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East River Drive
Owego, New York

US Open Championship Series
September 1 & 2, 2012 Champion Speedway, Owego NY
Photos by BobbyJ Photos bobbyjphotos@gmail.com

Editors Note: While I do not have the complete results yet, below is some information about the event

2012 Champion Speedway 2012 Champion Speedway
Jeff Garlinghouse  
2012 Champion Speedway 2012 Champion Speedway
Warren Diem  
2012 Champion Speedway 2012 Champion Speedway

I would like to put a shout out to my good friend Chris Kerr for winning the U.S. Open.

I first met Chris when he was at the old 1/4 mile track in Elsinore. We were there with Dario for tryouts/qualifiers for the first ever Dream Team started by Steve Evans.

There were many talented riders there and we were happy just to be invited. As it turned out Dario had a run off with Chris who was obviously and very talented and seasoned rider, for the number 1 qualifier. It was a very close race, which Chris did win, and we were so proud of Dario just to be in the running with Chris.

I later had the pleasure to have Chris on my team for the Team Racing event held at Victorville.

It was at Elsinore and racing with the Dream Team that I not only recognized Chris's talents on a Speedway Bike but what a gentleman and truly a fine young man he is.

Again Chris ... Congratulations on not only winning the U.S. Open but being a great Ambassador for the United States in the World of Speedway.

Dave Galvin - September 4, 2012

I have attached a file with the UNOFFICIAL results from this year's US Open at Owego that I have out together.   The first five places are as announced at the track.   As you can see from the file the scoring format was quite complicated.

It was a very entertaining night's racing.  While taking nothing away from a very tidy, impressively professional performance by Chris Kerr with ten wins, a second and a fourth over the two nights, it was Sam's performance that was easily the highlight.   Had he not crashed out with a lap to go while leading the third heat of the final round robin he might well have emerged as the winner.

Regards, Duncan Luke

  FINAL RESULTS                
    Qual ** 1 2 3 4   Total
6 Chris Kerr 32 15 10 1 10 7   75
13 Sam Ermolenko 25 15 3 10 0 10   63
2 Adam Mittl 25 15 1 7 7 3   58
5 Mike Buman 25 25 15 7 3 1     54
97 Casey Donholt 27 15 0 0 1 0   43
**  Points awarded to offset points from B, C and D Mains
Round 1 Round 2 Total
78 Jeremy Parsons 14 15 29
60 Dave Clark 16 13 29
7 Dave Meldrum 13 14 27
14 Jesse Diem 10 12 22
38 Jerry Harmon 11 10 21
277 Keith Hawkins 12 9 21
64 Gene Bonsignore 8 11 19
65 Jeff Garlinghouse 7 5 12
45 Andy Crawford 4 7 11
4 Warren Diem 9 - 9
98 Stefan Laessig - 8 8
227 Lee Bailey 1 6 7
24 Russ Cornell 3 4 7
468 Josh Carr 5 1 6
47 John Lewis 6 - 6
190 Kelvin Herrala 2 3 5
22 Zach Peters - 2 2

Congratulations to Chris Kerr for winning the US Open and also to Ron "The Reaper" Walker who took home the support class title. It was a huge honor to have Sam Ermolenko, he was on a level of his own and still world class, it was shame he had several mechanical failures. David Meldrum was also very impressive but for a few mechanical failures. Adam Mittl was top NY rider and took home the Stormin Norman Cup. It was a great weekend, got a ton of messages from people saying how exciting it was and how it was the best US Open they have seen in years. Can't thank everyone enough. All the riders put in a great effort and it really felt like East Coast Speedway took a big step back up the ladder. All in all very positive, with the exception of a couple of our younger and better riders and one of their pit mans behavior. It is a real shame they had to embarrass themselves in front of such an important person like Sam. So funny how when they don't win it is the promoter and everyone else fault. Maybe one day they will realize and watch how guys like Sam, Chris and David conduct themselves at the track. Adam Mittl figured it out and that is why he has EARNED respect from the rest of the speedway world. The rest of our NY riders also did a great job and EARNED the respect of the visitors. Thanks to everyone for their help in making it a great US Open.

Dave Galvin - September 5, 2012

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