Talkington said "this surface is just like I practiced on during the off season!" That was evident as he made the main event and won his 1st scratch ride beating some good riders. Gino Manzares had no problems with finding speed and passing riders as he went around Jimmy on the outside during a heat and passed just about anyone who was in front of him during the night. Hey I seen Stu Egli sliding the turns so you know the track was easy to ride!! Track problem fixed! Next time we go to Sin city Speedway I was told there will be new DG brought in and a real outside line. Remember Gene Woods rode the outside and no one hates a blue groove anymore than him !! (He even hates to see others have to ride on it.)

Gene has some how managed to get his show onto a local cable channel. Rider interviews before, during (there was someone in the pits all night with a camera shooting video) and after the races along with cameras on some riders along with a couple of cameras to big to carry were capturing all the action. This should be something to see ! I took over our Go-Pro so they could use what we got and I asked them how it went and if they liked it. The guys shooting were still buzzing about the races and getting some great crashes and what the on board cameras captured. This will be your best chance of getting speedway and yourself on TV.

My son Jimmy won the scratch main and the last man out challenge and tied with Michael Raines for the fast lap event and his pay check was! Well I cant tell you that but I will say that 4th in the main event paid as much as winning does at home. I bet the riders who did rode Sin City hope the rest of the guys don't get smart and ride there. My advice to those who didn't go is to get signed up and get up there and get some of the money that is being offered. Something else for you riders to think about! How much money from local sponsors in Las Vegas is available for you to get?

Gene thanks for stepping up and giving speedway another chance in Las Vegas!

Animal animal275@gmail.com (May 28, 2012)

2nd Annual Speedway Bowling Tournament!

June 3rd, 1pm at Concourse in Anaheim is the 2nd annual speedway bowling tournament with all proceeds going straight to the riders point fund!

Teams need to sign up with me asap, as we may be postponing this event due to lack of interest! We have 3 teams already, need 9 more.

Teams consist of 4 people: 1 rider and 3 others. $25 a person, $3.50 shoe rental if you don't have your own.

Please contact me at 951-310-2216 or missjessilee@sbcglobal.net

This was a fun event last year and I look forward to seeing you all again this time! :)

Jessi DuBois missjessilee@sbcglobal.net (May 22, 2012)

USA SWC Press Release

On July 7th, the USA will enter its biggest team speedway event in six years as it competes with the big guns on the World Stage in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Poland, Denmark, and Russia will provide world class opposition, potentially having eight Grand Prix riders on show. The winning team will race in the final seven days later in Mållila, Sweden; 2nd and 3rd go to the race off, also in Mållila, on July 12th. Only the winner will advance from this round.

The story so far is nothing short of miraculous - the world's speedway and motorcycling press have been taking note and the all-round dominant performance on May 5th in Slovenia will be talked about for many years. We go into this one as huge underdogs which is a tag that suits us as we continue to live the dream!

An enormous part of the team's success has been the backing provided by the Speedway Community. The Stars and Stripes Club and online auctions have made a vast difference. It funded Slovenia and the Under 21 team in the Ukraine. Now, the stage is bigger and the help is needed again; however this time, the approach is different and something that will appeal to all - we are going to raise funds using SPEEDWAY!

On Sunday, June 17th at 1pm, a very special Speedway race will be held at Perris Raceway. This was the home of the off-season training that Team USA riders were involved with. It will be a race event open to all riders, of all divisions, though it is hoped to get a Division One line up to make the eyes pop! The purpose will be to raise enough funds to cover the final stages of the 2012 Speedway World Cup and will thus be on the lines of a British testimonial meeting where a worthy rider or cause benefits from all event profits.

The event will be promoted by Billy Hamill, Geoff Arnold and Steve Evans. Funds will be raised via various means - rider and mechanic entries, spectator fees, heat sponsorships, a limited amount of special commemorative T-shirts and possibly more.

Division One heats can be purchased at $100 each, all other Divisions for $50. The Division One Main sells for $500, Semis and LCQ for $250. Mains for other Divisions are $100.

We are hoping for a very large turnout - both on the track and in the stands. We know the whole of American Speedway is behind this push, and simply by coming out to watch, riding and /or sponsoring heats means that anyone and everyone can lend their support. We will also need volunteers to be track staff for the day.

For rider sign ups and heat sponsorships please contact Steve at dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net or 3103099418.

Help us spread the word and let's make this one to remember!

hagonshocks hagonshocks@yahoo.com (May 21, 2012)

Grand Arena Practice this Sunday May 20th

Industry Racing will hold a practice this Sunday May 20th between 6 & 10pm at Grand Arena in the Industry Hills Expo Center. Rider fee is $30. Mechanics are free. Practice is open to all Industry Racing licensed riders and those who sign up this Sunday at the track. 2012 rider license fee is $60. Coolers OK, please no glass bottles. A pit mat under your bike to protect the asphalt will be mandatory for 2012.

A second practice on July 8th has also been added. No start time or cost is available at this time.

Not signed up for our May 30th opened? Contact Ryan Evans or Kelly Inman ASAP. Program will go to print next week. It will be a collectors item and you want your name in it.

Thanks again for supporting American Speedway. See you there.

Howie (May 16, 2012)

Big Time Speedway May 18

After taking the weekend off before next Friday and Saturday's BIG TIME SPEEDWAY Hang'em "OUTLAW" National and Billy Hamill's Junior Speedway Academy as well as the Dirt Diggers North 44th annual HANGTOWN AMA MX CLASSIC, I just checked the weekends results. Out of the 3 tracks running this weekend it was great to see 10 of the guys that made it into main events, will be on FRIDAY'S program at Prairie City SVRA-OHV Park in Rancho Cordova, Ca.! Billy Janniro, Billy Hamill, Charlie Venegas, Jimmy Fishback, Bryan Yarrow, Greg Hooten, Chris Kerr, Michael Raines, Bryce Starks and Aaron Fox, which will also be joined by New York Champ Jeremy Parsons, Tim Gomez, "Fast" Eddie Castro, Dukie Ermolenko, Russell Green. All going for $6,500.00 Cash purse. Event is also being Filmed for a Television Promo by McWilliams Productions. With Saturdays AMA National happening walking distance away, there is going to be plenty on motorcross past and present "stars" there as well as many motorcycle industry people! Don't mis this opportunity to see The Fastest Show on Dirt! Big Time ... DOING IT RIGHT!

BIG TIME SPEEDWAY bigtimespeedway@yahoo.com (May 14, 2012)

Billy Hamill Speedway Academy

WORLD CHAMPION Billy Hamill will not only be returning to take part in our May 18th BIG TIME SPEEDWAY Hang'em Invitational, but will be bringing his Speedway Academy and staff along with him and on Saturday Morning May 19th be putting on one of his World class Academies at Prairie City - OHV Park. Lets make it worth he's efforts and fill the program. This is an amazing opportunity and experience for anyone that attends. Contact him and reserve a spot NOW! hagonshocks@yahoo.com or 760-308-8124 our Facebook Billy Hamill.

BIG TIME SPEEDWAY bigtimespeedway@yahoo.com (May 11, 2012)

Billy Hamill Academy Billy Hamill Academy

2nd Annual Bowling Tournament

Yes that's right... the 2nd Annual Speedway Riders Point Fund Bowling tournament and Silent Auction Fun Fund Raiser is coming in just a few weeks. It will be on Sunday June 3rd at 1pm at the same lanes at the Concourse Bowl in Anaheim off the 91 Freeway between 55 & 57 freeways.

All you need to do is come up with a name for your team of 4. Same price as last year, $25 per bowler and we hope to once again have some of the coolest one of a kind prizes and the bulk of prizes are directly related to the riders. As always with the 3 promoter alliance... 100% of the profit goes to the Point Fund.

Got a name? Send E-Mail to Jeff.

Jeffrey Immediato jeffreyimmediato@yahoo.com

IN!! Working on an ace crew to take down Faria & Co. This event raised THOUSANDS for the Point Fund last year AND was too much FUN! Speedway people are even cooler AWAY from the track. Even if you don't bowl come and roll a few balls, GOOD TIMES!!! -Brad-

New Industry Racing Website

The Industry Racings website has been totally redesigned. Schedule, Tickets, Pay Per View, Downloads, Store, News Media, About US. It's all there or soon will be. It's a work in progress and addition content will be added soon.

Here's the link http://industryracing.com

Forms relating to riders and mechanics are available on the Downloads tab.

If you haven't signed up for the Industry Racing Season Opener on May 30th you better get a move on. Program printing will begin soon and you want your name in it. It will be a collectors item.

Kelly Inman speedwaykelly@yahoo.com and/or Howie Zechner howie@razvideo.com may be contacted via email regarding most anything to do with the Industry Racing season. If it is something we can't handle we will forward it to the appropriate person.

Thanks again for supporting Wednesday Night Speedway Motorcycle Racing in The Grand Arena at the Industry Expo Center.

Howie RAZ Video <howie@razvideo.com> (May 8, 2012)

Costa Mesa Speedway

There will be NO School or Amateur day at Costa Mesa Speedway Saturday May 12.

We will be hosting an Invitation Only Press Day. Please help me spread the word.

-Brad- (May 7, 2012)

Practice at Fast Fridays

We finally have the Fast Fridays oval back in order and will stage a warm up for our BIG season opener Friday night May 11 on Monday night at 6pm. Will open the back gate off of Pleasant street at 5pm and start the practice at 6.

I hope everyone can make Monday evening, if not see you on Friday night May 11 and sorry we were not able to host the practice on last Friday.

All the best!

David Joiner
Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway
Auburn, California
+01 530 878-7223 (RACE) (May 5, 2012)

2012 FIM World Cup Round 2

Congratulations to USA World Cup Team - Billy Hamill, Greg Hancock, Ricky Wells and Ryan Fisher

FFMS Practice

Sorry, we are not able to get our track in order (After the Rodeo last weekend) for Friday's scheduled practice. We will try for Monday evening at 6pm. But will advise everybody tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.


David Joiner
Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway
Auburn, California
+01 530 878-7223 (RACE) (May 3, 2012)


We regret to inform everyone that IMS is under water due to the heavy rains yesterday. We were hoping we could get it under control but the entire facility is a big muddy mess and certain areas are still flooded. Please help pass this along to everyone

We will resume races next week. Riders please let us know if you will be riding next week.

Big Bummer!!!!!!

dogynn@aol.com (April 27, 2012)

Saturday GP Viewing party

Saturday April 28 at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway's office will televise the FIM Speedway Grand Prix round 2 from Lesno, Poland on a live internet feed.

Introductions at 10am with the first heat at 10:15 and will conclude about 1PM. Everybody is welcome even if you just want to stop by to say hello or just want check it out.

Fast Fridays will be providing chips and dip from Café Delicias your more than welcome to BYOB or anything else that you would like.

Let all get together to cheer on our American World Champion Greg Hancock who already has won the opening round for 2012 in New Zealand in March.

Please enter the fairgrounds from the main entrance at 1273 High Street as the annual Rodeo will be in progress later in the afternoon.

Should be a BLAST! See ya Saturday

David Joiner
Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway
Auburn, California
+01 530 878-7223 (RACE) (April 25, 2012)

Las Vegas Season Opener Sign Ups

Rider sign ups are now open for Sin City Speedway 2012 Opener on Saturday May 26th. Featured Divisions will be D1, D2, D3 and Juniors. D1 will be a 12-16 rider program, D2, D3 and Juniors will need 4-6 riders signed up to run. Purse is $3,000. Rider entries and mechanic entries are $20 each. No memberships!

Note the track plans to run events of around 20 races - D2 / D3 and Juniors are welcome but numbers will be limited - we just want to give those who want to race the chance to ride.

Also the Victorville Fair Derby will be 3pm Monday 28th May (should be a big crowd as part of the SBC Fair). Memorial weekend in Vegas and catch VV on the way home!

To sign up please call or text @ 310 309 9418 or E-mail dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (April 24, 2012)

Practice at Fast Fridays April 21

Last weekends sign up day along with practice was a huge success! We had over 62 riders at the practice on a great track that saw everyone from Billy Janniro to over 20 pee wee riders get as much as they could ride.

The fun continues next Saturday (April 21) at 3pm and will go until about 7pm. Also,after we will host a pot luck BBQ. Bring your favorite dish and we will provide drinks along with Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

You can enter Fast Fridays for practice from Pleasant St. (like on race night) the back gate will open at 2pm with practice - riders meeting at 3pm. Fee $ 25.00 per rider spectators free. Remember for Fast Fridays Enrollees (entry forms turned in) only.

David Joiner
Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway
Auburn, California
+01 530 878-7223 (RACE)

Big Time Speedways SEASON OPENER on Saturday April 14th is Postponed

Just got home from track. Sadly we must inform you that it's in everyone's best interest and safety that we have to postpone Big Time Speedways SEASON OPENER on Saturday April 14th. We worked extremely hard Monday and Tuesday getting almost 100 tons of pure DG laid down on the track so our talented pole of professionals could showcase your skills to our fans, spectators and sponsors which allows them to put on the "best" show possible. We new weather forecast showed rain for Tuesday night and Wednesday and the was only going to add to the tracks awesome new surface!

Once again the weatherman was wrong, but the track survived. It's just the rest of the faculty that didn't and it's still raining. We will have our Big Time Season Opener in the upcoming weeks and will post information as soon as we confirm a new date and it will take place before our May 18th Hang'em OUTLAW National. More information to follow on both events.

BIG TIME SPEEDWAY bigtimespeedway@yahoo.com (April 12, 2012)

IMS Practice Cancelled and Rider Signup Opening Night

We are very excited and greatly looking forward to the 2012 season. We are working hard on getting IMS ready for opening night. Due to unforeseen track repairs to crash wall etc, we will not be able to run the previously scheduled practice this Sunday April 15th, therefore practice will be cancelled. Very sorry .

We will be scheduling some practices soon, as well as rescheduling Shawn's speedway school.

We are working on the rider list for opening night as well. If you are planning on riding at IMS Friday April 20th opening night, please let us know asap. Please call 714 255 0088, or e-mail.
Please be certain you have your 2012 IMS license.
Thank you so much,
-IMS dogynn@aol.com (April 9, 2012)

Fast Fridays host its 18th Annual Spring Fling

Fast Fridays annual "Spring Festival" yesterday at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn was an all-day-long celebration of Speedway with an morning swap-meet, mid-day sign-ups for the upcoming season, a BBQ lunch and then an afternoon practice session on the oval. Over 50 riders took to the track to shake off the cobwebs! Beautiful weather, lots of familiar faces and all the track time you wanted made this a great event. If you weren't there... you should have been! -Tom Mabry-

It looks to be an amazing day this Saturday April 7th when Fast Fridays host its 18th annual Spring Fling here at the most famed dirt oval in California.

The day will start with free CYCLE SWAP MEET at 9am until about 11am. Clean out your garage and turn it into cash or trade it for better junk.

The Fast Fridays Speedway track sign ups start at 11am and will carry on until about 2pm with AMA, USA Speedway and entry forms for every class from Pee Wees , 1st thru 3rd division and of course the Run what You Brung class. It's a one stop shop for everything speedway.

Returning this year the Spring Fling Pot Luck BBQ from 12pm until 2pm. Bring your favorite dish to share and we will provide drinks, hamburgers and hot dogs. Included at the BBQ will be USA Speedway payoff. Top 10 in each division will receive CASH!

At 4pm until 7pm all riders that have turned in an entry form can participate and practice at the most exciting speedway race track in America! Blow off the winter cob webs with all the practice your sore muscles can handle on a well prepared track and if weather permits the practice will repeat on April 21 from 4pm until 7pm. Practice fee $25.00 per rider.

See you then!
David Joiner
Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway
Auburn, California
+01 530 878-7223 (RACE)

2012 Season Opener

IMS Practice Schedule

Due to conflicting schedules with other tracks, IMS San Bernardino will NOT be having a practice on April 7th and the Shawn McConnell school has been cancelled.

Schedule as of 3/28:

Saturday, Mar. 31st -- Open Practice from 10-3. $30 if you have a 2012 IMS license, $40 if you do not.

Sunday, April 15th -- Open Practice. Same as Mar. 31st.

Friday, April 20th -- Opening Night! 8pm. Must have license to participate. Contact Shawn, Robynn, or myself to sign up to be on the program and get license information and forms.

Jessi DuBois missjessilee@sbcglobal.net (March 28, 201

Big Time Speedway - Season Opener News

BREAKING NEWS: Big Time Speedway is pleased to announce that former 2 time National Champion Brad "Rad Brad" Oxley will be our Grand Marshall at our "Season Opener" Event on Saturday April 14th at Prairie City SVRA-OHV in beautiful Rancho Cordova, CA. Brad's National Championships are just a few of his many accomplishments in his long Speedway racing career. Brad and his wife Jaleen are the current promoters of the world famous Costa Mesa Speedway, something that has been in the Oxley family for decades. Big Time Speedways Mission Statement is not only to enhance and elevate the sport of professional motorcycle speedway racing in the USA, but to give recognition and respect to people that have made this unique sport so special. Come and join us and meet the Oxley's and help us give'em a huge Nor-Cal welcome, plus see some of the country's top ELITE professionals compete for a $6000 purse! It will be the "PLACE TO BE ON SATURDAY" April 14th.

BIG TIME SPEEDWAY bigtimespeedway@yahoo.com (March 16, 2012)

"Exceeded all Expectations"

It isn't often the expression "exceeded all expectations" is applied to speedway meetings these days but it was an apt description of Billy Hamill's 2012 World Famous Gumball Rally.  Held February 25th & 26th at Inland Motorsports Speedway in San Bernardino, California, the speedway community was treated to two days of nice weather and great racing by nearly 90 competitors.  The diversity of racers ranged from kids with training wheels on, Julia Pierson, to current F.I.M. Speedway World Champion, Greg Hancock.  The parking area was open for camping on Friday afternoon and by the time Billy Hamill started his Saturday speedway school, the parking lot had become a small city of speedway fans in for the weekend.

After the speedway school on Saturday the track was opened for four hours of practice in preparation of the evening's event, The Big Kids Gumball Rally.  The Big Kids race has become one of the premier events on the American Speedway racing calendar and this event proved why.  Along with the current World Champ, the field also featured Billy Hamill, the 1996 World Champ, current A.M.A, National Champ, Billy Janniro, ex-National Champ Mike Faria, Workington Comet, Kenny Ingalls and nearly ever other top name in speedway.  The 2nd and 3rd Division fields were also competitively filled and produced some excellent racing.

The Saturday night event produced outstanding racing with some very impressive individual efforts.  While everyone expected the big names to do well, there were some exceptional rides put on by some of the up-and-comers in speedway.  Gino Manzares made both main events Saturday, showing the maturity required to compete with world class riders.  Dylan Black, while not making the mains, rode as well as anyone can ever remember and showed some real potential by stepping his game up a notch.  

And 15 year old Rocco Scopellite nearly pulled up the upset of the meeting in the Handicap Main save for one little slip.  Rocco had Billy Janniro and Greg Hancock breathing down his neck and held them off until a slight bobble took him off his line.  Nevertheless, Rocco still pulled a third place out of the race in his best ride ever.  Most importantly, the three riders just mentioned all came out of the Junior speedway program and were prior Gumball Rally racers, showing just how important the Junior program and Gumball Rally are.

The Scratch Main was simply incredible and included Hancock, Hamill, Ingalls, Manzares and Janniro, with Greg and Kenny likely making their only Southern California appearances on the year.  In the end, it was the host of the meeting Billy Hamill at the checkered flag.  Greg Hancock snapped a chain but it was unlikely he was gong to reel in The Bullet anyway.

The real treat of the evening was seeing Bobby "The Blaze" Hedden come out of retirement for the event.  He rode strong and looked very good out there considering the injuries he has been subjected to.  It was great to see him back and hopefully it will be repeated in 2013.

Ryan Bast, son of Michael, just smoked 2nd Division with a perfect ride on the evening, knocking of riders like Rudy Lauer, Geoff Herkner and Gabe Price.  For Ryan's efforts he received the annual Big Sack Award, awarded annually by Gordon Hamill, Billy's dad,  The BSA is awarded to the rider who really shines and surprises during the evening and Mr. Bast, with his perfect score, certainly did that.  3rd Division also came up huge with a full field and some great racing.  When it was over, Ron Davis had prevailed over Kayle LeoGrande and Chris Popanz.

Sunday morning brought us another Hagon Shocks/Joker Machine speedway school, this one for the kids, which kept the track busy until noon.  One hour of track prep and then the reason everyone turned out...The 2012 Gumball Rally.

The racing was hot and heavy all afternoon with 7 divisions competing for the legendary Gumball machines awarded to the winners.

The Pee Wee Division was so crowded with young racers, it needed to be split into three different divisions.  These are our future speedway racers and what a treat it was to see some many little guys and girls out there riding, some including Wilbur Hancock, getting in their first competitive motorcycle ride.  Ryan Billingsley, in just his second ride, grabbed a Gumball machine for his Pee Wee C Main.  Jake Issac was fast all afternoon and captured the Pee Wee B Main and a Gumball machine.  The Pee Wee A Main was all about the Martin Brothers, Sterling and Alex.  These guys on their little KTMs really put on a show and in a word they were fast!  In the end, Sterling was a little faster, but both of these young racers really looked good out there.

In the 200cc B Main, Courtney Crone showed the boys what it's like to ride a Junior speedway bike and took the main event and the Gumball machine easily.  Courtney has some real nice moves for a Junior speedway rider and it will be fun to watch her come up the speedway ladder.

The 200cc A Division produced some great riding on the afternoon with Dalton Leedy, Braydan Galvin, Colton Hicks and Michael Wells all looking fast but in the end, Luke Becker was the fastest and was rewarded with a Gumball machine for his efforts.

The 250cc Main became a team race involving Hagon Shocks riders Broc Nicol and Kurtis Hamill pitted against Team Ruml and brothers Max and Dillon and when the dust settled it was all Broc Nicol.  Broc had been unable to compete the previous year due to a broken leg and it was great seeing him hoist the Gumball machine after the final race of the afternoon.

The Gumball Rally is the best weekend in American Speedway and this year's event proved why.  Everyone who is anyone in speedway was there.  Too many National Champions to count, every promoter in California and a field that any track in the world would be happy to host.  This is the passion of Billy and Christina Hamill and without weeks of hard work, there is no way this event would ever happen.  All the riders and track staff donate their efforts to support the Hamill's and Junior Speedway and, as always, the event turns into one huge speedway lovefest.  The sponsors also came through in a huge way with every single heat for both days being sold. This year's event showed that speedway and, in particular, Junior speedway, is alive and well in America, thanks in large part to Billy Hamill.

It was a great weekend.  Everyone had an incredible time and people are already looking forward to 2013 when we get to do all this again.  if you've never attended one of these Gumball Rally's, treat yourself next time it comes around, you won't be disappointed.

Steve Graham stephenagraham@hotmail.com (March 12, 2012)

Billy Hamill Speedway Academy

BREAKING NEWS: Former WORLD CHAMPION Billy Hamill will not only be returning to take part in our April 14th BIG TIME SPEEDWAY AMA SEASON OPENER, but will be bringing his Speedway Academy and staff along with him and on Sunday April 15th be putting on one of his World class Academies at Prairie City - OHV Park. Lets make it worth he's efforts and fill the program. This is an amazing opportunity and experience for anyone that attends. Contact him and reserve a spot NOW! hagonshocks@yahoo.com or 760-308-8124 our Facebook Billy Hamill.

BIG TIME SPEEDWAY bigtimespeedway@yahoo.com (March 5, 2012)

Victorville 2012 - Exciting Racing top of the Agenda

The 2012 Victorville season kicks off in just 15 day on March 17th.

We will be once again staging our own points series in all Divisions. It will be similar to last time. 4 man heats, semis and lcq's will score 6,4,2,1 for the series. 5 rider heats will be 6,4,3,2,1 with 6 man races 6,5,4,3,2,1. Mains will be double. Riders who make the Main via LCQ will only get their points from the main.

We have looked long and hard at the race formats and will be once more trying new things. For D1 we will alternate between an all scratch and an earned handicap (handicapped based on your finish in the last heat) format. We will run 4 rounds of heats, and top 3 to Main, 3-7 to an LCQ at each event.

On all scratch nights we will use a new format where round 1 heats are set as per usual and the finishing positions in round 1 races setting the line ups for round 2. You would see the winners and 2nd place riders in round 1 grouped together in round 2, with 3rd and 4th riders similarly placed. Then from round 2 in a similar way, you'll see the races for round 3 set on finishing positions, etc, same for round 4.

What this will do is have the top riders racing each other more often, and the newer D1 riders not being killed off and soul destroyed by more experienced competition. Having run this through some sample computerized trials, you still get the best guys on the night qualifying with 4 rounds, just better and closer racing and a chance for all to do well and have races where they stand a genuine chance.

We will also be a 'Tactical Joker' rule in D1 where a rider can (once per night) nominate to come off the penalty line and score double points for their heat. Most likely the very top riders will come off a bigger handicap than the middle order or newer riders.

There will be a Last Man Out at all events. It will run before the LCQ and feature the top 3 on points on the night and 8th on points (1st rider who did not make LCQ) as a wild card.

Team races, best pairs and Masters will be all Scratch.

For D2 and D3 we will run 2 rounds and main. Round 1 will be all scratch (or designated handicaps based on ability for 6 man heats). Round 2 will handicapped based off positions in round 1. The Main will be all scratch with high points getting gate choice. 6 man Mains will see top 4 in points on the night from the gate, rest off the 20. Again, the handicapping in round 2 is to give all a chance of a good heat finish.

Juniors and PW's will most likely be all Scratch though we'll consult with riders and parents on a night by night basis.

Sign ups are open for March 17th - please contact me to get on the program!

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (March 2, 2012)

Big Time Speedway - Season Opener Line Up

Line ups for April 14th at Prairie City.

Big Time Speedway   Big Time Speedway


Before anyone gets alarmed by this message ... it is business as usual at IMS and we are coming off a great Gumball Rally weekend and looking forward to the Spring Classic soon!

I wanted to let interested parties know that the track may possibly be for sale under the right circumstances. My own personal situation and plans have changed greatly since we built the track 4 years ago ... I had planned to be spending a lot more time in CA but I had a great opportunity come up with Watkins Glen that is now going to keep me in NY to continue work on the project.

I am very proud that we have successfully been able to bring IMS back from the dead and have had 3 great years already! It had been a dream of mine for many years to bring back IMS and having the track back has been great for the sport! Shawn and Robynn along with Benny, Jessi, X and the crew have done an awesome job! We have every intention to keep it going for many years and a great foundation has been built! It is a fantastic turn key facility with the largest fan base in the Country outside of CM and Fast Fridays and is in a very affordable market for promotion. We have a long term lease extension option.

If there is someone out there with a passion that can help the track continue to prosper more than I can with me not being able to help as much as I want to from NY, than I want what is best for the track and to find that person to replace me. It would be great to find someone to work with Shawn and it seems Shawn is open to ideas too but he also has some cool things going for himself to consider also. He has worked his tail off for the place and is such a great guy, it has been fun being in a project with him like this!

As I said, for now it is business as usual so don't anyone worry, the track is not closing! LOL, but if there are any interested parties please feel free to contact me.

Thank You,

Jason 585 739-9612 eastcoastspeedway@hotmail.com (February 28, 2012)

2012 Gumball Rally Prices

Adult Academy – includes practice and Big Kids' $200 FULL
Open Practice – includes entry to Big Kids' for kids $30.00
Big Kids' Gumball Spectators $15.00/ adults who rode in practice - $10.00
Big Kids' Riders $30.00/ $15.00, if practiced
Big Kids' Mechanics $20.00
Big Kids' Spectator Pit Pass $5.00 (quantities limited)
Junior Academy $40.00, includes entry to watch the Gumball Rally
$60.00 Academy/Gumball (Pee Wees only)
Gumball Rally Riders $30.00 for one class/ $15.00 for second class
Gumball Rally Spectators $15.00
Weekend Pass $25.00 all inclusive (except pit pass for Big Kids')
Family Ticket (4) $75.00 for both days; $45.00 for 1 day

Open Practice 12-4
Big Kids' Gumball 6:00 (Gates open at 5:00)
Academy 9-11
Gumball Rally 1:00

hagonshocks@yahoo.com (February 21, 2012)

February 18 Perris Cancelled

Due to lack of riders, we are forced to cancel the races this Saturday night. To those who had signed up - thank you and we are sorry that we had to make this decision again.

Carrie Hancock chancockspeedwaypromotions@gmail.com (February 15, 2012)

Victorville Pre Season Practice Day

Next Sunday February 19th, Victorville will be hosting a rare open practice session from noon to 5pm. It will be a rare chance to spin some laps on the fastest short oval speedway track in the USA!

Please let me know ahead if you intend to come.

Cost is $35 to practice, non riders wanting pits access will be $15.

The Victorville season opens March 17th and has a 14 race schedule.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (February 11, 2012)

Gumball Rally Information

It's less than one month until the World Famous Gumball Rally, so we wanted to give all riders, mechanics, track staff, sponsors and fans all the needed information.

Weekend Schedule:
Sat 25th
8am-noon - Billy Hamill Adult Academy
noon - 4pm - Open Practice
6pm - Big Kids' Gumball Rally (Divisions 1, 2 and 3, Old Skool format!)

Sunday 26th
9am - noon - Junior Speedway Academy
1pm - 2012 Gumball Rally (Junior 250, Junior 200 D1 and Junior 200 D2, Pee Wees and Powder Puffs.

Heat Sponsorships are available - prices below;

Heat Sponsors - $50 each
Pee Wee / Powder Puff / D2 and D3 Main - $100 each
D1 Mains (2) Saturday Night - $150 each
Junior Mains (3) - $200 each

Riders have already been calling to sign up and the D1 program is already over half full - BILLY JANNIRO has just added his name and, of course, I'm sure you all know that GREG HANCOCK will be riding the in Big Kids' Gumball.

If you wish to ride you can e-mail GumballRally2012@yahoo.com or call Steve Evans at 310 309 9418, as he is doing the program for us. For heat sponsors you can use the same e-mail, you can call Steve or us at Hagon Shocks at 760 308 8124. Be sure to call in early if you want to ride!

Gate prices will be similar to last year and we will release these shortly, as well as camping info.

It's going to be another great weekend of supporting the future of American Speedway at the 2012 Gumball - 25/26 Feb at IMS!

hagonshocks@yahoo.com (January 30, 2012)

Grass Roots Speedway

The Hagon Shocks/Joker Machine/Billy Hamill Speedway Academy on January 14 was a huge success. We had 8 new riders attend from 6 to 14 yrs old. Dakota Shockley, Jake Isaac and Tristan Britt are all Pee Wee riders who rode a speedway bike for the first time and improved their skills all day long. We also had Alex Martin and Sterling Martin from Salinas CA that made the long drive down with their father, former rider Steve Martin. They, too, are products of Pee Wee speedway racing from Fast Fridays in Auburn. New to Speedway were Drydan Leo Grande and motocross rider Broc Loftus. Drydan probably did more laps than anybody as we couldn't keep him off the bike and 14 yr. old Broc Nicol showed his motorcycling skills on a speedway bike so much, we put him on a 250 at the end of the day and he was hooked! Hunter and Colt Stanley from Tulare, CA are current flat track racers who showed a lot of promise,speed and skill the whole day. So much they will be racing at the next Winter series event at IMS. Australian International Leigh Adams brought his son Declyn out to spin a few laps on the Hagon machines and rode a 250 for the first time. Declyn showed how technically gifted he is as everybody who watched was in awe of the young rider's skills.

Geoff Arnold, Doug Nicol and I really enjoyed introducing these kids to Speedway for the first time. Max Ruml and Dillon Ruml were on hand all day to help out the young riders as well. Dillon and Kurtis both rode the new Trak Plus Jr speedway Chassis and gave it a big thumbs up.

We are excited to have our first academy of 2012 show so much promise and success. Our next Speedway Academy will be January 28 at 11:00am at IMS. You can R.S.V.P. at hagonshocks@yahoo.com or call 760 308 8124.

hagonshocks@yahoo.com (January 17, 2012)

Fisher Training School at IMS

Ryan Fisher will be conducting a special training school at IMS, San Bernardino Saturday 4th February. It is a unique chance for riders to get personal tuition from the Elite League star. There will be 5 hours of track time from 10am-3pm followed by an hour of instruction on bike prep and maintenance.

Whether you are a Division 1 rider, Division 2 Clubman, Division 3 rookie or Youth/Junior there is much here to learn!

Please e-mail or call me (310) 309 9418 to sign up. Places are limited. We will also be promoting this at the Industry barbecue on Sunday.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (January 17, 2012)

Putty, Malcolm, Machines at BBQ

"I'm just a part time rider - enthusiast and certainly not worth a press release" Malcolm Roe stated when I mentioned posting something about him and the Speedway machines he will be displaying at next Sundays BBQ.

Write something about a real Speedway legend like my friend Putty Mills who is accompanying me to the Industry Expo event insisted the low key rider and supporter who carries number plate180. Malcolm send information on Putty and the bikes to share with the group I suggested. Below is the reply in Malcolm's own words.

The bikes I'm bringing are:

A Champion framed 1978 Weslake built by Marty Lewis (Lazer frames) and Terry Knight (Knight frames) shortly before Champion owner Doug Schwerma's untimely death.

My Jawa 897 Ventura ride that has parts from the 1930s to present day.

The Rat bike. I must admit the custom speedway bike that appeared in Daytona got me going. I thought what a waste of a speedway bike as well as a dreadful looking machine. So not having money for chrome and glitz I built a "Rat Hole" machine for fun. Except mine gets raced instead of just getting stared at. It has a heavy brass twin float Amal 27 013 carburetor, Fisher twin coil over shock leading link, big wide 1960s bars from a J.A.P. grasser, 2 Valve tank, NOS Cody primary cover, grasstrack seat and modified rear fender, homemade metal front fender, dirt shield and engine guard. It is also open pipe allowed at Ventura. It looks ugly, it's dirty and I love it.

My 1977 250cc Antig Bultaco. There is one other in the States at Hughes Bultaco. The one they have is museum fodder while mine has been raced and will be raced again. Not a significant bike by itself it was for Antig. Those were the days of strong schoolboy grasstrack clubs as well as senior racing. Antig knocked it out of the park with the 200 and 250cc Bultaco powered bikes.

A RTS SOHC A/W. The chassis is one of RTS Racing Products long wheelbase models Antig's cross town rivals once owned by Tig Perry's brother Selwyn and called Ansel. This chassis with my 884-5 Jawa in it was tested by Carl Stonehewer before being sent over to me. He loved it so much he used them in the GPs. The bike now has a retro look. It is #2 of only two A/W factory built SOHC Laydown engines. These were raced by A/W factory rider Martin Hagon. Former 2nd Div Central Valley speedway racer Ken Thiebaud rode this bike at Ventura last year after his bike failed to start. First time on it he beat former 1st Div rider Bryan Thompson in their heat and lost the main by a tire width. It has potential so long as I'm not riding it.

Can't say enough about my friend Putty Rutledge Mills who is one of six remaining pre-war riders alive in the world. Not too many chaps left who watched Lou Wilson, Mutt Kelly, Al Lauer and Milnes race in the 1930's. Putty starting with Ray Grants 1932 championship Peashooter and a Crocker before ending up in Colorado on Two valves and Weslake.

1st Division in Colorado he has seen the best and raced Mike Bast. He even competed with Steve McQueen in an MX race. Putty was in Patton's 3rd Army, got shot at by Pot farmers in Hawaii while flying overhead mapping the earth for the U.S. Geological Survey. He helped built the Lunar Rover trainer for Apollo's 15-17 and train the Astronauts to drive on the moon. Putty also raced dirt track beating the 1940's Harley Wrecking crew. He is also a pilot and heads the Secret Order of Quiet Birdmen in Santa Barbara. Charles Lindberg belonged to this chapter.

Putty knew him and Von Braun, Neil Armstrong and the rest. He was never a big name in speedway but he is huge in my eyes. He served his country in more than one way and has served motorcycle racing for 80 odd years.

Need more? Ask the Santa Margarita, California residents for yourself when you see them next week and please be sure to say hello to Putty Rutledge Mills. A true Speedway legend.

Bringing a machine of your own to display Sunday? E-mail me with some facts and I'll share them with those who can't get enough of part numbers and history.

Industry Racing welcomes anyone wishing to display a banner or set up a display. Please contact Kelly or myself so we can coordinate. A little pre planning could go a long way on these two matters.

See you next Sunday, January 22nd and thanks again for being a part of American Speedway

Howie howie@razvideo.com (January 15, 2012)

2012 Gumball Rally

World Famous Gumball Rally will be the weekend of February 25 and 26, 2012.

We will have a full schedule of activities throughout the weekend. The location will be Inland Motorcycle Speedway in San Bernardino CA.

2011 World Speedway Champion Greg Hancock will be racing with us just as he did last year. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks Billy

hagonshocks hagonshocks@yahoo.com (January 11, 2012)

2012 Industry BBQ
Industry BBQ Industry BBQ
Industry BBQ Industry BBQ
2012 Industry Meet and Greet Luncheon
Printable Flyer

Toys for Tots

2011 Toys for Tots

This picture was taken Saturday at Prairie City Track. Big Time Speedway did a toy drive for the US Marines Toys for Tots. All the toys were give to the local recruiting office in Rancho Cordova. All the riders had a great day of sliding into Christmas. Happy Holidays.

Steve bigtimespeedway@aol.com (December 19, 2011)

Big Time Speedway

Sunday July 8th Pro-Am Invitational Event will be open to all riders, all classes and Pee Wees as well. We will post a pre entry form on our web site approx. 45-60 days before the event. Classes will be somewhat limited in size, as we want all riders to experience what the Pro's get - An awesome track to show case yourself on and have fun. Enjoy the Big Time Experience! (Track prep through out the event is a must).

Important Note: All Big Time Events are AMA Sanctioned and will require AMA card. All other Events will be Pro's Event's. Big Time Speedway goal is to enhance the sport of Professional Speedway Racing and to elevate it's Motorsports Identity. We strongly believe that theses type of Events are the future of Speedway racing in the USA. With that being said, we still want to give back in the way of hosting events that everyone can participate from time to time. More to follow about 2012 Events Soon!

Steve.S@bigtimespeedway.com (December 17, 2011)

Slide into Christmas Party

Season's Greeting Speedway Friends!

First annual "Slide into Christmas Party"

Speedway only practice party day. Please join us in celebrating the Holiday Season for a day of speedway practice,
visit with your speedway family, and enjoy a BBQ hotdog lunch.

Saturday December 17th, 2011. 11am-3pm.

McAllister Motorsports dirt track in Prairie City OHV park Rancho Cordova, CA.

$40 per rider includes 4 hours of riding, hot dog lunch, and one gallon of race fuel.

Spectators are free, lunch available for $5.

Please RSVP
Mac Ostrom

Prairie City OHV 13300 White Rock Rd. Rancho Cordova CA 95624

Mahcoya Ostrom rodeoup_34@hotmail.com (December 12, 2001)

Big Time Speedway News:

Big Time Speedway News: Who Needs Hollywood! San Francisco Bay Area based Robert McWilliams Productions Inc. to help Big Time Speedway and Speedway in general get some public and TV exposer for our sport. Rob is a long time friend both personally and professionally and told us yesterday that he wants to help us with our Speedway Events. Check out his credentials at www.mcwilliamsproductions.com and you'll see. Look at his Clients and On Location tabs Rob's company is a leader in the industry and is no stranger to Motorsports.

Robert McWilliams productions was who put together the Worldwide LIVE Broadcast of the 2007 Moto-X De Nations just to mentions one of his many achievements. We are extremely excited and looking forward to Rob's support and expertise. Ready .... Cameras, ACTION. Let's go racing! Come and join us in the winners circle.

For more information, contact us at Steve.S@bigtimespeedway.com (December 9, 2011)

IMS Practice

Saturday, December 10 from 10am-3pm, there will be speedway practice. $30 for a rider with an IMS license, $40 without.

Sunday, December 11 - mini bike race (Flat Track and TT). Gates open at 9am, racing will begin at 10am. $30 for the 1st class, $15 for any additional class.

We are now taking sign-ups for the first race of our winter series on Sunday, December 18th at 1pm. Please sign up with myself or Shawn, by phone or E-mail to reserve your spot on the program.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone at these upcoming events! Please don't hesitate to contact me or Shawn if you have any questions about these upcoming events!

Jessi (951) 310-2216 or missjessilee@sbcglobal.net (December 5, 2011)
Shawn (714) 305-8529 or dogynn@aol.com

British Style Team Racing Encore at IMS - Sunday 8th January

Because Saturdays team racing so well received we are going to do it again for one last time this winter.

The date is Sunday 8th January - we're doing it on Sunday as its Supercross on the Saturday and I know a lot of riders will be at A1.

The format will be similar to last time. Team events for D1 /D2, lower D2 / D3 and Juniors.

It's possible that there will be a full D3 team coming from up North for a North Versus South D3 match.

Also we will give the juniors a full 15 heat British match IF enough riders sign up (that's two teams of seven). It would be great schooling for league racing where surely some of these kids are headed.

We will have a 10-15 break between each match so that the track staff and team managers get a breather. Tentative starts time is 12:30pm, if we end up with three 15 heat matches we'll bring it to noon.

Pee Wees of course will run, might even do teams there too!

Sign ups are open already and we'll have it set up that riders can also sign up at Perris and IMS for their upcoming races.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (December 5, 2011)

Prairie City - GUNSLINGERS

Big Time Speedway will be participating and assembling a Team for Steve Evans team racing events in 2012. Prairie City GUNSLINGERS will be the Teams name and the team captain (SHERIFF) will be none other than the US CHAMPION, Billy "The Kid" Janniro. He knows a little bit about Team Racing.

We will be announcing the rest of his posse soon as well as dates and tracks where these outlaws can be seen.

BIG TIME SPEEDWAY (December 1, 2011)

2012 Ice Racing

Charlie "The Edge" Venegas goes after the Ice Racing crown for the 12th time in January 2012. The 11 time Ice Racing Champion will be in the Awards Arena, St.. Louis on Jan 28 to start the Ice Racing season. The next two races after that will be Feb. 2 in Dodge City, Kansas then a week later in Elmira, New York. XIIR.COM will have the complete schedule shortly.

RC Jones (November 30, 2011)

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