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2011 Nick Varner
Nick Varner
The Grand June 15, 2011

Perris Raceway

1205 Burton Road
Perris, California

Nick Varner Spring Classic
Perris Raceway April 16, 2016
By: Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

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Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Chris Ackerman Alicia Barkman and family Luke Becker
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Luke Becker Luke Becker Luke Becker with John and Matt
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Luke Becker Steve Brown #33 Adam Duckett / Kimberly Bailey
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Steve Evans taking off to la la land... Aaron Fox practicing Gage Geist and Dalton Leedy
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
#13 Holman, Kevin / Josh Bennett #7 Joe Jones / Tom Summers #7 Joe Jones / Tom Summers
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Last Man Out Challenge Dalton Leedy and Kurtis Hamill Broc Nicol and Luke Becker
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Broc Nicol and Max Ruml Sebastian Palmese and Travis Horn Dillon Ruml and Luke Becker
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Max Ruml Sidecar action Jones vs Holman Sidecars
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Pat Smith and Greg Willis Sebastian Palmese and Dakota Shockley Nick Varner's family and Steve Evans


Perris Speedway 16 April 2016 – Nick Varner Spring Classic

17 year old sensation Luke Becker continued his dominating season at Perris Speedway, winning all three major finals in a night in honor of a dearly missed friend.

Nick Varner, a junior speedway rider died in 2011 after a moto cross accident aged just 11. Varner's memory still holds the attention of his many friends and team mates he grew up racing with, and this race was to celebrate the continual inspiration he brings America's new wave.

The evening began with Handicap Racing, 12 riders competed in two six man heats each, with the top 6 in points scored making the Main Event. Becker passed the entire field from 50 yards to win heat 1, with Dillon Ruml and Kurtis Hamill, both on 40, moving by three others to get second and third. Heat 2 saw Max Ruml and Broc Nicol both charge past the field from the 50, Ruml getting the victory with Gage Geist in third. Heat three saw Dillon Ruml from 40 inflict the only defeat of the night on Becker. Both charged through the pack, but the younger Ruml, getting more big track savvy by the race, won out, with Broc Nicol third. Kurtis Hamill from 40 likewise kept Max Ruml behind him to win the next heat. Dalton Leedy rode a great race to get third.

The Main Event saw Leedy from 30 yards, Hamill and Dillon Ruml from 40, with a deep 50 yard line consisting of Becker, Max Ruml and Nicol. A very tight and and aggressive first turn saw Leedy ahead with Becker and Dillon Ruml the big chargers through the field. As they closed in on Leedy, Becker went inside, Dillon outside but it was Becker who emerged ahead and they finished in that order. Leedy kept a hold of third in another solid performance.

At intermission 5 riders competed in a 'last man out competition' to honor Nick Varner, the field being chosen by Nick's mother Alicia. The challenge was a series of three one lap races, with last place eliminated, with a final 2 man 2 lap match race to decide the winner. The original line up both Ruml's, Nicol, Leedy and Hamill had Becker come in to sub for Hamill, who opted to sit out and recover from a first bend fall in his scratch heat. Round 1 saw Leedy eliminated, round two had an amazing jockeying for race lines coming out of turn two, with Nicol the odd man out. A stunning move from Dillon Ruml eliminated brother Max in round 3, leaving the younger sibling to tackle Becker in the final. Becker made a lightning start and though Dillon remained close he wasn't able to mount a chance to make the pass.

Scratch racing saw 16 riders compete in elimination heats, semis and mains all from the line. Heat 1 had Rick Richards incredibly out-gate Becker and lead him for two laps – Becker got by but Richards held second to qualify for the semi. Heat two needed a restart after first turn bunching, Gage Geist leading home Hamill after a fabulous gate. Nicol led home Dillon Ruml in heat 3, Max Ruml repeating on Leedy in heat 4.

Semi final 1 had Max Ruml and Nicol head home and eliminate Hamill and Richards. Semi 2 was a stunner, Leedy gated and led the first lap. Firstly Becker found a way outside and then Dillon Ruml came inside. Geist moved under the unsettled Leedy for third place.

The Main event was an epic. Max Ruml made the start but was soon under pressure from Becker and Nicol, who moved by him in turn three, with brother Dillon also making the pass for good measure. Becker had the line and speed and held on for his 4th Scratch Main victory in 5 attempts this year!

There were multiple other divisions in action – Division two had eight riders. Heats went to Mike Lane and Rohn Zellner (2 each). Brad Moreau won the Last Chance with Zellner leading home Lane to go perfect in the Main.

Division Three had 5 entrants – Tom Bryant won heat 1 and the Main, Steve Brown taking heat 2. 250 Junior saw a clean sweep from Sebastian Palmese. Slater Lightcap won both 150 Mini Division 1 heats but one more Luke Whitcomb saved his best for last to take the Main. In 150 Division Andrew Russell took both heat wins with Rachel Schnakenberg pulling off a stunner to take the final. Pee Wee had Levi Leutz win heat 1 and Jose Navarrete taking heat 2 and the Main. Super Pee Wee was another three ride Palmese sweep.

The Sidecars had Joe Jones and Tom Summers, fresh from World Cup action in Australia, take three heat wins but a mechanical failure in the final gave victory to Bryan Motis and Cody Brant.

The 7 event 2015/16 Perris season ends in two weeks on 30th April, with the AMA National Championship Qualifying Round, where 16 riders will race for the last 6 places in the 2016 National Championship Series.


Handicap Main
22 Luke Becker (50)
111 Dillon Ruml (40)
222 Dalton Leedy (30)
41 Kurtis Hamill (40)
4 Broc Nicol (50)
5 Max Ruml (50)

Last Man Out
22 Luke Becker
111 Dillon Ruml
5 Max Ruml
4 Broc Nicol
222 Dalton Leedy

Scratch Main
22 Luke Becker
4 Broc Nicol
111 Dillon Ruml
5 Max Ruml

Scratch Consi (for 3rd place in heats)
273 Dryden Gayle
293 Rick Valdez
290 Harold Hartke
199 Samuel Ramirez

Division Two Main
118 Rohn Zellner
141 Mike Lane
246 Bentley Barrett
131 David Lynch
153 Brad Moreau retired

Division 2 Last Chance
153 Brad Moreau
131 David Lynch
163 Ron Davis
202 Chet Kohler
37 Joey Donaldson (non starter)

Division 3 Main
220 Tom Bryant
211 Steve Brown
153 Pam Bennett
247 Pat Smith
215 Greg Willis

250 Junior
18 Sebastian Palmese
214 Michael Wells
8 Skylar Schnakenberg

150 Mini Division 1
27 Luke Whitcomb
28 Slater Lightcap
33 Gavin Geist
419 Dakota Shockley

150 Mini Division 2
5 Rachel Schnakenberg
117 Wilbur Hancock
96 Andrew Russell
48 Jose Navarrete

Super Pee Wee
18 Sebastian Palmese
317 Paul Joyce
25 Travis Horn
419 Dakota Shockley
320 Riley Hull
48 Jose Navarrete
3 Levi Leutz

Pee Wee
48 Jose Navarrete
3 Levi Leutz

2 Bryan Motis / Cody Brant
33 Adam Duckett / Kimberly Bailey
1 Joe Jones / Tom Summers (ret)
13 Kevin Holman / Josh Bennett (ret)

So fresh and so clean.

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