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2015 Big Time Speedway
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2015 Big Time Speedway

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Big Time Speedway
Prairie City OHV Park
Rancho Cordova, California

Speedway Spring Fling 1
Big Time Speedway, Prairie City Dirt Track - April 11, 2015
Results Karen - Checkered Flag Photos

YouTube Video By Anthony Bernardi

Big Time Speedway opened their Spring Fling x3 3 race series with a big time crowd and a face-lift!  The gates opened at four and by five the pits were filling with riders. As the day went on and the folks kept coming a whole new parking area was utilized to accommodate the fans.

Big Time Speedway’s promoters, Steve Elstins and Steve Stasiefski have been very busy at the Prairie City California SVRA Park short track.  They first worked on the track getting rid of all the trash and obstacles that had been in the infield. Then they reworked the track making it longer and wider, therefore, safer to ride. The track work was continued with the delivery of transfer truck load after truck load of decomposed granite to improve the track surface, creating a real cushion short track. In the meantime all the out buildings, the old announcing tower, the storage container and all the piles of dirt around the track were removed and the ground was leveled and smoothed out.  A new six foot cyclone fence was constructed on the front straight away to protect the grand stands and people walking to the rest rooms from any out of control bike or crash situation. The front straight away gate was removed so track entry and exit on foot is in one place at the far end of the pits. And finally, the old worn wooden grand stands were removed and replaced with shiny new aluminum grand stands.

The fans were more comfortable and had plenty to eat from the Pizza Guys concession on site. The riders appreciated the upgraded track conditions and the face-lift at the park has created “a place to be”, more appealing to the eyes and safer for fans and participants.

There were entries numbering close to 100 this day into many classes that included Division 1, 2 and 3 speedway, 150 and 250 speedway, Pee Wee flat track, Vintage and Vintage light classes, 450 and 250 classes, lawn mowers, quads and even a combined kart, mini kart and ATV class.

Billy Janniro took the top spot leading the points in Division 1 racing with 12 points at the end of  the night. Bryce Starks and Luke Becker followed, each with 10 points.  Greg Hooten finished 3rd with 9 points.  The Division 2 points leader after round one is Derik Denzin who earned 12 points, Shane Szuh joined him on the podium with 10 points and they were joined by Eddie Marsalla and Lawrence McNutt who tied with 9 points each.  Lawrence McNutt also rode Division 3 taking the points lead with 10 points at the end of the night.  Timothy Dion and Pauly Good rounded out this podium with 9 and 8 points respectively.

Jimmy Lewis, both a speedway rider and a flat track rider chose to ride flat track this night earning 12 points in front of Bobby Bolin who earned 11 in the 8 rider flat track 450 class. Bolin stayed on Lewis rear wheel keeping him honest turn after turn through all four laps of this main event after each won their respective heat races.

Sammy Waddill celebrated his 8th birthday at the track this day sharing pizza and cupcakes in the pits with his friends and looked great aboard his new speedway bike. Sadly, someone stole Waddill’s flat track bike  recently.  Charlie Trana won the Jr. 150 speedway class and “Monkey But” Colton Nelson took the PW flat track class home earning 12 points.  Brandon Weller showed the youth flat track riders the fastest way to the checkers easily winning that class in front of Marley Knorr.  Jay Heidt was very excited to tie with Nathan Dart, each earning 8 points in the Flat Track Vintage class and in the Vintage light class Ted Jamie came out on top of the points. Pete Silva and Steffan Nielson followed.

The sidecars and the mowers put on a show. The track proved wide enough for the side cars to race 3 wide ending with James Kinnie and Dave Salke tied with Robert and Lori Curry each team earning 10 points. Andrew Obermark and Kelly Bell followed.

And a Big Time Speedway favorite event is the Billy Janniro Challenge.  Each race there is a new track layout ready for the Challenge competition.  Fifteen riders lined up at the ribbon – the light went green, the ribbon was broken on it’s way up the pole at the start and the mayhem began.  The placement on the line seems to have a great deal to do with who gets to the first turn in front. This night Billy Janniro started out in the lead but it didn’t take Nick Dion too long to  overtake Janniro.  Try as he might Janniro worked hard to re take the lead but at the end of the race it was Dion to the finish first taking another $100 bill from Janniro.

Big Time Speedway Spring Fling rounds two and three will take place May 2 and May 9th.  They will take the hottest summer months off and return at the end of the summer for another series that will be announced soon.

Prairie City will host the first round of the California Flat Track Association AMA sanctioned 9 round championship series of 2015 on April 18th and Big Time Speedway, California Flat Track Association and Brian Barlow have joined together to host a “Feel Like a Pro” flat track school May 29th, the Friday before the AMA Grand National Sacramento Mile. California Flat Track Association will also promote the amateur Sacramento Mile on May 31st.

For information about Big Time Speedway go to www.BigTimeSpeedway.com, For California Flat Track Association the website is www.CaliforniaFlatTrackAssociation.com and The “Feel Like a Pro” school and information is available at http://www.feellikeaprodirt.com/. See you at the races!

Checkered Flag Photos
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
Bill Janniro Challenge start. Billy Janniro and Bryce Starks compete.
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
Division 1 competition with #1 Billy Janniro, 45 Bryce Starks. Janniro Challenge Mayhem.
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
Nick Dion took the $100, Rick Shafer 2nd and Billy Janniro 3rd in the Billy Janniro Challenge. Sammy Waddill celebrated his 8 th birthday.
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
Sandy Bagger #1 finishes 2nd behind Lasniewski. Sidecar competition.
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
This kart rider came all the way from Washington to race at Big Time. 250 Juniors 35 Kyle Cunningham and #16 Anthony Dion.
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
56 Lonnie Pauly winner of AMA Hotshoe series 600 at Emerald Downs. 150 Jr - 66 'Speedway' Charlie Trana, 51 Gregory Moore, 26 Cameron Krezman, 'Monkey Butt' Colton Nelson
2015 Big Time Speedway
450 class 32 Jimmy Lewis, 121 Bobby Bolin.

Round 1 Big Time Speedway Spring Fling x3 Results/Points:

1. Billy Janniro 1 12
2. Bryce Starks 45 10
3. Luke Becker 12 10...
4. Greg Hooten 12 9
5. Daniel Faria 105 9
6. Tyler Warren 225 9

Division 2
1. Derik Denzin 101 12
2. Shane Szuh 121 10
3. Eddie Marsalla 394 9
4. Lawrence McNutt 275 9

Division 3
1. Lawrence McNutt 275 10
2. Timothy Dion 117 9
3. Pauly Good 313 8

Jr. 150’s
1. Charlie Trana 66 10
2. Cameron Krezman 26 9
3. Gregory Moore 51 8

Jr. 250’s
1. Dylan Wagner 14 10
2. Kyle Cunningham 35 10
3. Anthony Dion 16 7
4. Richie VanderMeeden 210 3

Lawn Mower Mod
1. Bob Newman 29 11
2. Trayton Moore 71 10

1. Colton Nelson 45 12
2. Mason Zebroff 51 9
3. Gavin Colt 10 4
4. Blake Heidt - 4

Youth FT
1. Branden Weller 959 12
2. Morely Knorr 245 7
3. M ???? ? 6

FT 250
1. Frank Chesebro III 245F 10
2. Wesley Nelson 2 10
3. Neal Jones 40 6
4. Nathan Dart 21 21

FT 450
1. Jim Lewis 32 12
2. Bobby Bolin 121z 11
3. Mathew Yapelli 244F 7

FT Vintage light
1. Ted Jamie 22H 11
2. Pete Silva 65 7
3. Steffan Nielson 192Q 7

FT Vintage
1. Jay Heidt 215 8
2. Nathan Dart 31 8
3. Tim Doda 65 5
4. Rod Newvayer 43L 4
5. Lonnie Pauly 56 4

Side Cars
1. James Kinnie & Dave Salke 74 10
2. Robert & Lori Curry 31 10
3. Andre Obermark & Kelly Bell 16 7

Janniro Challenge
1. Billy Janniro 1 7
2. Nick Dion White/Green 7

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